Things to do Thursday

I have been catching myself holding my breath all day today! Not good.

I have a lot to do before this weekend and it’s all just bouncing around in my head stressing me out (and keeping me from breathing). I need to calm down and get organized so I’m making a list…

  1.  Work – I have one project to wrap up before EOD Friday
  2.  Write – I have a Freelance article due right when I get back so I want to get started now
  3. VEGAS – I need to Gym, Tan, Laundry before I go!!!

Actually, I can cross gym off the list since I did a Pilates session with my friend and fellow trainer this morning. IMG_9495 (600x800)

I am busted for not going to yoga though. There was so much I couldn’t do because I’m so super tight. Luckily, I bought a class series on Cyber Monday night! IMG_9498 (800x600)

4. Yoga – I’m going to try and hit up yoga tomorrow since I’ll be sitting in the car driving to Vegas for 4 hours <- that will not help my tight IT band!

5. Pack – I need to figure out what I’m wearing to the race. Since it’s a night race it will be chilly and unlike other races, the weather is going to get colder as time goes on not warmer.

I’m really getting a spray tan tomorrow – have you ever done that?

I only do it for occasions where my runners capri tan is going to tragically show. But, I have been going since college a few times a year. It’s so weird.


  1. Meghan says

    I have gotten a spray tan before. It’s really simple and a lot better than it used to be. Not so orange and splotchy. Good luck in Vegas! I’ll be out there next weekend for the Academy of Country Music Awards! I won a trip on the radio which is wicked exciting!

  2. Denise P. says

    Oh man it was sooo cold last year. That is the coldest I have ever been at a race. I had a throwaway sweatshirt (on top of my long sleeve shirt and wind breaker type vest) that I didn’t take off until the 3 mile marker.
    I did start to warm up later in the race and almost regretted my layers, but then I remember being so cold in the last mile that my fingers were numb. It started sprinkling shortly after I finished. I hope you figure out just the right combination.

    I have spray tanned twice before. I’d do it more often, but it is just so hard to schedule in the whole no showering thing.

  3. says

    Hope you have a great race and weekend! Fingers cross you don’t have a Ross from Friends spray tan moment, just remember to follow the instructions if you’re in a booth, ha! I had a St Tropez once and I loved it. The Beautician sprayed it on with a spray gun thing; the coverage and colour was great. Wish I could have it all the time but it’s pretty pricey.

  4. kate says

    I have never gotten a spray tan, but I consider myself an expert because I’ve watched so many episodes of ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’.

    Even though you skipped Yoga, you can still take a few deep cleansing breaths right now.

  5. says

    I’ve gotten a spray tan twice. Once for a wedding I was a bridesmaid for and once for my 5 year anniversary vacation with my husband. I LOVE the results but I always feel awkward stripping down to my birthday suit in front of a complete stranger!

  6. Megan says

    Run the Strip at Night is one of my “must do” races! But my sister won’t do it bc she is “over Vegas” (quotations hers) bc she has to go there for work so much.

  7. says

    I love a spray tan only third to God and family. They are the best. I don’t do it much in the winter just because I’m so pale, I feel like it just looks fake, but you are in So Cal, so I think you are in the perfect spot for a winter tan! I’ve considered going to get one tomorrow for my work Christmas party this weekend…

  8. says

    I got a spray tan last time I went to Vegas and it turned out really well! However, if you plan to wear a lowcut shirt/dress/swim suit – DO NOT use their little top they give you. At least at my place…it cut straight across and had tiny straps that I thought she would spray through. Nope…needless to say my cleavage was white while the rest of me was tan.

  9. says

    I love spray tanning! I only do it for trips where I’ll b slutting it up, lol…I mean wearing a dress or bathing suit! But it must be an actual person spray tanning, not that booth thing. I’ve had done brutal tans in the booth 😮 Have a great race!!

  10. says

    I’ve never had a spray tan, but I’m totally jealous that you’re able to go to Vegas so often! Oregon is close, but not close enough to drive from where I live. I love it there; have some Vegas fun for me!

  11. says

    I’m gonna start Pilates in 2013 (instructor isn’t available till then) – let me know how it compares to yoga (which I attend a class once a week and have a home practice 3-4 times a week).

  12. Christy says

    I am packing to head to Vegas for the race too! It’s my first night half, so I am nervous about my digestive system. I usually have troubles anyway, and with having a full day before it who knows what it will be like. I’m also struggling with what to wear. I’ll need more layers later, difficult choices for sure. I am a huge Ghiradelli fan and was wondering where on the strip that was located?

  13. Nicole says

    I was contemplating spray tanning before tomorrow when we fly to vegas :) you may have talked me into it… Swimsuits and little clothes in Vegas are totally tan worthy events…. and I dont have to put on makeup because it just dyes my face even like foundation :)

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