Sunset and Natalie Dee Jokes

Hello! How’s it going?

My weekend has been perfectly low key. Yesterday Ben and I took an extremely important trip to the store and pulled over on the way back to enjoy the sunset. greasy hair don't care

Fun fact: Ben has to hold me down and force me to stop and smell the flowers or enjoy a sunset or I’d never see ‘em. Maybe that’s part of the reason I can run long – I am just trying to get somewhere, not enjoy the journey??

IMG_0233 (800x600) IMG_0234 (800x600)

Anyway, it was a very pretty sunset.IMG_0238 (800x600)

IMG_0239 (800x600)

Now what was this important trip to the store all about?

I heard about the Blue Bell Christmas Cookie ice cream from blogland. Unfortunately, So Cal stores don’t care this brand. But, after consulting PB Fingers, I knew I had to get some. Yes, it is delicious. Get this AND the Gingerbread House flavor if they sell it near you. Trust. christmas cookie ice cream

We spent the evening with Ben’s brother and some friends. Apparently our plane to FL was really a time machine back to college because there’s still a lot of beer pong going on here practically every night… 1356412543233

Then, we switched to Cranium. That was fun!image

This morning I intended to do another 12 mile run, but church started at 9:30am (not 11am like I’m used to).  So, I abandoned the sidewalk after 6 miles. I’m kinda glad – it’s freezing here!

I grabbed a banana with PB and went to Jesus’ house.

After church I enjoyed some pink eggs = eggs cooked up with salsa. pink eggs

Life imitating art?

Yes, I know. Most things I do are in excess… running, eating, drinking and makeup. Maybe you just met me a year or two ago, but my flaws have been my flaws forever (to some extent). So, when someone leaves a comment that I do xyz in excess… I listen, but it’s a process to change these things (if I choose to do so).

But, it’s kinda funny when I see a Natalie Dee cartoon that feels like it’s a joke on me.

Too much make up girl…Facebook profile pic

Meet today’s Natalie Dee…

It’s titled “no no no do two or three more laps”.

Right, right??

I would work on it, but my NY’s resolution list is already pretty long Winking smile

Question: What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

That ice cream tops everything. Boom


  1. says

    I don’t know anyone else in person that reads Natalie Dee as regularly as I do (it and Toothpaste for Dinner are one of my first few stops online every single morning) and so it cracks me up when you post her comics. I have quite a bit in common with her, but I think you win with more that are just spot on. That’s awesome!

  2. says

    I basically want to eat chocolate for breakfast, bread for lunch, and breakfast for dinner…what the crap is wrong with me lately? So the best thing I ate this weekend was this morning’s cup of coffee with my mom, which she put some Bailey’s in, and 2 peanut butter cup=breakfast. Guess I’m ending this year right. Booya. Or pregnant…not booya. Oh gosh :S

  3. J says

    Best thing I ate was veggie pizza. Now, how could it be freezing in Florida? It’s currently 26 degrees where I am, that’s freezing!!

  4. jodea @ says

    Roasted sweet potatoes. Melted in my mouth. I spend a lot of time nagging my boyfriend to stop and smell the flowers… Is it a coincidence that he’s also a long-distance runner?!

  5. says

    Sunsets over the ocean are my all time favorite (unless it is running on the beach and watching the sunrise!!)!
    I’m not a huge ice cream eater but Blue Bell is by far the best!!! (maybe I’m biased because I’m from Texas!)

  6. says

    Your breakfasts always look tantalising.. I might have to put some extra effort into mine!

    Looks like you had some awesome food this weekend, but I might 1 up ya since I went to a ‘social gathering’ with many tidings, including some lemon meringue pie that I made (I don’t wanna be too egoistic, but my god was it lush!)

  7. Leslie says

    I love you just the way you are. Don’t change anything unless you want to. I just had homemade enchiladas for dinner.

  8. says

    In no way do I think you do things in excess. I just think you are passionate about your likes in life, and there is nothing wrong with that. Do you girl! Do you! :)

  9. Suzanne says

    I get into that same time machine at least once a year (sometimes more) at our Annual Ugly Sweater and Mustache Christmas party. Beer Pong and Flip Cup abound that day (but it’s super fun)!

    Oh and your comment about Jesus’ house made me think of my 2 year-old nephew. He goes to church every Sunday and when you ask him what he did that day, he says he went to “visit Jesus”. Seriously that kid is a trip!

  10. says

    I wanted to go to a sushi lunch buffet yesterday, but they didn’t have it on Sunday, so I went to a Thai restaurant instead. Got the duck curry and made it Thai spicy. Can’t get enough spicy food!

  11. says

    The best thing I’ve eaten this weekend was a piece do Apple Struessel pie….so good!

    I love sunsets. I captured a beautiful one in Aruba last month. If I’d get my blog updated everyone could see it (not use my Facebook friends; it’s my cover photo) but I’ve been too busy signing up for races before the prices increase AND putting together some race photo albums!

    Happy New Year to you and yours and all of your blog readers :)

  12. says

    Every time you post a picture of yourself with makeup on I always think it looks lovely! I guess I must like too much makeup too then? Whatever. You always look fab. The best thing I ate this weekend was the dinner my hubby made on Saturday night of duck breast and goose breast in gravy.

  13. Vernie says

    Hi Monica, I just found your blog last week and just love it. You’ve inspired me to create a list of goals or “resolutions” for 2013 and look into Intuitive Eating, because honestly, the mouth says yes but the pants say no! Anyhow, thanks. :)

    Best thing I ate all weekend: Mom’s homemade green chile stew with leftover turkey. Yum!!!

  14. says

    I had the most amazing cheesy chicken enchilada dip at my Aunt’s Christmas party. I need to tweak it a bit to make it slightly more healthy, but I could have gobbled down the entire bowl myself if left alone in the room!

  15. tara says

    Love the sunset. I am just the opposite; I always stop to check the sunset, moon, clouds, etc…I have tonpoint it all out to my husband.
    Best thing I ate was a roasted prosciutto wrapped mozzeralla app. AMAZING!

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