Confession Thursday–Don’t Wanna Know

It’s that time again… Confession Thursday.

Dear blog, Please forgive this Monican for…confession Thursday blog

1. I never check my voicemail. I’m sure there’s something in there I need, but ‘eh’.

2. I purposely avoided opening the Race Pictures email from Long Beach because I knew I would look like death. <- That was back in Oct and I never opened it.  I felt good about the race and just wanted to keep it on that note.

Until yesterday when they tricked me with a “Holiday Sale” email. Damn.They tricked me!image

3. My throat still hurts so I’m popping pills like Lindsay Lohan. Only it’s Dayquil.

4. I wish I was one of those people who lost their appetite when they were sick. Nope. Never.

5. I’m brainstorming my 2013 goals… Aaaand I’m considering coming out of my recent mary retirement. Maybe. Stay tuned.try triathalon

6. I paid 50 bucks for a DNA test to tell me I have red hair. Thanks.IMG_7030

7. I can’t decide if being self accepting of my flaws means I have a healthy mindset or I’ve given up.

8. I am so NOT in the Christmas spirit this year. I’m hoping an upcoming trip to Disney will get me in the mood.

If not, at least there will be ice cream there.IMG_7039 (800x600)

Question: Got anything to confess?

Are you in the Holiday Spirit?


  1. says

    It depends on the sickness, but usually when I have a cold or something I want to eat everything in sight and it’s always comfort food (i.e.fattening)!

  2. says

    Not in the holiday spirit either. A rat came into the house Monday and ran into our bedroom. It was there until the exterminator got to it Tuesday night. That gave it 24 hours to have at it in my bedroom, which I would now like to burn down. I have 438 loads of laundry to do now, 4,231 books to donate because I will never touch them again, and I need my no-English speaking carpet cleaning guy to come over. Stat. Only he hasn’t called me back. Oh, and the mr. has either a stomach bug or the flu, which means all things are coming out everywhere. Awesome.
    I would like to pop some pills like you and LiLo. Not really though, because there’s that whole job thing that requires coherent conversation. Again, awesome.

    Well, that makes me feel better. Thanks 😉

  3. says

    I recently considered buying one of those mail-in kits to have my DNA tested for ethnicity, but I’m cheap and scared to pay for a kit without really knowing 100% how accurate they are or if the results actually drill down beyond ‘Africa’ or ‘Asia’ etc.

  4. says

    Omgsh, that first pic is adorable!!!

    I get charged if I check my I simply never do. ha, oops!

    I confess that running seems to be the last thing I want to do since coming home from NYC :(

  5. says

    Confession: I usually leave my phone on mute so I don’t have to hear it and all the different notifications.

    Confession two: I’ve been living off of Newman O’s hint o mint for the past two weeks. Not good during the holidays. or the waistline.

  6. says

    Hope you feel better! I’m just starting to get sick, and I don’t lose my appetite, either. I crave chocolate and pizza when I’m sick. Not. Good.

  7. Tara says

    I am NEVER at a loss to eat. Ever. It concerns me. A little, but not enough not to eat.

    I confess although the serving size of the TJ Lentil Crunchy Curls bag
    says 6, to me its only 3. Always.

  8. says

    Feel better! I swear, half of my friends have some sort of respiratory/head cold deal going on right now.

    I’m not in the holiday spirit, either. I love buying presents but feel kind of blah about things this year.

  9. says

    I have never been into the commercialized side of Christmas in fact, I dislike seeing decor up at Halloween, I dislike every one asking for a donation to something, I dislike the whole “write a list to Santa and I will get whatever I want” (um, no….not happening in our house!)

    I love the Reason for the Season to me that means going to church more, reading about Jesus’s birth, enjoying holiday movies, family time and sharing all that we have been blessed with now that another year is coming to an end. 😉

    Confession: I love food and never have said no to eating ….especially ice cream!

  10. says

    I lost my appetite once and it scared the hell out of me, thought I might be dying.

    I confess that I am sitting here at work watching tv shows on Netflix cause my boss is out of the office. I am good multi-tasker so it’s ok. Many dinners lately have been ice cream and/or cookies. Issues.

  11. says

    I’m desperately trying to get in the holiday spirit. At first my husband didn’t want me to decorate. What? But I decided to put up the tiny tree on the end table….until I couldn’t find it. But we went to Michael’s last night and got a new tree (yet bigger) than the missing one. As I starting setting up a few things, I started to get in the spirit a little more. So now, the manger scene is up, the stockings are hung, the wreath is on the front door. Maybe I’ll even switch over to Christmas dishes for 4! I’m hoping this puts him in a less Grinch like mood as well. :)

    Sorry to hear your still feeling poorly.

  12. Krystina says

    I never lose my appetite when I’m sick either! I feel like I’m always hungry and can always eat. I thank my lucky stars that I love to run and workout and also for a pretty fast metabolism.

  13. says

    I don’t usually lose my appetite either, darnit!

    I’m going to Disneyland on Wednesday, and I hope it does the trick. If that place can’t make me feel Christmas-y, NOTHING CAN.

  14. Shannon B. says

    I’m the grinch, between my work hours over the holidays and my in-laws…I can hardly wait until Jan 15th or so when things become normal.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  15. says

    I’m not really in the Christmas spirit, but I’m okay with that. What does the “Christmas spirit” even mean anymore? A willingness to run around the stores? A desire to plaster your house with red and green crap? Being okay with Christmas music on Pandora? If so, I’m cool with being a little “bahumbug.” Things have gotten way too commercialized and materilistic for me. I’d be fine if no one did presents and I just got time off.

  16. says

    Bah, I’m not in the holiday spirit either. I do, however, think that ice cream looks great! :) I guess my confession would be that I think it’d be nice to do a skipping Christmas act every year and just go on a cruise instead of dealing with holiday madness/drama.

  17. jess @ runaroundphilly says

    i haven’t bought a single gift yet! i put up my decorations thanksgiving weekend, but i really have no desire to go out and shop! i wish santa paid for my gifts instead of visa!

  18. says

    Confession: I’m thrilled that we scaled back on Christmas (because we thought we were going to buy a house but decided to hold off), because it means I can spend money on ME! Selfish, yes, I know. But, I think it’s time I updated my wardrobe a bit (or a lot).

  19. says

    Christmas confession: I’m just about ready to see if the boyfriend and I can just do a Christmas truce this year…and not get each other a darn thing. Maybe a lil kiss or something. Lame-ity lame lame. Who am I?!

  20. says

    I too do not check my voicemail – with email and text, why leave me a message I have to listen to :) And my other confession, the 3 weeks in December before Christmas, I always end up spending on me and then scramble the week before Christmas because I forgot to buy someone a gift. But the sales are just too good to pass up :)

  21. Kim says

    I am NOT in the holiday spirit. 2013 brings training for my first 1/2 mary. I want to get started, but up here in the PNW… snow and cold… blah!! So dreader treader it is! Please oh please do a blog entry on your day at Disney. That would lift my holiday spirits and make everything cheery and bright. Have a blast. I love visiting the parks at Christmas time.

  22. Jenn says

    Retirement is for old people. You love marathons. You will keep running them. And yes, some will be far better than others, but retirement is not an option. 😉
    I’d post a confession but I’ve been drinking wine and I think I should wait to reassess this potential confession when wine has not been involved for several hours. Cheers!

  23. Amanda says

    I hate voicemail and only open it to delete it.

    I’ve slacked so hard on running that today I was out of breath at (what used to be) my easy pace. Onward and upward I suppose.

    I’m always hungry.

    I’m a few pounds away from my goal weight and I’ve totally taken my eye off the prize.

  24. says

    I NEVER check my voicemail. In fact, I haven’t bothered to activate it on my new phone (I’m a responsible adult). I hate it passionately. There’s no reason, really. I guess I’m just afraid it’s going to be something terrible.

  25. says

    I hate voicemail. Hate it, hate it, hate it. My phone tells me about the missed call so why do I need to hear a friend say they called. Wait. I don’t.

    I’m also so not in the Christmas spirit. I’ve been fairly grumpy about it, in general, and the feelings are multiplied by 1) not being able to put ornaments on the tree because my kid thinks they are balls; 2) no snow; and 3) a sick grandma who was in the hospital for 2 weeks and has since been moved to the nursing home. Sadly, I don’t get to go to Disney :( I am looking forward to baking cookies with the kid for the first time for “hanta.”

  26. says

    I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit … but I decided that today was the day the tree had to go up regardless of my holiday mood. I was starting to get happy about it, right up until the moment that I put the middle section of the tree on (it’s fake obviously) and plugged in the lights and it wouldn’t light. So now we have no big Christmas tree because I’m kind of lazy and don’t want to go through all the lights to figure out which one doesn’t work. Bah Humbug.

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