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Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I missed strength training while I was in Florida so I ran to the gym this morning, threw the weights around and ran back. image

It was cold out this morning – 37! image

Yes, I know that’s not legit cold for some of you but I’m coming from sunny FL so it’s a change from the last 2 weeks.

Just the Tip Tuesday: Wear your watch on the outside of your clothes so you don’t have to push your sleeve down to start/stop/check it. garmin on sleeve

Soooo, it’s not Artic Tundra cold here today but it is chilly and I get a ton of questions about cold weather running.

The year I lived in Maryland they had a very harsh winter… (wasn’t my car cute? I miss it.)my echo in the snowrunning in the snow

and I trained for the Walt Disney World Marathon in that snow! post walt disney marathon

Since racing doesn’t stop for the winter I am teaming up with ING for a twitter chat on Cold Weather Running. We’ll all share our tips and tricks for running in the cold! cold weather running gear

Please join me Thursday, January 11th at 11:00am / 2:00pm EST on Twitter @INGRunnerNation and chime in, ask questions or just say Hi!

Question: Are you on twitter? Can you come to my party?


  1. says

    Oh! You had an Echo? I had the best, cutest little Green Echo that got covered in snow and looked like a ball. I *loved* that car. Sadly, some dude rear-ended me last year and they totalled the car :( How did you get the cool paint job on that?

  2. says

    How Fun! I was totally fine in the accident. It seemed like a minor fender-bender, but he hit me in a weird angle and it crunched part of the frame underneath and they decided not worth fixing :( Blah. I am happy with my new Green Ford Fiesta, though. I’ll try to stop by on Thurs!

  3. says

    I live in ut and not only is it 14* out but there is smog! Which means the air is horrible to breathe let alone run outside and suck wind. I don’t have twitter but if you have any suggestions on how to run in that I loved to hear:)

  4. Tara says

    I am not on twitter : ( and I JUST told myself I need to reach out and find out what cold weather socks to invest in. (this was after my 7 mile run on Sunday in 27* on snowy streets!)

    What do you recommend for socks? Thanks!

  5. says

    While I totally support winter running (I’ve been having tons of fun with it this winter in Alaska!), what is there to discuss, really? I just put on a few more layers and throw some Yaktrax on my shoes. Works like a charm! But I guess any reason to party is a good reason.

  6. says

    I love, love, LOVE winter running. This morning it was 28 which is a little warm for this time of year in Wisconsin, but last week I ran in 12 degree weather. My only complaint is when people don’t shovel their sidewalks – I can handle the cold, but a patch of black ice in the dark is not the kind of surprise I like when I’m running.

  7. says

    I have never found a reason to join twitter and I think that just changed. I live in frigid Michigan and oddly enough currently training for the Disneyworld Half Marathon. Can’t wait to hear all of your tips and tricks!

  8. Denise P. says

    I’m such a whimp when running in this So Cal “cold”. I notoriously overdress for races, I’m getting better now that I’ve overheated many times.

    You had a Roxy car! I loved that one when it came out when I was in college.

  9. MiaMia says

    I live in Smoggy Utah now and I agree with Sharsti, it’s fairly rough when dealing with breathing in nasty pollutants than braving the nippy conditions. Can’t wait for the smog to die down and I will welcome the cold, sick of running inside!

  10. says

    Dang…I have a 2pm meeting on Thursday. :(

    I always read other Twitter run chats after the fact. One of these days maybe I’ll get to be part of one.

  11. Shannon in Tustin says

    You didn’t go out at 5:45, did you? Seems a little dark for the Monican! The nice thing about starting early when it’s cold is that the sun comes out and you’re not cold for very long. And once you start sweating, you don’t want all of the layers. I’m liking my legs free now that I’m into the running skirts, so I don’t even wear capris any more…compression calf sleeves, skirt and l/s sleeve top OR tank and arm sleeves. Done!

    Happy Running, Monica. 😀

  12. says

    I know cold is relative…but I kind of want to give you the “bitch please” face. Until your water bottles are freezing, it isn’t cold.

    Happy running! (and enjoy your cool weather ;-))

  13. says

    I cannot even imagine running in cold weather–under 50 degrees and I’m out! The Disney Half this weekend is supposed to be a high of 80 degrees and I’m so excited (all the Northerners are super freaking out!). The fact that I’m going to be laying by the hotel pool after my race (and it’s the middle of January) is so awesome!

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