2013 New Year’s Resolutions

It is kind of weird that I am so not a “Type A” person, but I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions. It’s my one little anal thing? Outside of that I consider myself pretty chill, feisty but chill – does that make sense?running tinkerbell half

Anyway, I decided my Running Resolution while I was running the Santa Barbara Marathon. As I planned my retirement I decided I wanted to focus on half mary’s in 2013…

1. I will run 13 13s in 2013!

Yes, 13 Half Marathons next year.

I already picked the races too. I haven’t signed up for them yet, just picked ‘em out Smile

I would also like to actually train and PR in the half.

Oh, and I’m signed up for a full in February. Guess I’m coming back from retirement. Shocker. (All my effort not to make an inappropriate shocker joke right here.)

2. Go to yoga and/or cross train twice a week.

3.  Stick to my new eating approach for 3 months. Then, assess my progress. More on this soon, but I’m still figuring it all out. It was inspired by suggestions by the holistic medicine lady. I’m doing a little trial and error trying to figure it all out. IMG_0833 (800x600)

4. Be nicer. To everyone. Even strangers and not do stuff like this…DSCN7878

5. Get organized. At home, work and RER.

6. Go to China. or some equally awesome trip. rtb monica leg 2

7. Take better care of myself – get enough sleep, wear sunblock, only wear running clothes if I am running. Hello.

8. Choose happiness. And FUN! Last year was about being Fearless. This year will be about FUN. And RUN. ing. rtb banana

Yeah, I want to be a cross between a banana and Zach G on the fun scale. Sort of.zach-galifianakis-hangover

Question: What are your resolutions or goals for the year?


  1. says

    13 half marathons in 2013 – what a great idea! You’re going to kill it for sure :)

    My biggest goal is to run 1000 miles this year. I was so close in 2012, but was derailed by an injury. I’m looking to run into this year strong!

  2. Jennifer Doody says

    My resolution is to not run like an asshole in races (starting out too fast then crashing and burning and not get the goal time). This comes from me chasing a certain PR for 2 years now. I’m fit enough to run the time, but I screw myself over in the first 4 miles. Not in 2013!!

  3. Maggie says

    This will be my year of self discovery. I’ve registered to go back to school in a few weeks. Just getting my feet wet at community college before I apply to grad school. I’m also going to go on a road trip…by myself. Never done that before. This bucket list is still in progress.

  4. Becky says

    My goals are to finish TurboFire, clean up my eating, build my endurance back up and finish the Pittsburgh Marathon in May (my first one)! :)

  5. says

    My goal is to run because I love it and not feel like every run has to be harder than the one before it – I’m hoping this will cut down on injuries and maybe allow me to race again.
    I’m pretty sure I would blow the running clothes only when running in about 2 days!!!

  6. says

    Wow. 13 in 2013.

    I’m not being quite so ambitious on the running scale. I do have a goal to beat my personal best in the half and run it in 1:49:49 or less.

    65 pounds of weight loss by August 31 is my other goal.

    2013’s gonna be great!

  7. says

    I was wondering where that sweet potato thing was from in one of your pictures? It looks delish. I haven’t made an new year’s resolutions, but one of the general goals is to get back into shape. Not really determined by the new year, but by the fact that I am back from studying abroad in Italy and now have a gym I can go to again. Haven’t been this out of shape in my life, but I have walked a lot so hopefully that will help transitioning back.

  8. says

    Oooh good stuff! February will be here so soon for your full! I need to GET ENOUGH SLEEP this year. And quit diet coke completely. And do some strength training 3 times a week!

  9. says

    Exciting stuff! So inspiring! I also want to cross train more, and I’m running my first full in March-LA! I’m not going to lie, im rather scared. Any advice for my first marathon?

  10. says

    I was going to do 13 in 13 but it looks like I actually have 15 half marathons on my “potential calendar” spreadsheet…with a possible addition of one in December. AAAAAND, I’ve actually registered for 6 of these races already!!!

    One goal is to volunteer more at some of the smaller races (5Ks) and triathlons.

    And to do better in my “real” job so that I can make my full commission each month.

  11. Audrey says

    I’m doing 13 halfs in 2013 too!! I told Skinny Runnermy plan when I met her in Vegas at the expo (and I stood next to you for awhile, but didn’t know who you were yet!). Love your blog, hopefully we are at the same race again in the future and I can meet you!

  12. says

    Great goals. Love the China idea. Maybe a half IN China?!?

    I made a list of goals and resolutions, but they are all linked together by three words. Move, Learn, and Share. I am going to focus on exactly that this year!

  13. says

    I dubbed this year my year of gratitude. I want to spend 2013 being thankful for everything and taking nothing for granted. 2012 was a year of changes, and it was pretty rough…but now I want to soak in the life that those changes gave us! :)

  14. says

    I am also a HUGE fan of resolutions; I’ve got just under a million, broken down by month… Top on my list is to lose the remaining baby weight, run my 3rd half (and PR), and to not let a hectic life with 2 kids get in the way of reaching out to the people I love. Happy New Year!

    (By the way, new to your blog and so excited I found it! Love it.)

    (Also: 13 in 13 is hardcore. Best of luck!)

  15. says

    Awesome goals! Can’t wait to hear about all those races! I had a bad running year in 2012 and am hoping to have a better year and get back into half marathons.

  16. says

    I love the idea of 13 in 2013! Good Luck! I’m 35 weeks pregnant so my goal is to 1. have this baby and 2. start running again :). I’ve got my eye on a 10k in May as my starting point!

  17. says

    Most of my goals are on my blog but I think I may have to steal your “go on a cool trip” one. I love travelling but in 2012 did NONE because because my husband got sick. Things have turned around lately for him tho and we’re talking about actually getting on a plane & going somewhere :-)

    But if we end up not flying someplace exotic, I resolve to take as many trips in the car as we can, exploring cool places within a 15hr drive or so.

  18. Jenny says

    Wow! 13 in ’13 is a crazy goal. You’ll be running a half every month and two in one month! Do you have any thoughts as to which one(s) you want to PR? I always thought that if you had a big PR goal, it wasn’t good to race that much. Instead, I thought it was better to focus on getting in some really quality workouts. That way, you could focus on hitting a really big PR after months of smart training. Racing every month + putting in all the workouts needed to PR would make me so tired! Good luck to you, though. Those sound like fun goals.

    • says

      I’m actually going to front load my year and do most of them by June, so it’s even more than 1 a month. I don’t have a plan yet for which race to try and PR, but plans may change as I figure it out.

  19. Kaye says

    Oh!! Come run your ath off in the Ath Half this October in Athens, Ga!! Cheering neighborhoods line the entire course and it ends in the UGA stadium!

  20. Tara says

    Wow, that is ambitious, good for you!
    I dont resolutions but do want to set goals for myself.
    1. do my first half (just signed up yesterday!) the Half is in May in NH.
    2. Train, train train! I will be doing my first 10K in March to prep for the half.
    3. Get a rockin’ body for the summer and keep it CLEAN!

  21. says

    I love the 13 half marathons goal! My goal is to run two this year, (keep in mind that they will be my firsts.) I am also going to take better care of myself & spend more time with my family. Happy New Year!

  22. says

    Great resolutions! You already do so awesome logging your long runs. (I’m jealous daily when I read your and SR’s blog! I’m sure 13 in 2013 will be absolute cake for you.

    #1 I’m graduating to my first full marathon. I’m planning on October’s Chicago marathon. kind. of. SCARY!

    #2 I’d like to PR in a half-marathon by more than 10 minutes! (and hopefully even more post 3rd resolution below)

    #3 I’m also trying to lose a bit of weight. I figure carrying around the equivalent of two cases of beer extra, isn’t the best recipe for fast/long distance running… so 149 to 130 should help!

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