Walking Wednesday and Running Video

Hello! I am behind on emails and blog work, but I had to get away from my computer this afternoon for a breather. Luckily my favorite walk it out partner was willing to meet me for a stroll.

IMG_20130227_172115 (800x800)

Yes I am rocking orange P-town socks. What what.

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Marni and Skinny Runner gave me an intervention on my NOLA beverage consumption, but we worked it out and our threesome is back together again <3 skinnyrunner blogger

Remember last weekend when I hung out with Coach Steve and the Sole Runners in Palos Verdes?

Well, we filmed a quick video and Steve posted it last night. It’s only a minute long, so check it out.

Question: When was the last time you went to the beach?

That video reminded me I want to hit up that area more often! It’s Heaven!


  1. says

    I actually got to go to the beach over the weekend. Santa Cruz was a nice 60 degrees (but then it got much colder when the sun went down). 15 people trying to stand around the fire pit made it nice a cozy.

  2. says

    My last beach trip was Christmas…but I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I always say, “It’s not the real beach,” simply because it’s just too cold to be considered “real” in my former Southern Californian, former South Floridian mind!

  3. tiffany says

    that’s my home!! well, i live in la during the school year, but i’m in pv during summer and winter breaks. i run at trump golf course alllll the time.

  4. says

    We go to the beach every August & I cannot wait to go back. I really want to move somewhere warmer/closer to the beach, but I just don’t see it happening any time soon.

  5. says

    Way to long since I’ve been to the beach (last summer!). Downside to living in KS. Hopefully in less than 10 years we will be living on the beach since that is the retirement plan!!!

  6. says

    I don’t go to the beach as much as I want because, ya know, the whole “job” thing and “being an adult” thing sometimes gets in the way 😉 I live so close and don’t take advantage! Is that path you guys walk on just for pedestrians? So cool!

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