Road Runner Sports Party Reunion

A few weeks ago I got an email from Road Runner Sports inviting me to a VIP event in the store. I thought it was a trick or something, so I ‘nored it.

Then, Skinny Runner formally asked me to be her date and NO ONE turns down a pretty blonde girl (even I know that) so I said yes. And today after work we headed to our local running shoe store for a rager. IMG_9738 (600x800)

SR brought a cake flavored jello shot for us to pre-game. <- The only part of this post that is not a joke. Apparently she heard I like to hit the bottle. Wonder what gave that away?IMG_9740 (600x800)

When we walked in we got raffle tickets for various prizes. You could get more for visiting the tables around the store. IMG_9743 (600x800)IMG_9741 (800x600)

IMG_9742 (800x600)

Happy happy! 021 (450x800) (450x800)

The line was out the door and the store was packed. New Balance, Adidas, Brooks, Reebok reps were there among other local vendors.IMG_9746 (800x600)

My friends came too – Heather  Angry Julie and Sarah my frens

They had food and champagne – I am NOT fancy, but I LaLaLOVE champagne. feed the runners

road runner sports

But, I didn’t care about the shoes or the booze (for once!).

I was so distracted by the #1 thing on my Christmas list…

A TREADMILL. treadmill for sale

I want it. i want a treadmill

Dear Santa,

I can explain…

Love, Monica

See? See how I would run?!running!

This is love. i love run

when i think about you

Then, I felt the champagne going to my head (shoulda ate dinner before), and thought I saw a familiar face…

Could it be? I think I that is my long lost best friend that saved my life in May?!rr sports

YES! Monica our team Captain / Bananica who drove our van for Reach The Beach in May was at the party. I <3 her. image

Remember how I totally freaked out on my night leg and she saved my life?! God Bless her.

Question: Do you have a local running store?

What is your favorite shoe brand?


  1. says

    oooh! Looks like such a great event to go to!

    I’m surprised you want a treadmill since you do a lot of outdoor running and go to your gym!
    My mom wanted one this year, but I figure I wouldn’t really use it much at home!

  2. says

    I want a running store to throw a party like this and bring both you and SR here to MN….hahahha wouldn’t that be cool!

    I have two stores I like for different reasons though. 😉 And I have tried many shoes but BROOKS always fit and feel the best for my feet.

    Looks like you had a fun night with friends and the stuff you love…you need that treadmill (it looks so good on you!)

  3. says

    Looks like so much fun. I was planning on going but stayed home on my couch with a giant box of tissues – so sick ; ( Looks like you kids had fun for me though.

    I like Sauconny and Brooks. Really want to try the Hoka One for trails though…saw so many runners with them at the Chimera 100.

  4. Kirsten says

    I am super lucky to have 2 LRS’! I love both but for different reasons. Sadly no Road Runner Sports though. I’m still hoping we’ll get one soon!
    My favorite shoes are Brooks! Love the Adrenalines. I’m an Asics fan as well but the Brooks really fit my foot better.
    I want a treadmill too! Mostly becuase I hate running in the dark after work. Maybe some day…

  5. Alyssa Houtby says

    We have Sole to Soul in Visalia! It’s a small, locally owned business and they sponsor a lot of community running events, even a half marathon in March! They also have a small running group that meets a few days a week for 5 a.m. runs. I haven’t joined them yet, but I need to! I’ve been wearing Brooks, I like them a lot but I want to get professionally fitted for my next pair.

  6. Susan says

    The local running store that I like the best is The Runner’s Forum. They have 3 locations but the closest one is the one downtown and its the smallest one. All of the fun things happen at the other stores. Boo :(

    I’m an Asics girl.

  7. says

    We do ( and their events (not many though) are great chances for runners get togethers. I’m wearing Vibrams – currently in love with the Seeya.

  8. Suzanne says

    We have a running store (Fleet Feet) that puts on similar events-so fun! I am partial to Saucony running shoes myself.

  9. Christina says

    I just spent at least 5 minutes laughing out loudly that Santa e-card! Not even joking… Thanks for sharing 😀

  10. says

    You did throw a great sporty event there. If we only met some months ago you could brought my 2nd hand treadmill. But i think you most likely enjoy to run in a fresh air. Good luck to you.

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