Las Vegas For #stripatnight part I

I’m in Las Vegas with my friend Susan. We’re running the RNRLV half marathon Sunday night :)


But last night we wanted to go out dancing. We arrived at midnight(!), rallied and ended up at 1 Oak.

image image image

No comment. Let’s just say I’m dehydrated and need a nap. Whew.

We’re headed to the expo. See you later!

Question: Do you like to dance?
I love it!


  1. Katie M says

    I think saw you today at the Expo. I was in a Santa suit (The Great Las Vegas Santa Run 5k was this morning), and you were waiting in line for something. Since I wasn’t convinced it was you, and I was trying to follow my family (also in Santa suits LOL), I didn’t stop. Good luck tomorrow! I’m running the Half, more for the experience than anything. I think running down the illuminated Strip will be quite memorable!

  2. Karoline says

    Hey Mon! Cute photos, looks like fun! Quick unrelated question to vegas..

    Can you spout of your favourite, or most successful and well known marathon training plants? My girlfriend and I signed up for our first marathon next summer and need to start on a plan asap.
    Thanks 😉

    ps. your comment spellchecker says I’m spelling [favourite\ wrong. but it’s the canadian way! 😀

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