Three Things Thursday–Eating and Pictures

Three Things I’m Eating This Week:

1. Sunflower Seed Butter! Of Course. On the way home from the gym this morning I busted a bitch made a completely legal U turn so I could hit up the store for my latest obsession.image

2. Tilapia! I’ve been craving fish after getting overloaded with turkey the last few weeks.image

3. PEARS!!! Harry and David sent me TWO boxes of their magical pears. This would be too much fruit for a normal person, but you guys know I eat fruit like it’s my job.20121203_153310 (800x600)

Well, it is kinda my job – you know, to eat watermelon and blog about it?national watermelon day

Three Pictures I Found On My Phone That I Have No Explanation For:

 20121201_231142 (600x800)

20121201_152802 (600x800) 20121203_013014 (600x800)

Three Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. I don’t own a belt. Isn’t that weird?! I just realized it last week too.

2. I was kidnapped as a child and raised by a Mexican family in California. Ha! Not really, but that’s a little inside joke my fam has.IMG_9593 (800x533)

3. My high school prom date is now a body builder. But like, for real.

He is in a contest on Facebook for Muscle & Body’s best body. If you feel so inclined, please vote for Abe at this link:


(I’m on the hunt for a prom pic of us, but it was an awkward, chubby time for me. We’ll see if I can dig one up.)

Question: Tell me 3 Things I don’t know about you OR 3 Things You’re Eating This Week.


  1. Jess says

    3 things I’m eating:
    1. Chick’n patties
    2. Whole wheat couscous
    3. All the chocolate out of my advent calender dipped in crunchy PB….oops:-)

  2. says

    3 Things You Don’t Know About Me:
    1) I’m a lefty, and I brag about it like it makes me awesome. :)
    2) I have a masters degree in Library Science. (holla!)
    3) I’m really empathetic (a word, yes?).

    3 Things I’m Eating This Week:
    1) Peanut butter and chocolate
    2) Apples
    3) Cheese

  3. Laura says

    1. I’m allergic to sunflower seeds/butter so anytime a blogger talks about it (which is often) it makes my throat itch a little :)
    2. I’m pregnant and due in april, but right now, I’m at that stage where I just look like eat too much and have a gut.
    3. I’m already planning a half-marathon and/or triathlon for september/october 2013 to get me back in shape and motivated after sweet baby is born.

  4. Emily says

    1. Clementines
    2. Oatmeal with a chopped up apple, peanut butter, and soy eggnog all mixed together. GOOD!!!
    3. Magnum double chocolate bars. I can only buy one box once in a blue moon, because I’ll eat one every night. Ummm, actually I think I’ve eaten more than one in a day

  5. says

    hahah how COOL about your highschool prom date!! Mine was a sexy Brazilian foreign exchange guy. We were friends and he was lovely!

    Pears, I love pears!! I’ve been on a gala apple and grapes eating spree though!

  6. Nicole says

    I’m participating because I *love* lists. (Actually, as I was reading this post, I thought I should start a blog where all posts are lists. I know, right?! AWESOME! Don’t steal my idea.)

    OK… onto the listing! I chose the topic “3 Things You Don’t Know About Me.”


    1. I am terrified of big bugs that fly or jump – especially grasshoppers and those big green flying beetles. I scream and run…and may or may not have abandoned my children in my terror.

    2. I’m half black and half white. I appreciate the mixture of my cultural background, but was not always treated nicely by non-mixed girls when I was in high school. Rough times.

    3. On to happier thoughts… I changed my phone case last night. The new one is hot pink and black and it makes me happy.

    Adios, muchacha!

    • Dynamics says

      LOL, Grasshoppers are the WORST!!! But I am terrified of those black bugs. Here in California they call them water bugs, but they are cockroaches. They move so fast and I never know which direction they are going. Thank goodness this house only has grasshoppers and crickets….and they all remain outside!!!!

  7. Susan says

    Three things you don’t know about me:
    1) I was the “bubble gum blowing” champ in the 8th grade..and I still have mad skills!
    2) I HATE SNAKES!!!
    3) I used to work for an NBA team. I was a great job but so many nights & weekends and 18 hours days that after 11 years, it was time to move on.

    Three things I’m eating this week:
    1) Pears – me too – just bought some on Monday
    2) Smartfood Selects Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips – so good!
    3) Tuna Salad – I make my own low fat version.

  8. says

    Matt (my man) has the Jack Black products and really likes them, FWIW! He was a total sucker for an ad/feature that was done in Esquire and ordered a whole bunch of stuff online…he’s worse than me when it comes to “beauty products”!

  9. says

    1.) I have an unhealthy obsession with pickles and cheese, together.
    2.) I get scared washing my face in the shower. Who knows what could happen while you so happily wash off the face wash with your eyes closed! I do it as fast as possible.
    3.) I was in speech therapy for 6 years as a child for not being able to say my “r”s. If I am super sleepy, or erm…inebriated, I digress to those days. It’s really funny for everyone around me. Lol

  10. says

    I just bought some MaraNatha almond butter. Wow. I like it almost as much as I like icecream. I’m eating a lot of Honeycrisp apples. My fave. And I’m trying to curb my icecream addicting by eating froyo instead.
    Wow, was Abe such a cutie at Prom?

  11. says

    Three things you/people don’t know about me:
    1. I have the worst bedside manner ever- not good for my hypochondriac husband
    2. I won’t drink anything uncarbonated out of a can
    3. I have serious pre-hair coloring anxiety.

  12. Nicole says

    Three things I’m eating this week.
    1) Vanilla Protein Powder (CNP Propeptide)
    2) Carbmaster Yogurt
    3) My emotions.
    (Kinda not kidding!)

  13. says

    Wow, couldn’t be more jealous that you have two boxes of Harry and David pears-they’re SO good. Three things I’m eating this week include 1) Honey-crisp apples (usually with cinnamon and almonds) because they’re the best kind of apple and won’t be around much longer 2) Sautéed spinach- I just recently realized how delicious it tastes cooked with a fair amount of garlic powder (always just ate it in salads) and 3) Pumpkin coffee- I’m a money-strapped post grad so I buy generic coffee brands and mix the grounds with pumpkin pie spice, works like a charm!

  14. says

    Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread, Better’n Peanut Butter and Nature’s Own Oatmeal Toasters the Cinnamon Raisin flavor!! All three together creates true amazingness!!
    That beard lube is so funny!! I don’t even know why it would need to be lubed in the first place!

  15. Kelsey Y. says

    Three Eats:
    1. Mozzarella Cheese on an English Muffin. (and the GOOD mozzarella).
    2. White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s (in spirit of the season).
    3. Wild Rice Soup! Which is the plan for dinner tonight.

    Three Things You Didn’t Know:
    1. I recently started reading your blog (about 2 months ago?)
    2. I’m going to run a half-marathon in June 2013.
    3. I reside in Duluth MN, and its been “balm” for this time of year… 36 degrees!

  16. Suzanne says

    – I normally eat/drink a lot of smoothies but I’ve been doing so 2x per day now.
    – Clementines
    – Delicata Squash-so yummy!!

  17. says

    1. Nothing makes my mind blank more than “Tell me something about you!”

    2. I wish I could have a dinner with all of the people that inspire me.

    3. I’m seeing a naturopath on Saturday because I’m sick and tired of my various doctors having “I don’t know what’s wrong you” answers.

  18. Pam says

    3 things you don’t know about me:

    1.) I’m a classical pianist. I’ve played piano since I was 5 (it’s the asian in me…my mom made me!) I’m thankful to her now that I can play but, when I was a kid playing outside sounded much more fun! :)
    2.) I’ve broke two bones in my body. My rt. & left thumb. rt. one healed & I broke my left one a week later! yea, I was a tomboy when I was a kid. :)
    3.) I’m allergic to white fish

    3 eats this week:
    1.) Pho & thai iced tea (R&I are hooked on this Pho rest. by our casa, we’re there at least 2-3x a week!)
    2.) pumpkin spice pop-tarts (eating them now!)
    3.) baklava (R’s fault! he succumbed to sampling & purchasing them)

  19. says

    This week’s eats
    a) peanut butter (continues to retain its top spot!)
    b) oven roasted cashew nuts (oh so so so good)
    c) Aglio Olio pasta for dinner yesterday……………and chocolate cake!

  20. Mary says

    im pretty sure he was totally on Million Matchmaker last season (or maybe the season before). you’re basically famous. :)

  21. says

    Three things you don’t know about me:
    1) I’m 40 (but somehow still think of myself as 26).
    2) I was a cops and crime reporter for a decade before I had kids.
    3) I am the grammar police.
    4) I like to break rules so I’m adding a fourth so I can tell you I’m running my first-ever race tomorrow.

    Three things I’m eating this week:
    1) Way too much sugar.
    2) And cheese
    3) And red cabbage sautéed in toasted sesame oil

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