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So, last night I tried to add a page to RER that would update all my Instagram pictures automatically for all of you who don’t use the ‘gram (and so I can scroll back through my life when I’m 86 years old and remember the good ol’ days).

But, I did it wrong and it updated on the front page. When I saw that this morning I was like, “FWORD!!! THE SKY IS FALLING! CALL THE POLICE! EMAIL THE UN! GET KOFI ANNAN ON THE PHONE!”

Okay, not at all. I laughed and remembered one of Ben’s family’s inside jokes about some TV show I’ve never seen where some cheerleading coach tells the girls to look, “Not too smart… not too smart…”

Isn’t that random?

Anyway, you probably already know I went to a boot camp class this morning.

Then, I came home and made pumpkin oats. Normally I make some egg whites on the side, but today I stirred in 1/4c egg whites when the oats were almost done and it was a BIG FLUFFY bowl!pumpkin oats

Just The Tip: Sometimes there is a reason something is on clearance. This Dunkin Donuts strawberry coffee is Not too Good…Not too good.IMG_8632 (533x800)

I didn’t realize that when I busted out this HUGE mug my brother’s GF gave me. keep calm mug

Trying to take a picture of myself with the mug looking not too smart…IMG_8622 (800x533)

Question: What is your favorite flavor of coffee?

I’m going with Bailey’s Winking smile


  1. says

    I love Target’s brand off coffee’s. That have many great flavors, including my current favorite: Pumpkin! With a little pumpkin creamer. Life is good! :)

  2. says

    I love eight o’clock coffee with sweet cream creamer. Every time I see your pumpkin oats, I think to myself “I want to try that” and them forget to get pumpkin at the grocery store. One day I will remember to put it on my list!

  3. says

    Strawberry coffee sounds kind of sick! I’m more of a “plain Jane (or Katie)” when it comes to coffee. There’s a place near me that has a flavor that has a hint of maple in it, I drink it & smell like syrup all day….is there ANYTHING better than that??

  4. Shannon in Tustin says

    DD makes a “Toasted Almond” coffee that is ah-mazing!! The bag says something about “limited edition” so once I fell in love with it, I bought another bag to stash away. Wish I could afford/store/warehouse more of it. I actually saw the strawberry flavor at Target and kept walking….

    My hubby hates flavored coffee so I usually have it iced instead of hot.

  5. says

    I use plain ole decaf Folgers. I add sweet Italian cream if I’m making iced coffee, and either almond joy creamer or york peppermint patty creamer if it’s hot.

  6. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Zelch to any flavored coffees. To me they are all icky. Coffee s/b just coffee. Plain + simple.

    My fave is Columbian Supremo …. very smooth. Blue Bottle Coffee is fab. Pricey. Totally delicious w/1/2+1/2 …. (no sugar)!

    CostCo had the very best (in-store roasted) beans a year or so ago in Chicago. The aromas were intoxicating! Customer samples were always welcome! Somewhere along the way they stopped their roasting process. Problems. Supposedly there were fires when attemping to roast beans. We are sad. Great coffee is difficult to find. Like a friend.

    Last week I bought Eight O’Clock K-cups. Fairly pleasant. If the taste is mild + rich, I will purchase again.

    For breakfast, one cup (usually decaf) of coffee for moi …. that is it. If we go out to dinner, I will keep drinking a great tasting java! L. Woods in Lincolnwood serves delicious + yummy (verrry fresh) coffee.

    This is a fun subject!

  7. says

    I just bought a DD coffee flavor on clearance that wasn’t that great either. I guess there is a reason why they’re trying to sell it cheap. :)

  8. says

    Tried those pumpkin oats… definitely a “must have/make” for everyday in October and/or November. I usually don’t drink flavored coffee, but when i do, I would have to choose vanilla. Splash it with a bit of milk, and you practically have dessert!

  9. says

    But the dunkin pumpkin k-cups are amaaazing.
    I’ve been adding egg whites to my oats a lot lately instead of on the side – love the fluff factor!

  10. says

    So, does your blog update each time you post a photo on Instagram? I’d like to link my blog, but don’t want ALL of my Instagram photos to be on my blog. By the way, love that mug!

  11. says

    OMY…I bought that same flavor last year on clearance and hated it…not so good for sure!

    Favorite flavor is any simple morning mild roast with sugar free french vanilla or pumpkin flavor…yea, I can’t pick just one. 😉

  12. says

    ::New reader/commenter popping up because you mentioned coffee!::

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned hazelnut coffee. Am I the only one? So addicted to any and all kinds! It’s so delicious that all I need is a bit of plain half and half (currently trying to force myself to switch to just milk).

    Also, is that Upright Citizens Brigade??

  13. says holds all of your instagram pictures. For example mine is I have no idea how to make that an actual page on your blog, but I have seen it on another blog, so it can be done, but I am no where near that tech savvy! Good Luck

  14. Samantha says

    Ahh the Strawberry Shortcake coffee from DD. I had an obsession with it last year (with vanilla creamer!) and went through one bag entirely, and then bought another bag… then I got sick of it. Oh well. I used to love flavored coffees, but I get tired of the flavor SO FAST that I don’t buy them to make at home anymore. I get my flavored fix if I go out somewhere. It works.

  15. Rochelle says

    im having a cup of the strawberry coffee right now and love it! I usually dont do flavored coffee because i get sick of it half way through the bag and then ill regret ever buying it, clearance or not.

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