Moving Comfort Giveaway

Hello! I forgot to tell you I got an extra medal on Sunday because I ran RnR Las Vegas and RnR Phoenix. It’s the Desert Double Down and you get a medal when you do them both!

desert double down

Awesome, but I really need a new medal holder…

medal holder

Recently Moving Comfort sent me a bunch of running gear to try out. One of the pieces was the skirt I wore to the half this weekend:IMG_20130120_094935 (800x800)

The Sprint Tech Skort has super cute ruching up the sides and the attached shorts have a white/black design. They’re also lined so they don’t ride up. (They still rode up a bit, but nothing crazy.)

20130120_132742 (600x800)

I’m in love with the skirt, but Moving Comfort is actually known for their sports bras. So, they insisted my girls feel the MC love Winking smile

I know I’m a nerd for wearing glasses, but it’s early. Aaaand I am showing a pic of myself in a sports bra, so cut me some slack please.moving comfort review

This is the Moving Comfort Urban X-  Over Bra. I love the crisscross back! The front cups are padded and provide solid support.moving comfort review

Moving Comfort is giving one RER reader a Sprint Tech Skort and an Urban X-Over Bra!

To Enter: Leave a comment telling answering,

“Yes or No – Would you put a shirtless picture of yourself on the internet?”

Extra entry if you share a pic in the comments! KIDDING.

Moving Comfort provided me gear for my review, all opinions are my own. Contest closes Wednesday at 8am PST. Open to residents of the US and Canada.


  1. Jenny says

    Shirtless or topless??? There is a bit difference. Maybe if my abs looked like yours I would :). But right now, that’s a negative.

  2. N says

    Probably not because I have a secret dream of becoming a presidents wife (any prez) and I’m not sure the handlers would approve of that kind of exhibition.

  3. Ana says

    I guess I have some beach photos on Facebook in bikini so yes to shirtless but I draw the line at topless! Thanks for the giveaway

  4. Jamie says

    I have to answer yes because I ran in a sports bra during the Va Beach Rock n’ Roll. So there is already a pic of me on Facebook without a shirt on. It was so hot and humid that day I didn’t care.

  5. says

    I’m pretty sure I’m already topless on the internet if you count beach photos of me in a bathing suit on facebook, but I would definitely rock a sports bra shirtless (at least these days). That bra is super cute too!

  6. Katie Chappetta says

    Would I put a shirtless pic of myself….if I could win something!!! J/K – if I had more of a figure for it, why not?

  7. Elizabeth says

    I think everyone would thank me for never putting a shirtless pic of me on the internet… LOL I love Moving Comfort bras – they are the only ones I’ll run in!

  8. Tara says

    You look great!
    Yes, I would put a shirtless (w/sports bra!) on the internet, I have no shame!

    That bra looks awesome, I am doing my first half in May and need to get a good bra!

  9. Audrey says

    OMG you are brave! And look amazing! I’d post a picture of myself, goodness knows there are enough ugly race pictures of myself out there.

  10. says

    I have! It took some bravery (so, I commend you), but yes! I reviewed a “handful” sports bra (which are awesome, btw), and posted a pic of myself in it. Gotta have proof, right!? :)


  11. Deb says

    I totally get the glasses – kind of makes you feel less nakie … lol! Yep, I have pictures of me in my bikini – somehow that seems okay. None of my in my running bra – probably because mine are not pretty! They are pretty basic white (well, use to be white) and blacks. Love the one you have one. And that skirt – too cute. Love that they have the longer spandex shorts. I like my shorts longer and tight. My husband doesn’t like the tight part so much … oh, well. I have a skirt, but it doesn’t have the long short, and I don’t much like it. Would love to try this one. Have a good rest of week.

  12. says

    I love Moving Comfort bras!!!! Currently though, I wouldn’t put a pic of me shirtless online as I have put on a bit since last running season. But a sports bra is really no diff than a bikini and in some cases covers more so why not! :)

  13. Dayna says

    I would put a shirtless picture of myself on the internet if I had a stomach/abs like you do! I’m pregnant right now, and am all belly! haha
    But, I am in need of a new sports bra so I’m stoked about this giveaway!

  14. Aimee says

    Sure..if I was one Mexican red-head that’s looking great these days! Enough with the weight thing…you have to change description of blog…:):)

  15. says

    I have one moving comfort skirt and looove it. This is a great giveaway. And I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to post a photo of myself in a sports bra on my blog… so kudos to you!!!

  16. Maren says

    If I could paste my head onto your body, I would most definitely post a shirtless picture of me! :) You’re lookin HOT girl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Mary says

    you look great!! (not that you ever looked bad haha i feel like that always implies that you didn’t look great before). i don’t think i would post a shirtless picture of myself but sometimes wine makes me ballsy.

  18. says

    No way! I’m even afraid to post the before/after pictures I’m doing for a bootcamp because I am sure it will come back to haunt me one day LOL

  19. Victoria says

    Probably not….you are much bolder than I…you look great though! Maybe if I had some spray on abs or if the picture was blurry :)

  20. Hannah says

    I would consider taking my shirt off if I had a good reason. Showing off your awesome sports bra seems worthy. You look great!

  21. says

    No, although technically I have posted one but you can’t really tell. It’s the one and only race where I was so damn hot that I decided to just shed the shirt so I’m carrying it in my hand which really blocks everything else! :)

  22. Victoria says

    I LOVE Moving Comfort bras – when I finally bought some, it totally changed my running and made it more comfortable! The skort looks adorable, too. Love when they have the shorts underneath. :)

  23. GA says

    I just ordered some new MC sports bras online. I’m not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me that bra chafe was a common condition; it’s just my personality to assume I must be doing something wrong! Anyway, I am hoping that ordering a smaller size (duh! after losing 30 lbs!) might make me look less like a victim of some animal with claws after my long runs. Nothing like having track marks in your cleavage! Hell yeah I’d post pictures of me in a bra online! (Except that I’d never show my face in said photos! You’re brave, but you look great girl!)

  24. Suzanne says

    I do have a shirtless picture of me on the internet! It is my Twitter picture @suerocks2003. I got smacked in the abs by a softball while pitching a few years ago, and it’s a pic of the damage. It’s not gross or anything…looks like a softball!

  25. Pam says

    If I had a stomach like yours I’d pose shirtless with a bra! But, unfortunately, this almost-53-year-old body would frighten everyone. I’d love to try a Moving Comfort bra and skirt.

  26. says

    Actually I just recently started a blog and struggled with this decision. I was creating my races page and including pictures of all the races. I ran a super hot 5K last summer in my sports bra and decided not to include that in the race pictures. Though those pictures did surface on Facebook after the race.

  27. says

    Hi, Monica! I love your blog. I probably wouldn’t post a shirtless picture of myself on-line (unless I had some sort of good reason, haha), but then again, there are definitely pics of me in swimsuits so…pretty much the same thing, right? Thanks for the review/giveaway! 😀

  28. Bethany says

    If I were wearing a cute bra like that, yes and I’m not nearly as in shape as you are! If it’s fitness related, you are at the beach, I don’t have an issue with it.

  29. says

    I heart moving comfort!!! And yes! I have pictures of me in a bathing suit on my blog from my trip to the Bahamas. Does that count as shirtless?? I have no shame!

  30. says

    I love Moving Comfort — two of their bras are also nursing friendly, so I wear them to work (and then right into my workout).

    To answer your question — yes, and I have. It was scary and liberating.

  31. Kaelin says

    I probably wouldn’t post a shirtless pic online. I do have pics in a swimsuit on FB, but that’s different. You look great BTW!!

  32. elizabeth reisner says

    I probably would if I was wearing a sports bra. Now if you want me wearing running tights I’d say “Hell NO!”

  33. says

    Yes, I would totally put a shirtless picture on the internet (in a sports bra or bikini top of course), and only if it was my “after” photo!

  34. says

    I LOVE these bras! I hope I win – I WILL put a picture of myself in a sports bra up on the internet if I do (and if I finish Insanity!)

  35. Meg says

    I keep hearing about Moving Comfort sports bras – I’d love to try one out. I think I’d be okay with a sports bra pic on the internet – if it was hot enough outside to be running in a cute sports bra, the world is seeing it all anyway, right? :)

  36. Anne says

    There is no way I’d put a shirtless pic of myself anywhere! As a matter of fact I was just thinking about this last night while watching The Biggest Loser. The guys take off their shirts and the girls are wearing just sports bras on top! Last night a girl, woman I should say, was sent off the show and she left in her sports bra and shorts carrying her bag! Come on now…somebody give her a hoodie!

  37. Jess says

    No Way…not in a million years, not for a million dollars..I don’t want my children to find those 50 years from now.

  38. Becky says

    My first thought was no….but there are pictures of me in a swimsuit up on FB so, on second thought…..I guess I would.

  39. says

    GIRL!!!! Look how FIT you look! If my abs/arms/back looked like that, I would wear sports bras with no shirt all the time. Running? Just a sports bra. Fancy dinner? Oh just wear the sports bra. Wedding? Why not…. 😉

  40. says

    Holy smokes girl, you look amazing! The sunglasses definitely complete the look, ha!
    I’m sure I would post a pic, but more along the conservative sports bra route & less spring break in a string bikini.

  41. Marcia V. says

    I would totally do shirtless in a bra or bikini if I was fifty pounds lighter with Jillian Michaels abs. I love Moving Comfort so much! I hope I win!

    By the way love your blog it is truly an inspiration and joy to read!

  42. says

    I have no shame, thanks in large part to triathlons. There are photos, lots of them, from tri race photos since I run from water –> transition in a sports bra + half wetsuit and sometimes I am a couple miles into the ride before I have a shirt completely on.

  43. carolyn says

    I would have to answer a big fat “NO” to that question. I think you look great though…love MC, but this is the first time I’ve seen the that style. Love it.

  44. says

    I would not be comfortable posting a picture of me now. I can’t even wear a two piece and feel comfortable yet. So for now….I really couldn’t.

  45. Gillian says

    Do I get to airbrush said photo? I think yes in sports bra with a tan :) probably no if just a bra or bikini unless I get to enhance it. Hahaha

  46. Kate says

    I never tried their stuff but it looks great. I’d post a pic of myself like that on the Internet. Might as well take advantage of the thousands of crunches I’ve done!

  47. says

    For a free sports bra I would :) but other than that – no way… I have some serious love handles. But I’d love a new sports bra and have wanted to try out Moving Comfort… those things aren’t cheap!

  48. says

    What a coincidence, I just found Moving Comfort thanks to a tweet from Runner’s World and I JUST commented on another blog about how their sports bras seem so reasonably priced! I would love to be able to post a pic of myself in a sports bra on the interwebs, but right now that would do more harm than good! After losing 50+ lbs, my stomach is jacked, yo! Helloo, loose skin!

  49. Jessie says

    No I wouldn’t put a picture of me on the Internet shirtless. If I was wearing a sports bra…yes. But I would need some sort of reward. My tummy isn’t flat enough! Lol.

  50. Zana says

    No way jose. Internet is way to vast. I would not even show a old school paper photograph of a shirtless me to my best friend.

  51. Shani says

    I would go shirtless if it were like a before and after pic for weight loss. As of right now probably not. I’m worried about sending my pics to Beachbody just so I can get my Insanity t-shirt. Lol.

  52. says

    Yes, I would put a shirtless picture on the internet, as long as I were wearing a bra or bikini top. Mostly, it would be for weight loss comparison pictures, but I’m hoping someday I’ll just have abs to show off.

  53. Jenny says

    I’m happy with my body and since I have tons of bikini photos on Facebook already I would have to say yes :).

    On a side note, I’m a new reader, but I did see you running the opposite direction over the bridge while I was finishing the 1/2 marathon on Sunday :). Congrats on your PR!

  54. says

    You look great in your sports bra!! If I was feeling good about my abs I’d prob put a shirtless pic up. There are pics of me in a bathing suit floating around facebook, so that’s basically the same thing. :)

  55. Danielle says

    Do bikini pics count? If so, then woo, yes, topless! If you mean playbunny nekkid – definitely not, not even in college. :)

  56. Karen says

    I ended up on ESPN wearing a sports bra once, so I’d post a pic on the internet, assuming I get to see it (and possibly veto it) first!

  57. says

    I’m thinking of it. My biggest complaint about losing weight is extra skin/I can’t wear a bikini even though my weight is in the 120s. Pretty sure I might say fig it this year, buy one and wear it – and write about it on the blog.

  58. Leah says

    Nope! But my main reasoning would be that I wouldn’t want anyone from my professional life to see it.. and I’m fairly easy to find.

  59. Laura C. says

    Hmm.. .. depends on if people I know will see it and how many tequila shots I’ve had before hand! But, my abs are in reasonably good shape so maybe!

  60. Rebecca says

    Yes I would put a shirtless picture of myself on the internet in the right context, as in ‘I write a fitness blog an this my review of a sports bra’ or ‘I just finished this awesome mud run in the middle of August and here are the photos’, I guess what I’m trying to say is: Yes, but only if I am wearing a full coverage sports bra in the photo.

  61. Addie says

    My fiancé proposed to me at a natural spring pool after a run together. I took off my tank to jump in the pool before it happened. When we got out he proposed! Our friends were taking pictures, and although im in my sports bra, they are too cute not to share!

  62. carmen says

    You look great!

    For me, personally, it’s a no. I’m just too modest, I won’t even run or go to the gym in just a sports bra. No bikini pics on Facebook either. :) I don’t mind if other people do .. to each their own!

  63. Brianne says

    If my sports bra was cute enough – sure why not!! No sports bra..ehhh no way haha :)
    PS – can you share that ab routine of yours – you look AMAZING!

  64. theresa says

    if i had killer abs i would most certainly go topless on the interwebs. (but with a bra still…) currently my post-holiday-indulging belly would not make an appearance. working on it though!

  65. says

    I would. It’s kinda like bikini pictures on facebook. If I feel comfortable enough to wear one, I can deal with the pictures. I’m not sure my answer would be the same 20 years from now though 😉

  66. Nicole says

    Pick me!! Pick me!! :) I love MC Bras…. doubt that one comes in my ginormous cup size, but hell, maybe?? :)

    I was out of town Sunday, so I didnt get to run RnR Phoenix, but now Im disappointed :( that medal is cute!! Congrats on the PR!

  67. Kristin says

    That is a big fat no! There is just some stuff that isn’t meant to be seen, and my pasty tummy is one of them!

  68. says

    The answer used to be absolutely not, but now I’d consider it. Not just for kicks and giggles, though. I’d need a darn good enticement!

  69. Nicole says

    Hell to the NO. I’ve had two babies and lost 50 pounds, so my tummy has seen better days. NO ONE wants to see that.

  70. Cari says

    in a cute sports bra like that and some running shorts? sure– enough people see me running in public like that anyway :)

  71. Lindsey A. says

    I think the ONLY way I’d show a shirtless photo of me with a sports bra is if I keep working my butt off and then have an awesome before and after photo comparison to help motivate others. I LOVE Moving Comfort bras! I’d love to try their skirt too!

  72. Debbie says

    If I looked like you, maybe… Love Moving Comfort bras. They’re all I’ve ever worn for running. Would love to try the new style bra and the skirt!

  73. tina says

    I was absolutely would after all I have done to drop many unwanted pounds, esp. somewhere that certain exs would see. Eat your hearts out.

  74. dana says

    heck yes I would, I know I dont have a perfect body, but I still love it and am proud of it so i have no shame to show it off :-)

  75. says

    I think I’d have to crop the photo and make sure that the bottoms weren’t giving me muffin-top, but I guess I would put a pic of me in a sports bra up.

  76. says

    Heck yes I would! (as long as I looked good in it, and it wasn’t a scandalous picture… but I won’t have to worry about that since I’m almost sure I’d never think I looked good enough. 😉

  77. Amanda N says

    I’m on the maybe train. I wouldn’t right now (I’m almost 16 weeks along and look a little different than I did 16 weeks ago haha). However, give me a cute enough sports bra and I probably would have in October when I was in the best running shape that I have been so far!

  78. jillian says

    Sure, why not? 😉 i have a couple of vacation shots of me in a bikini on facebook, so pretty much the same thing. (You look FABULOUS, btw!)

  79. Meredith says

    I think I would, but I might wuss out at the last minute. I’m definitely proud of my body… so I’d probably end up doing it :)

  80. Sara Kolpek says

    Initially I was going to say NO WAY! But then I realized, I have pictures of me on the internet in the bathing suit!! And bathing suits are often less clothing than bras… So I guess sure, why not. As long as it covered all my girly parts! :)

  81. Kim says

    You rock and are brave! I am a little two self conscious and just had a baby 7 weeks ago so definitely not soon!! Lol :)

  82. Sarah says

    I would if I looked smokin’ hot like you!

    I loooove padded sports bras. For one, my girls are little so I am a surf-board in normal sports bras. And more importantly, it keeps me from nipping out! Eeek! That’s waaaaay worse than the dreaded VPL if you ask me.

  83. Kathy R. says

    If I was in the shape you are, then definitely yes. But in my current shape, no way in the world would I do that.

  84. Bethany B. says

    I run a lot in a sports bra and shorts, so… yes?

    Those sports bras are usually the MC Rebound Racer. I love their fit!

  85. Traci L says

    No – I would not post a picture of myself shirtless! I have too much flab and my paleness might blind people!

  86. Leigh says

    Shirtless yes. Topless no. There are pics of me in a bathingsuit on facebook, so I guess its already out there…

  87. Jeanette says

    My picture in a sports bra right now would not be pretty 😀 But I do need a good sports bra since I have yet to invest in a good one.

  88. Holly B says

    Eek! Probably not! But I prefer my sports bra tight and that makes a not-so-flattering armpit bulge situation. haha.

  89. Kathi J says

    I would NEVER post a picture of myself in my current state on the internet in a bra. But, if I looked like you, HELL YA I would.

  90. Ashley says

    Yes, I would, but only if I was showing off a cute sports bra or had some legit reason for posting a pic with no shirt. Nothing tasteless :-) Love the glasses by the way, they definitely add to the cool, confident look.

  91. Kristen says

    I am more of quiet and reserved person, so no I probably wouldn’t post a shirtless picture of myself on the internet. You look great though!

  92. says

    I wouldn’t put a pic up of myself in a bra because too many people I know in real life know about and access my blog (my parents, pastors, High boys, etc.) so I don’t think it’s wrong, just not appropriate for me :)

  93. Melissa's says

    I had twins that each weighed 8 pds… Do you know what that does to a persons stomach?? So the answer to your question—NO I wouldn’t post a picture of myself without a shirt on anywhere ESPECIALLY on the Internet!!! :)

  94. says

    In a sports bra or bikini? – any day
    With nothing – no (hopefully none of my grad school Mardi Gras experiences made it to the internet – good thing that was before internet since I’m old!!!)

  95. nancy lopez says

    I would not at my present weight, but you have inspired me to start running and getting healthty. Thanks Monica!

  96. Alison says

    I mean I have pics of me in a bikini top (thanks FB!), so I don’t see how it could be much different in a sports bra. I’m fairly self confident in my body image so no biggie.

  97. says

    Yup I have and it felt wierd, like I was naked or something. If the question was pants-less I would say heck no! Nobody needs to see my pasty white winter legs, yikes.

  98. Kim says

    I would probably not post a picture of myself wearing a sports bra. I am a huge fan of Moving Comfort. Crossing my fingers for a win! :o)

  99. Julie says

    Well, the girls have never been anything to brag about and having three kids has kind of taken what beauty there was out of my tummy so a picture on the internet? NO WAY!

  100. Jessica says

    Absolutely not. Unless it guaranteed me something! Gifts, money, homes, cars…we could talk. JK! The boyfriend would kill me and my stretch marks are something to be avoided in daylight.

  101. Kat says

    I would go with no….I won’t even workout at the gym in just a sports bra so a pic on the internet, no thank you!

  102. jocelyn says

    I’ve had swimsuit pics on the internet, so yes to that but no to the skirtless, unless a lot of tequila is involved!!!

  103. says

    Shirtless, sure why not! My best friend is tan, slender, and I always tell, “Honey, If I looked like you I would leave the house in my underwear everyday. I would say ‘Oops, I forgot to wear clothes again!'” Topless, probably not, someday I could become an elected official, and I wouldn’t want that photo going viral.

  104. kelsea says

    love your Q for this ha ha 😉 I def wouldn’t “pose” for a shirtless photo and post it. If I happen to be playing volleyball or running without a shirt and there was an action shot, then I might. The tone of the photos is different.

  105. Debbie B. says

    Depends on what the incentive is…. to meet you I would. 😉 But most likely for anything else NO WAY. Unless I experience incredible weight loss and develop 6 pack abs I don’t want to subject any one to those pictures.

  106. Rebeccah says

    Does my face have to be attached? j/k I have pictures of me in a bikini online from several years ago. So once upon a time, yes!

  107. Dandi says

    If it had to do with showing someone how I product worked and giving them an honest opinion like you have done then yes! Also, you look great! You keep talking about how you have changed a few things that have helped you out…cant wait for you to share!!

  108. Jen B.. says

    I have put a few bikini-clad picks up on facebook in the past, but I’m working off some winter weight now…so currently, no :) The sports bra looks super comfy!!

  109. Julie says

    I would, but i would be scared! Im trying to do more stuff that scares me lately though cause everything scares me! Ha! You look awesome monica!!

  110. Amanda says

    Sports bra? No problem. Starting to rethink the bikini though. My son is ten, I am almost 40, and what is the appropriate age to say enough? Deep thoughts, hmmmmm.

  111. Amy says

    well, honestly, not at this point in my life but I just started lifting weights again after 2 years so give me a few months I might be okay with it. I’ve never tried a Moving Comfort bra, but I’ve read quite favorable reviews. my nexthalf marathon isn’t until April. I’m thinking you’ll run about 8-10 before then! one year i decided to run a half every other month. it was a very good year. enjoy yourself, but don’t ever retire from running (or exercise in general). its not only the fountain of youth, but the fountain of life

  112. Kristi says

    I would not, could not on the internet, not on the beach, not in print. Not in black-and-white, not in color scan. I do not like shirtless pics of me, Mon-i-can! (250 lbs – 101 lbs + 2 children +30 lbs = NEED a great sports bra!)

  113. Shannon in Tustin says

    Girl, you look great!!!

    Yes, I would; but not on a regular basis. Just for a one-time or to show off all the hard work (much like you just did 😉 )

  114. says

    I have already posted a shirtless picture of myself — cold rash on my belly from running this winter. And I’ll raise you one — I also posted a picture of the rash on my hip and, well, “bun bun” we call it!

  115. Lexie says

    Uhhh…I guess I would if it won me something. My stretch marks from my two pregnancies make my stomach look as if I was attacked by a tiger. It would likely scare anyone who saw it.

  116. brittany says

    I don’t mind shirtless photos if I am pregnant lol! For some reason, I am more confident showing the bare belly when I am full on preggo than when I am not…

  117. Ginger says

    I would post a shirtless pic with sports bra if I looked like you and it was a super cute bra like that one! But no, not right now. I need more confidence (and a Moving Comfort sports bra), but go you!

  118. says

    I don’t think I would put a shirtless pic of myself on the Internet. I am in love with moving comfort, and exclusively use their bras. I would love to add one more, and try out those shorts! They looks so cute!

  119. Janet says

    Right now I would not put a picture of myself shirtless on the Internet, but maybe in a year or so my answer will be different (one could only hope haha).

  120. Shawn says

    I could probably do it – not much different then wearing a swimsuit! Super cute bra! They say bras are never supposed to see a birthday – i’m definitely not living by that. Guess I need to get shopping!

  121. Stacy says

    I probably wouldn’t put a shirtless pic of me on the internet, but my body isn’t as kickass as yours. I would consider a sportsbra pic if there was a reason for it.

  122. Genevieve says

    HAHA a picture without a shirt?! If you mean sports bra shirtless then alright, everyone has a stomach, nothing to be ashamed of!

  123. Sarah B. says

    If I had a reason (ie modelling a sports bra) I might post a pic, but probably not if it was just for the heck of it, lol.

  124. Amy says

    i grew up in Florida and everyone is constantly in bathing suits, so i guess I’m more comfortable with shirtless pics. Answer is yes :)

  125. Becky says

    I don’t think that I would have the courage to post a pic of myself in just a sports bra! I think it shows a lot of self-confidence (even with the sunglasses ;)). You look fantastic though – so you should definitely rock it!

    Also, as a side note, I love your medal holder and all of your blogging about races! Super motivating for me to get back into running more races :)

  126. Carolyn C. says

    No — probably not. I’ve got three kiddos, and I’m sure they would find the pic and exploit it to no end! The bra and skirt look awesome!

  127. says

    I mean yeah. In a sports bra and in perfect lighting and if I didnt eat for a week. But a random shirt up boobies out shot? No the heck way. Who knows what you might find.

  128. says

    I would! The tiger mama stretch marks only give me character :)
    Good to document and appreciate!
    You are looking incredible these days….share your secrets 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway opp…fingers (and straps) crossed!

  129. Collette Whitley says

    If I felt confident in my skin then yes, but I’m still working on that part. You look great and I love that skirt.

  130. says

    Monica you are way braver than I am! I don’t think I’d have the guts to post a shirtless pic. But that bra does look comfy and looks like it gives good support too.

  131. says

    Nice, I’m going to try both those things. I really need a new sports bra. Normally I run in pants, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to give skirts a try.

  132. Katie says

    Since I have put up pictures of me in a bikini I guess my answer would be yes. At least sports bras cover more…although I am still not daring to run in just a sports bra. Trust me, there I times when it is so hot I would love to…just can’t risk people staring at my love handles.

  133. Laura says

    If it meant that I would win this giveaway- heck yeah!!! Otherwise, probably not :) I’ve got a big ol preggers belly anyway right now so it might scare some people.

  134. AmyMacHac says

    yes, yes I would, but not out of vanity, only if in the correct context. i’ve been wanting to try moving comfort ever since skinny runner posted about it!

    LOVE LOVE your site, Monican!

  135. Nicki says

    No way! I won’t even run in just a sports bra. Well, at least not yet. I’m working on it, and hopefully by summer I’ll rethink my position. Good luck with your goals too!

  136. Laurel C says

    I’m pretty modest so even though I could pull off being shirtless or topless, I wouldn’t. I don’t understand how some people are so comfortable being in low cut or revealing clothing! I was at Disneyland on Sunday for the Tinkerbell Half, and I couldn’t believe how many people who should NOT be in a tight fitting or revealing shirt were wearing them!

  137. says

    Nope I sure would not! I’ve only run in just a jogbra (okay, and shorts, ya pervs!) ONE TIME IN MY LIFE and it’s because it was a super hot day and I just couldn’t take the misery anymore. But my belly is white and not flat, so it always gets covered.

    I have a few Moving Comfort bras already, and they are great!

  138. CoCo the Sweet One says

    That would be a resounding, “no.” I don’t think anyone is ready for a sight of such—um, yeah. Just no. :o)

  139. MiaMia says

    Hey why not?! I’ve had two kids and have worked hard to get my body back to how it used to look like Lol! I’d put it all out there to help motivate and encourage ladies to just love our healthy figures!

  140. Lara F. says

    No shirtless. BUT I would take one in short shorts. I’m not at my goal weight, but I do love my legs. Love what you got, right?

  141. Lindsay says

    After a few months of training I wouldn’t mind putting a pic up of me in a sports bra but that is about as far as I would go. And even then I would be worried haha! Do you ever run in just a sports bra – I always see women doing that in the summer but I have never done it myself!

  142. Jennifer says

    Hell to the no! But if I did they would probably mistake my mosquito bites for a 12 year old boy and no one would notice anyway.

  143. Allie says

    Sure. I don’t usually show my belly, but I saw the Runner’s World Body Issue and thought it was really cool. I would totally do it for something like that.

  144. Katy M says

    No I wouldnt put a shirtless pic of myself up mainly cause I still have allot of work to do still! BTW…. you look great! I know know why this is labeled a weightloss blog as you have nothing to lose!

  145. says

    I put up photos of myself in a sports bra (almost) every Wednesday for my Weight Loss Wednesday post. It holds me accountable and those photos are much better than the awful beach pictures I saw of myself on Facebook last August. I was horrified of how I looked in that bikini, hence Weight Loss Wednesday.

  146. Kristen says

    You are one brave girl! Not this girl. I have pictures from being at the beach with friends and won’t even post to facebook.

  147. Suzanne says

    I love Moving Comfort bras! At this point, I would not feel confident putting a shirtless photo of myself online. Although I do have some bathing suit photos of myself on FB from my honeymoon (it was my honeymoon so I figured I should live it up!).

  148. Samantha says

    I would, but I have a few swimsuit pics on Facebook, so this isn’t too different. I also work out a lot so I have to be proud of what I work so hard for!

  149. Kasey says

    Sometimes, I take my shirt off while running, so yeah, I’d post it, I guess. I can comfortably run around town, past complete strangers in just a sports bra and shorts, and, let’s face it, my own mother has posted pictures on Facebook where I’m in a bikini from vacation. So, yes. In fact, they already exist. Thanks, Mom.

  150. Tami says

    I hadn’t really thought of it until now, but probably. I mean, shirtless-yes…Swimsuit, sports bra, etc. Topless-no way!

  151. Erica D says

    I’d have no problem posting a photo of myself in a sports bra or bikini online. Gotta be comfortable in your own skin!! Plus I’ve been doing lot’s of planks lately so I’m feeling pretty good about my body.

  152. says

    I’ve posted in a photo in a sports bra a couple months ago when I was at a goal weight. Now I’m working to get back down so I can do it again!

  153. April says

    Ummmm, NO! Well, I don’t know, I mean is there a money exchanged involved? Oh say, like a gazzzzilllion dollars! Then I could retire to Puerto Rico and hide out there for the rest of my life hoping no one recognizes me from the photo so that I dont have to die of embarrassment. I mean how horrible to die of embarrassment right after you were just given a gazzilllion dollars. 😉

  154. Catherine says

    I would not post a shirtless picture – no one I know wants/needs to see that outside a beach or pool.

    I love running skirts – that one is really cute on you!

  155. says

    Actually, I almost posted one on Sunday but then….chickened out. I’m trying to love a racer back but I’m more of a traditionalist. I have several of them and I’m starting to wear them more so that I can get use to them but in the front is nothing but uni-boob. I need a good new sports bra and have heard great things about Moving Comfort.

  156. Ellie says

    Ahh, No way. You look great, but I have some holiday/baby weight to lose before I go posing for any pics. Love the skirt!

  157. says

    I’ve been thinking about this question recently. You’re brave for doing it! I’d feel beyond awkward, but I want to review a sports bra sometime soon, so I might just go for it.

  158. says

    I have no problem with bathing suit shots on facebook so shirtless doesn’t phase me (also I’m an actress so goof around dressing room shots tend to happen!). Deeeeeeefinitely no topless though!

  159. Lauren says

    No shirtless pictures for me. I’m a teacher and I could see that coming back to haunt me. Good for you though! You look great!

  160. Niki H says

    I used to run in just a sports bra in the summer when training for races so yes I would post a picture for all to see, I have no shame!

  161. Jen says

    Mayybeee. I mean, if my stomach looked like yours and maybe my head was cut out. I am a lawyer and I can just picture some opposing counsel googling this. I only have target sports bras and would like to try something new!

  162. says

    Ha, I don’t know if the world is ready to see me shirtless – too scary. Plus, I think I bought my last sports bra during the Bush Administration, which is why it would be great to win this giveaway! :)

  163. says

    Yes! I totally would… and not because I have anything to show. Well, maybe because I don’t have anything to show so there really isn’t any big deal. If I win, I’ll make sure to post a matching pic so we can be blogger bra buddies 😉 Thanks for the contest, Monica! p.s. I love MC everything!!

  164. Kelsey Y. says

    Naked on top? No way.
    But swimsuits and sports bras? That’s okay for me! I’ve been wanting to try Moving Comfort, ESPECIALLY the sports bras, but it just hasn’t been a good time financially for sports bra purchases. This would be a great giveaway to win!

  165. LindseyM says

    I would totally put up a pic like you did, on my blog (if I had one and was reviewing a product). However, you won’t find any on my Facebook!

  166. Hillary says