Ask a Monican #47

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What resolution won’t this Monican do??? Well, after reading them out loud to a friend it was pointed out that I would probably do all of the last three: “I won’t black out due to intoxication.” (Again?) “I won’t try and outdrink an Irishman.” (My favorite comment from this post says I can take him.) “I won’t get plastic surgery in a third world country.” (I’ve considered … [Read more...]

Cold Weather Running Twitter Chat


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I missed strength training while I was in Florida so I ran to the gym this morning, threw the weights around and ran back. It was cold out this morning – 37! Yes, I know that’s not legit cold for some of you but I’m coming from sunny FL so it’s a change from the last 2 weeks. Just the Tip Tuesday: Wear your watch on the outside of your clothes so … [Read more...]