Friday Fun and Fail

Happy Friday!

I started my day with a 10 mile run because I am not sure if I’ll run tomorrow or not and I’m trying to keep my mileage up before LA. This is not the same as a long run, but I’m doing what I can.image

Yesterday I made a special treat at breakfast and posted it to Instagram. Surprisingly a lot of people hadn’t heard of cooked grapefruit before? I just sprinkled (a lot of) brown sugar on a grapefruit and broiled it until it was all hot and melty. Yummmm!image(Instagram RunEatRepeat)

That was yesterday’s #win because it was amazing!

But, I also had a #fail when I chipped my tooth.

I’m not going to tell you how, just know it’s embarrassing. Here is a pic of my big mouth pre-chip. Busted.big mouth

I have an appointment today at noon to see if the dentist can fix me up. Wish me luck! It’s a really tiny chip, but I am a hypochondriac so this will be interesting…

Tomorrow I’m going to the RnR Pasadena Half Marathon Expo and running the race on Sunday. rock n roll pasadena

Will you be there? Do you want to hang out and talk about compression socks and chafing and other runnery things?

Follow me on twitter and I’ll give a head’s up when I’m there. If you see me please say “Hi! are you that RunEatRepeat girl?” <- that’s what most peeps say anyway.

Question: Have you ever chipped a tooth?

Me – no! I totally freaked when it happened too.


  1. Deb says

    I chipped BOTH of my front teeth when I was like 10. It was horrible because they couldn’t really do anything about it until my mouth stop growing???? Horrible. And mine were not small chips! Anyway, I hope you get it taken care of – you have beautiful teeth. It kills me that you say 10 miles is not a long run! I aspire to be like you on day! 😉
    I have never heard of cooked grapefruit. I am not a grapefruit lover (or liker), but hey, a lot of brown sugar goo might change my mind. Have a good weekend. My scheduled long run this weekend is 7 miles – that will be a milestone for me.

    • Kristy says

      I’m with you. I have a 10 miler planned for Sunday and IT IS my long run! Definitely will take me longer than 1:27 too! More power to her!

  2. Becca says

    Omg please tell us? It can’t be that embarrassing….

    My two front top teeth are both chipped…. From kissing!! Twice over the years I’ve bumped teeth while kissing guys and they have chips now! I’m saving up to get veneers one day to cover them up.

  3. says

    2 summers ago my twin sister was taking a sip of her beer and a dog jumped up and slammed the bottle into her tooth, chipping it really bad. SO hilarious the next morning because of course she didn’t care when it happened but waking up sober to a chipped tooth is messed up!

  4. says

    I chipped my tooth a few years ago (also embarrassing so I won’t explain how). I LOATHE going to the dentist, but it was a small chip and they fixed it quickly and painlessly with bonding (I think?) Looks good as new, so I’m sure you’ll be fine :) Good luck!

  5. Lisa says

    My worst (best) drunk story involves cops, paramedics who know my mom, my sheer thong exposed to the world, and my half-missing front tooth.

  6. says

    Hey, 10 miles is 10 miles! And it’s not a bad run, especially right before you run a half. I’m sorry you chipped your tooth! That’s such a bummer. I hope the dentist gets you all fixed up. I’ve never chipped a tooth, but I’m scared of chipping or cracking one. It’s probably why I don’t like to chew on non-food items.

  7. Sara Kolpek says

    YES!! When I was really little (maybe 7) I was swimming laps in the pool with my eyes closed and swam right into the wall. Somehow my mouth was open, and I chipped a tooth. :( Hope the DR goes well.

  8. says

    I’ve never chipped a tooth but its literally one of my biggest fears. Hope it’s ok! And congrats on your casual 10 miles. I can’t wait til I can consider 10 miles as a not long run lol

  9. says

    I was just telling my husband yesterday that I’m probably going to ship my front teeth because I always hit them on accident with like mugs and other things.

  10. HannerNanner says

    I can’t even see the chip in your tooth..

    10 miles is awesome. I’ve been sick for about 6 weeks now with pneumonia. I couldn’t run ANY miles. I’d be delighted to be able to do 10. In fact, this weekend I’m supposed to do 11 and I’m not sure I’ll make it, but now that I’m finally getting better, I’m going to try.

  11. says

    I chipped my front tooth while laughing hysterically, throwing my head back, only to bring it forward into a metal fence post! If that wasn’t bad enough the next day was my class photo, I think 4th or 5th grade. Eventually we got in to get it fixed.

    Then about a year or two ago I was out in the vegetable garden, chewing a piece of gum when I bit into something hard. Yup, part of my molar came off. That too got fixed.

    Sometimes I even have dreams I spit out my teeth like chiclets! It’s horrifying!

  12. says

    Yeah, I have such weak crappy teeth that on New Year’s Day a few years ago I was eating a rice cracker and a bit of the back of my front tooth cracked off! A bit had already come off the front on the other front tooth in a nectarine stone ‘incident’ a year or two before. So, two years ago I had porcelain veneers replace my front teeth. The end!

  13. says

    I chipped a tooth a few years ago eating a bar with nuts in it. The hygienist didn’t even notice until I mentioned it. It wasn’t noticeable so the dentist recommend not doing anything to fix it.

  14. says

    I chipped my front tooth opening a bobby pin. Not nearly as good of a story as some of the others, but still… the danged bobby pin was stronger than the enamel of my tooth, really?

  15. says

    I was wondering yesterday what was in the grapefruit! I thought you might have put maple syrup on it! I have never had broiled grapefruit, but I may have to try it someday.

    I have chipped my front upper and lower teeth. The lower was accidentally biting a fork. The upper was my friend’s beer bottle as she over eagerly swung her arms around dancing.

  16. Jessica says

    I don’t know if my memory is serving me correctly but I do believe you had a part to play in me cracking my tooth sometime in 2nd grade. I remember laughing at something you said and someone else hitting me on the back and I chipped my tooth on the counter that was on top of where we put our lunch bags. I could of course totally projecting this story. Either way I still have a chip on my front tooth and get it periodically replaced.

    Hope to see you tomorrow at the Expo!

  17. says

    Bummer on the tooth – hope you were able to get it fixed!
    I just saw your shoes in your picture of your Garmin – I recently got those same shoes (color and all!). They are my first Brooks (I prefer Mizuno) – still testing them some. Do you always wear Brooks?

  18. says

    I chipped my tooth back in the fourth grade by lifting my best friend up to reach a game on the top shelf of a closet lol. I still laugh about it today and can’t ever forget it since my front tooth is bonded and sometimes needs a touch up.

  19. says

    Sadly I have chipped a tooth eating an apple. I guess they only keep the doctors away not the dentists!

    Still blue that you won’t be in Arizona but sending you well wishes for Pasadena.

  20. says

    I haven’t, but I’ve chipped someone’s tooth before! I was consuming some bottled alcoholic beverages and was feeling a little tipsy. My boyfriend at the time was sitting next to me. I needed to get up for some reason and tried to hand him my bottle to hold until I came back. As I was handing the bottle to him, it hit his bottle that he was drinking out of and chipped his front tooth. Noticeably, too! This was about 7 years ago, and to this day he still tells that story when I’m around (we have mutual friends and still see each other from time to time). Horribly embarrassing, and I felt so bad for him!!

  21. says

    Yup but it was so small, tiny that I didn’t realise it until my dentist pointed it out to me when I went to see her for my regular scaling and polishing. She fixed it right up in a jiffy – totally painless (thank goodness!!!).

    Have a great race in Pasadena!

  22. says

    Hi there! Just discovered your blog via pbfingers and carrotsncake and glad I did! I am a grapefruit fanatic but never tried it broiled. I think the ones sitting in the fridge don’t know what’s in store for them! Can’t wait to continue following/reading!

  23. says

    chipping my tooth is one of my biggest fears!!! this is why even though i have excellent oral hygiene i refuse to give up my dental insurance.

    i’m obsessed with grapefruits and cannot believe i’ve never tried baking one. i’m going to try that asap!

  24. says

    I have never chipped a tooth (an am absolutely petrified of doing so) but my friend actually fell and broke both of her two front teeth the first day of spring break during our junior year of college! She looked like a hillbilly in every single picture for out whole vacation, but was actually a really good sport about it. The grapefruit looks really yummy!

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