Weight Loss Wednesday–Ruby Dvd Giveaway

I have been a big big fan of Ruby since I first saw her reality show a few years back. I don’t know why it really struck a cord with me, but I adore her. She had a show a few years back that documented her life in the South and weight loss. Ruby was always open about her struggles on the show and worked with a trainer, dietician and therapist (<- very important for some people’s journey).

ruby before and after(source)

I was recently contacted by her publicist with an offer to talk to her. Um, I was so excited! I am a huge fan and supporter of her healthy living journey so I jumped at it.

Ruby had a bit of a set back when her brother died last year and gained some of the weight she lost back. Now she is doing the 90 day Visalus Challenge in an effort to lose a lot of lbs quick style.

She’s also currently training for a triathlon in March. She’s working up to do a 1 mile walk, 1 mile bike and 1 mile hike in LA. (I’ll be back with details on this if local readers want to come out and participate or watch!!!)

Ruby struggled with her weight since she was a child so we chatted a lot about that.

Ruby: “My mom was incredible, but she was an enabler. I was 300 pounds at the age of 15. She let me eat whatever i wanted to eat. That is so bad for you… eventually it will kill you.”

Monica: “What can we do to help prevent kids from becoming overweight?”

Ruby: “They have Pizza Hut and fast food in school. Please don’t have junk in your home. A child is going to grab whatever is there. If you have an apple or an orange or a cookie  – what are you going to choose? I think we should eat healthy around children. don’t beat them up. Don’t tell them they’re fat. Don’t make their self esteem go any lower than it is. I know a lot of parents try to compensate, they feel guilty for working or being busy. I know a lot of parents want to make their kids feel happy. But, we have to take back control. You’re going to hurt them later in life.”

Monica: “When did you start dieting?”

Ruby: “In high school we would go to get fast foods. I was the one getting bigger, I wasn’t an outcast. I felt like I belonged with my friends. But when i first got my first crush at 16, he said ‘I like you but you need to lose some weight.’ I did try to. I tried every diet out there. But the quick fix, that doesn’t work.”

Monica: “Where are you now on the journey?”

Ruby: “When my mother died and the show it broke my heart. It was a year February 8. I lost all control. I gained back to 398. I made up my mind October 11th and went to my trainer. I was ready to change.
It’s not about being the perfect 10 or a perfect person. I just want to be  able to do what Iwant to do. If I want to ride a roller coaster I can.
Today I am 352! I weighed in 2 weeks ago.”

Monica: “Do you have any tips for people struggling with their weight loss?”

Ruby: “It’s so important to write down what you eat. I know people use
spark people or my fitness pal. Whatever I eat, I a going to write it down. I am  going to have to burn it.”

Monica: “What are you eating these days?”

Ruby: “If I want something sweet I make these protein muffins that are on my Pinterest.”  <- I’ll try to find the recipe for you guys, but I don’t have it now.

Ruby DVD Cover

Ruby DVD Season One Giveaway – To Enter Leave a Comment with what you are eating for lunch today.

Open to residents of the US and Canada. Closes 2/14/13 at 8pm PST.


Winner of the Applebee’s Giveaway: (email me and I’ll send you the gift card)


Winner of the Theragesic Giveaway: (the company will contact you for info)


RUNNER UP: Adrienne Graves & RUNNER UP: Patty Thomas


  1. Sandy says

    Whoa! That is so cool that you got to talk to Ruby! I watched her show and I was blown away by her and her courage to change her life! If Ruby can do it I don’t think anyone has an excuse! So, your question, my lunch will be Veggies with Pesto and Cottage Cheese and Peaches.

    • Marcee says

      Yes it is!

      Enjoyed watching Ruby’s cable TV show. Very difficult struggles. Always wondered what became of her.

      Thanks for the updates Monica.

      Lunch = tossed salad w/1/2 grilled turkey sandwich on rye + homemade blueberry (decaf) iced tea.

    • says

      Ruby- it’s good to talk to you again. I am taking my big step as I have seen how hard you are working your butt off to get healthy. I have watched you struggle and Ruby, you are so determined that I know you will succeed and if you can do it, Ruby, then hopefully I can too.

      • Marilynn Gillespie says

        Ruby, I have failed again. I am so fat that I have to pick up one leg to get a sock on it, and if it falls, I’m in trouble. To tie my shoes, is absolute torture. I am in such bad shape that I wheeze whenever I move. Am getting more movement out of myself as I have work outside that must be done. I’m hoping that will help. I eat properly and eat the proper portions, it’s at night that I eat all the junk. I have to get away from the junk. I am so glad that you are doing well, Ruby! Keep us posted. I’ll keep on trying.

  2. Theresa says

    Since today is Ash Wednesday, I decided to have a Vietnamese tofu soup I made over the weekend for lunch. Then as I was eating it, I realized I made it with chicken broth. FAIL!

  3. Alyssa Houtby says

    I miss Ruby! What an inspiration to people trying to lose weight out there and to everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She was always honest and open about her struggle and set backs, which I think everyone can relate to. And through it all, she always came through with a positive attitude!

    For lunch I am having a salad with fresh fruits and veggies and left over turkey roast from two nights ago! Just had a yummy snack of Chobani Apple Cinnamon with almonds mixed in. Delic!

  4. says

    OMG. I am SO jealous of you!! I absolutely LOVED Ruby’s show. She is just so delightful! I read your interview of her and I could hear her southern drawl. I was trying to find out what she was up to a few months ago or so and couldn’t find anything so I’m so glad to hear that she’s still at it! I really wish her show was still on!

    For lunch I had a salad with red pepper, feta cheese, and Italian dressing. So healthy, right? Then I gave blood and had Lorna Doones and a Diet Coke. Memorial Blood Center…they’re enablers, I tell ya. :)

  5. says

    Awww, I love Ruby! She hasn’t been around much, she seems like the sweetest, bubbliest person & so thoughtful & kind towards others. I really enjoyed her show when it was on. Very cool that you got to interview her! I had leftover turkey taco salad for lunch, delish!

  6. abby r says

    i didn’t have plans for lunch so i stayed on campus for a club lunch that had pizza. it was easy with a test coming up on friday.

  7. says

    My mom and I used to watch that show together and I remember how much I loved her- but I totally forgot about it. Glad to know she’s still making an effort to get healthy even after gaining some of the weight back. P.s.-glad you picked Cindy from Nebraska to win that Applebee’s card, what a sweet thing to do on Valentine’s day.

  8. lexi says

    I always have complete randomness at my meals! But today for lunch I had “Naked” Blue machine and tomato, okra, and corn soup!

  9. says

    I remember seeing some of those episodes but not all of the show. I would love to see it from start to finish! I am a reality show addict! My lunch consisted of oatmeal. Probably not enough but at least I didn’t inhale all 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that were screaming my name instead!!

  10. says

    I threw together a scrambled egg and spinach sandwich with homemade bread this morning, some carrot sticks and a banana. I really need to go grocery shopping and come up with more exciting lunches. :\

  11. Kari Ann says

    Greek Salad. And I watched Ruby’s show as well. She sure is a beautiful woman! I wish her the very best because that’s what she deserves! And i’m VERY PROUD that she is planning her first tri! So exciting!

  12. Amanda says

    Love Ruby! Plus she’s a fellow southern girl :) I had a grilled chicken salad and a pink lady apple…plus a big pile of collards…the school cafeteria where I teach makes the best collards around!

  13. Chelsey says

    Ever have a peanut butter and pumpkin sandwich? Mix two tablespoons of peanut butter with a spoonful of pumpkin puree, half a pack of stevia and pumpkin pie spice, spread on brown bread- much healthier than sugary jelly!

  14. Jodi says

    I had a soft taco sized tortilla topped with a 100 calorie pack of wholly guacamole, scrambled eggs, salsa, and sunflower seeds. And a bowl of strawberries with a little whipped cream on top.

  15. Kristy says

    I made myself a tuna melt for lunch with a tomato & zucchini soup from whole foods. The winner of the Applebee’s card isawesome- that is so sweet! Good choice, Monica!

  16. Britt S says

    My lunch today, since I’m out on the road for work, was a combo at Panera. Chicken noodle soup and the Asian chicken salad…delicious.

  17. Kathy says

    I am eating bbq chicken breast, roasted yam fried and roasted Brussel sprouts :-) Yum Yum! I sent my fiance a box of cookies for V-Day…and I am eating Brussel sprouts!!!!

  18. Stacie says

    I am enjoying a spring mix salad with homemade vinaigrette and
    marinated cucumbers by Mama Pea (Sarah at peasandthankyou.com).

    Thanks for the giveaway! Such an inspirational story :)

  19. says

    So inspirational! I am rooting for you Ruby!

    Today I had a creation I made up…left over chicken, black and pinto beans, bell peppers, corn and some cheese all mixed together. It was excellent! I love anything with beans in it!

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