Vlog–Runner Needs Your Advice

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I received this question from a reader / runner today who got hit by a car during a run. She’s okay, but would like some advice on how to bounce back after you’ve been hit by a car on a run. Runner’s World has an old article about How to Avoid Being Hit By a Car While Running I found that while researching what to do after getting hit by a car on a run and unfortunately … [Read more...]

How Much To Run if You’re Not Training for a Race


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Earlier this week we talked about half marathon training plans, but what if you are not training for a race? Today we're talking about Running for Fitness. How much should you run? How often? How fast? How far? How now brown cow? Well, how much / far / fast you run depends on your: a.) Current ability b.) Goals How vague and politically correct … [Read more...]