2012 Resolutions in Review


I know New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rap. But, I get a bad rap in some circles too and I don’t care. I love New Year’s Resolutions! I love making a sometimes ridiculous, sometimes realistic goal and trying to achieve it. I like that resolutions are all about ME. Wait. Narcissistic much? I mean, I like that I’m not using someone else’s ruler to define my success. It’s not … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday from a Ginga Ninja


I am kinda anti-wearing all black. It just looks like you’re going to a funeral or are trying to be a ninja. But the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Mary shirts were black. Again. They were black last year and I never wore it. I pretty much always wear black capris to run (no black on black rule) and it’s not the best color to wear if you want to be seen by retirees in a sleepy FL … [Read more...]