Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie

Happy Thursday!

Last night I went to a top secret meeting at Skinny Runner’s house. It was extremely important so we got all dressed up…skinny runnerrun eat recreep

We’ve been planning this meeting for weeks to discuss the result of the election and the implications it has on our future children’s lives. I also suggested we start a petition to let GMOs marry non-GMOs but SR vetoed it.

That, or we just hung out and drank wine with Katie katie katie

SR put out a nice spread for the event…skinnyrunner food

But, since I thought she subsisted on pickles alone I brought a Subway sandwich to eat. I offered to share, but no one wanted any since I got jalapenos on it. I’m spicy.image

I also brought along those FSTG Chocolate Chips I got in the mail yesterday. The chocolate flavor is very mild and would go great with a kind of salty/sweet cheese like the cranberry stilton I bought this should taste good chips

We stayed talking way too late until Marni finally put her paw down and kicked me out. She may look cute, but she means business.20121114_215243 (800x600)

This morning I woke up and tested out my new Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie. I am not a fan of the color, but it’s super comfortable and fits well!Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie

Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie IMG_9290 (800x600) (800x600)

I am like a lizard and can’t regulate my body temperature very well.  I get warm fast on runs but if I’m not running I’m freezing outside. So, I think this hoodie is still a little too warm for running in Southern California right now, but it’s perfect for walking.

I get a lot of questions asking about cold weather running and cold weather gear. I know it’s hard to get up and out when it’s freezing outside, but having the right gear helps! This hoodie is designed to be worn on runs in 40 degree weather or below. I love that about the Brooks line of running gear – they give you specific temperature ranges so you know the right amount of coverage! image

It’s important to keep your extremities warm in cold weather running so thumb holes really  help too! You can slip your gloves on over this if needed.brooks running hoodie

Brooks recently shared a few very cool “Run Happy Moments in History” and asked me and the other Run Happy Ambassadors to share theirs. I said my new Long Beach Marathon PR was my Run Happy Moment! (They asked before I ran Santa Barbara, but I still think LB is my fave.)long beach marathon

YOU can play too! If you want to share your favorite Run Happy moment check out this Brooks Running page to submit yours and you might be featured on their Facebook page!

Question: Chocolate Chips? Love it or hate it?


  1. says

    Cute hoodie. It’s so hard to dress this time of year, I start out freezing on my run but then warm up and usually end up tying my jacket around my waist.

    I love chocolate chips. And I love your run happy moment, that was a great PR. Congratulations!

  2. says

    Yea, plus one on the googling “GMO”…my adult ADD is in full swing these days, can barely stay focussed enough to google something. Would for sure try chocolate chips…I see them being a “take it to the face” with any nut butter, yum!

  3. says

    Love the hoodie. I’d need one of those plus a sweatshirt for my morning runs. It’s cold here! It took me 3 hours to warm up after running yesterday.

  4. says

    I have the Brooks Utopia thermal pants and LOVE them! I also got the hoodie this year but have yet to try it, I am also quite reptilian when it comes to body temps.

    As for chocolate chips? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

  5. Jennifer Shaw says

    Sounds….interesting. I’m with you on the body temp thing, I just can’t get it right. I like the vest idea (middle pic). I live in Santa Clarita so it’s cool on my AM runs, but I always feel weird running in a tank top around all these people in jackets and pants!

  6. says

    Chocolate chips? Love! As long as there’s the word chocolate in it, I will love it.
    The Brooks top is cute. I am in WI, so we are already down in the 30’s and am already layering up on my runs!

  7. Gabrielle says

    Oooh….love the hoodie! and the color, actually. Feel free to send on to Boston anything that’s too warm for California!!!!!

  8. says

    Just because I am a food nerd who writes about this stuff: GMOs can already mate and reproduce with non-GMOs and that is why people are so angry about it. To not legalize this would be discrimination against GMOs. But do they deserve a non-discriminatory place in our society? That is the question…
    Believe it or not, I am not a chocolate fan so I would pass on the chocolate chips. Down with sugar, Bring on the salt!

  9. Leah says

    I am obsessed with that brand of chips but the chocolate is definitely my least favorite flavor. And I love chocolate.

  10. says

    Definitely do a GMO post! It’s an important issue that doesn’t get enough attention, and everyone in within the healthy living blog community should know about it.

    Here’s another blogger who has really championed the issue: (it’s very political, heads up)

    And a more mainstream source:

  11. Kristina says

    This is kind of random but I was wondering if you did any strength training or other cardio besides running. I am a runner and I’m just trying to find a happy medium with cross training, running is hard on my knees.

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