Search Me Sunday

Helloooo! How as your weekend?

I ran a Holiday 10ksanta runs 10k

and got fancy for a Holiday dinner.oh you fancy huh

What did you do?

Today was rainy and gloomy. I was going to run, but decided to take a rest day and enjoy a little walk and talk with my friends via phone. But tomorrow it’s on.

This afternoon I headed to my mom’s to walk the dogs and have dinner with  my fam. I wore my ridiculous, but warm and cozy hat.image

Search Me Sunday

These are the search strings un-expecting Googlers used and ended up at Run Eat Repeat…

1. a bad personAnd you ended up here. What does that say.

2. do you eat gingerbread housesYes, I did last year.

3. my bestie is a weirdoYes, but she loves me anyway. Thanks Cindy.

4. i had an egg sandwich and cold

5. gyno tableA lot of vagina related searches this week, but this is the only one you’ll see.

6. Mexican dog with guacamoleRox loves avocado!roxican

7. run over my big toeOuch!

8. "wished i had freckles"I have themmonica has freckles 1monica has freckles

9. songs about your ex getting marriedRead It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken and call me in the morning.

10. sorry MexicanI’m not.

Of Possible Interest: Woman runs a Marathon in Iraq where woman are covered.

Question: What did you do this weekend??


  1. says

    LOL the mexican dog with guac is by far the best … what could possibly cause a person to be searching for that?! glad rex was able to help out, whatever the reason

  2. says

    The highlight has to be the 10 sets of 272 steps up Batu Caves yesterday evening. Was in Batu Caves accompanying friends who are training for the Hong Kong Vibram100K (apparently the route is littered with steps!). It was fun especially with the light rain which made the evening cooler.

  3. says

    I am completely covered in freckle spots too. Hated it when I was little but I’m good with it now.

    I had a super fun Christmas party with my trail running group today, actually waddled for 3 miles and didn’t die – came close but I made it. Won The Stick in the raffle so it’s all good.

  4. says

    Freckles? We call those polka dots in my house…or spots. And I’m covered from head to toe which makes for a very quiet game of “count mom’s spots” when I need them to be quiet.

    • says

      I think it’s just in large amounts and my dogs have grown up in a yard with them and eaten them since they were pups. We don’t give them avocados but they grab them when they fall from the tree. Often we’ll take it away but sometimes we spot them with one like this.

  5. Ashley G says

    I did a 10 mile race this weekend and worked (womp wooomp)

    On an unrelated note, what mascara do you use? I want your lashes.

  6. says

    I did the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in Indianapolis on Sunday with my brother. Neither of us had a finishing time we were hoping for but I’m so thankful that he was able to come over and do it. He means the world to me, looks after our Mom and is just an all around awesome person,

  7. says

    I’ve been studying for finals all weekend. I have one tonight (in an hour, yikes!), tomorrow night, and Wednesday morning. Can’t wait to be done so I can enjoy the holidays!

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