Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

It’s that time again…

Confession Thursday, a day when I repent and am saved… PRAYING thumb thumb Confession Thursday–Chips chips chipsor just announce my flaws on the internet in the hopes that one of you will say, “Hey that’s not so bad!” and then I keep doing it…

1. Confession: I went to the store to buy ALL THREE kinds of the new Lay’s Chips. If you’re not aware Lay’s has a contest and you can try their 3 new flavors and vote for your fave.

  • Cheesy Garlic Bread
  • Sriracha
  • Chicken and Waffles

Unfortunately they weren’t there – so I should have taken it as a sign and left.

But no, I asked the grocery guy and he full on ran around the store to find them for me. I had moved on and he ran toward me with the only 2 flavors they had left. Nicest guy!image thumb57 Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

The Chicken and Waffles chips are good! The Sriracha not so much. They’re not spicy enough and kinda tangy in a weird way.image thumb58 Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips( RunEatRepeat on Instagram )

2. Confession: I have every intention of tracking down the 3rd flavor of chips.

3. Confession: I didn’t take a shower until 6pm yesterday. When I got back from leading the walking class I checked my email and got super busy. Before I realized it was time for a conference call and then it was 5pm!

4. Confession: Google Reader is gone and I have not even looked into Feedly.

5. Confession from Vegas: I tried to kill a bird this weekend, but the bird survived. I’m mostly afraid I’ve lost my touch. image thumb59 Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

6. Confession: I don’t really like leopard print, but I cannot pass up a sale! So, these came home with me last week.  IMG 1585 1024x768 thumb Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

I’ll probably make myself wear them once and give them to someone with an equally big foot… any takers?IMG 1590 1024x768 thumb Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

7. Confession: I bought this to use as creamer in my iced coffee NOT to use as iced coffee. But, I’m using half this stuff half coffee because it’s delicious. image thumb60 Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

8. Confession: I’m glad I led the walking class this week as it forced me NOT to run. My quads are still super tight. But not running makes my heart tight and today’s easy 5 miler felt really good for my lil <3

9. Confession: This Somecard is totally true about me, but not on purpose. I swear I just look different in pictures. In person I think I look like a muppet or cartoon character of some sort…confession thursday thumb Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

And now that I pointed it out you’re going to see it every time.IMG 20130111 143615 thumb Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips

Okay, what do you have to confess this week?

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  1. says

    My husband and I saw those chips in the grocery store last week and I just couldn’t do it. I’ve heard good things about the chicken and waffle ones though. I can’t wait to hear what you think about #3.

  2. says

    I tried those chips at a convention and I was not a fan of any. Cheesy garlic bread was probably my favorite…but I didn’t love any. I’ve always wanted to try that iced coffee but haven’t yet… that’s a great idea to use as creamer though! Google reader is gone…but I vote for Bloglovin’, it has been my favorite.

  3. says

    Downfall of Google Reader made me cry. I tried Feedly for 2 days (awesome display and setup, wouldn’t let me comment from my phone) fail. Now using RSSDemon and love it. Set up is more annoying (better personalization and comments work!).

  4. says

    Just a tip! Google reader isn’t completely dead yet, it’s just harder to find now! You can still get to reader by going to ;) Sneaky Googlers..

  5. says

    I’m with you on the sriracha chips. I was majorly disappointed. I still ate them though because I have no self control when it comes to chips. :P

  6. says

    Confession – I don’t think I’ve eaten all that great this week
    Confession – I once went to walmart on the search for the new lays. Found the same 2. I didn’t like either one. I’m still on the search for the garlic ones!
    Confession- I keep staring at your picture looking for a muppet

  7. Christopher says

    I confess that I love chips way too much. I hate the way I look in pictures. It’s never what I think I see in the mirror.
    I had the Chicken Waffles, not sure how I feel about them and like you I can’t find the garlic bread anywhere.

  8. Leah says

    Confession: I did EXACTLY THE SAME THING with the chips. As did half of America, I think. I kind of hate the chicken n waffles and only find them bearable if I eat them in the same bite with a Sriracha chip. I definitely agree that the Sriracha aren’t spicy enough but I can’t stop eating them. In the future I’ll stick to my go-to fix of tortilla chips doused in actual Sriracha.

  9. sally kate says

    Confession: It’s my spring break and since I didn’t go anywhere, I don’t think it’s fair I didn’t jazz myself up for a trip- so I’m going to get my nails done tomorrow…

    Confession: I had whole wheat shells and melted velvetta for dinner last night- purchased seperately, not from the box- because duh- it’s healthier that way…

    Confession: My dog hasn’t been on a walk since Monday. doggie mom fail.

  10. says

    Haha I totally bought all three of Lay’s new flavors at once! I also topped my egg white omelette with the Cheesy Garlic Bread flavored ones and am not ashamed. I beat you with the shower confession…I didn’t shower until 10 pm yesterday. Oops.

  11. says

    I got lucky and found all of the three flavors of chips in the back of the Lays display near my work in the OC. Lay’s also did a promo in Kroger stores last Friday and have free small samples bags of all three flavors. I have a few extra of the Cheesy Garlic Bread if you can’t find them!

  12. says

    I had no idea that I was so lucky to have eaten half a bag of the cheesy garlic bread chips. I still have half a bag, maybe I should put it on ebay? I confess that I’m addicted to kettle cooked salt and cracked pepper chips.

  13. says

    These are fun! I only bake “guiltless” foods (no sugar, etc), but my husband insists on only eating the real deal–must be a guy thing. He’s cluelessly snacking on a sugar free red velvet cake at this moment. Awesome.
    I made a little girl cry last night. I was walking my leashed dog when she opened her front door and let her dog loose. Her dog immediately attacked my dog and I yelled at her once I separated the (almost) dog fight. She did deserve (some) of it, but I have felt rotten about it all day

    • Erin says

      Don’t feel bad. People that can’t control their animals are my biggest peeve in the whole wide world. I feel you, though.

  14. says

    Ahhh….I thought the sriracha flavor was too spicy! I confess that my family actually had a chip tasting party to try out all three flavors.
    I also confess that I didn’t take a shower AT ALL yesterday. Gross.

  15. says

    Those shoes are super cute! I only like leopard print (any other animal print) in tiny doses. Your feets do not look large. Mine are HUGE. It’s sad b/c when I buy a pair of shoes I end up hating I have no one to give them to (except Goodwill).

    My confession: I have been eating like such crap these last 2 weeks. :( I started back running outside on the 11th and it’s making me crave carbs like CRAZY.

  16. says

    Oh I thought of another good confession!! I have cankles. Even when at my goal weight my ankles are FAT. Last week I bet hubby $5 that his ankles were bigger than mine……sadness. I lost that bet.

  17. says

    Confession#1: after my freezing cold half marathon in Chicago last Saturday, I ate almost half a bag of Smartfood Selects Cinnamon Brown Sugar Popcorn…on the way TO lunch! I ate the other “half” of the bag yesterday. I think it’s supposed to be 6 servings NOT just 2.

    Confession #2: At lunch I registered for another half marathon and once again didn’t mention it to the hubs.

    My favorite SomeEcard of late said: why can’t people plan their parties around my race schedule. That is SO me this year!

  18. says

    I haven’t tried either of those flavors, but tried the Cheesy Garlic Bread and it was amazing! Tastes just like garlic bread which always freaks me out a little…how do they do that do a chip?

  19. Nicole says

    I confess – I gave up chocolate for lent, but I had some chocolate chip cookie dough last night.

    I confess – I was having a conversation in line for lunch with an old man today. After about the first couple lines, his voice would fade off and I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Rather than just ask, “What?” or “Could you repeat that?” I just laughed at the same time he did. He could have been calling me klepto or talking about my booty, but I just laughed right along with him……

  20. says

    I’m disappointed to hear the sriracha chips are no good– I LOVE sriracha! And my boyfriend’s always saying he thinks he looks like a muppet, too haha :)

  21. Tracy says

    Confession: The large jar of Jif Natural I bought on Sunday is half empty. I don’t think any has been used on sandwiches…or by my sons. There may or may not have been a lot of used spoons in my sink this week :)

    Confession: I have a half in Charlotte, NC on Sunday that I am not looking forward to. High of 43 and 60% chance of rain has me wanting to throw in the towel. I’m trying to psyche myself up cuz I’m too cheap to lose my registration!

    I love your shoes!! Where did you find them? I have a red dress that I am taking on a cruise and they would be perfect!

  22. says

    You didn’t like the Sriracha? As soon as I saw your instagram post, I put them on my grocery list. Target only had the Sriracha, so I really don’t have an opinion to which out of the three are the best, but I thought my bag was good. Though, it did not taste like the Huy Fong brand of Sriracha that I normally get.

    Have you tried Sriracha peas? Yum!!!

    My confession? I’ve been eating too many Starburst Jelly Beans…

  23. says

    Confession: I never follow college basketball (except UCLA) but am now ridiculously obsessed with my bracket for work. I spent the entire day that was supposed to be focusing in a meeting checking the stats on first round games.

  24. Ella says

    Um… Chicken and waffles in a CHIP? Can you explain what this tastes like? It just sounds so bizarre! Is it like those chicken crackers? Anyone know what I’m talking about? Those things are tasty!

  25. says

    Hi there!

    I found your blog through another website. It’s really great and I admire your work! I recently had my first baby and I’m trying to get into shape again. Will check out your blog again! Keep up the good work! :)

    Anna @ Healthy on Track

    I eat chocolate every day!!!

  26. says

    Confession: my snack today was my regular Greek yogurt. But then my boss walked in with Cuban bread, so I had a big piece with butter. So freaking delicious.

    Confession 2: I’m running to train for a 5k and hopefully a half marathon, but I can’t stand the running part. I seriously don’t think I’m gonna make it (luckily I have til February to get ready–and hopefully be actually able to do it)

  27. says

    My confession: I have bought a carton of that iced coffee and drank the whole thing at once over ice!! It is soooo good!! I can’t ever buy it anymore!

    I am boycotting those chips since I entered the contest and was not chosen. I know, I am a sore loser!! :)

  28. chandra says

    Not even kidding you, I went around for an HOUR yesterday driving from store to store trying to find those chips!! The only ones I found were the sriracha and I agree, they’re not great. I thought they tasted like a normal BBQ flavor chip. I’m going back out to try to find the others tomorrow. I want the garlic bread ones!!!

  29. Karoline says

    Awe come on Monica, that’s all you’ve got? Your confessions make mine seem like jailbate! Tell us what you reeeeally have to confess;)

  30. Kelli says

    Confession Thursday:
    Just ate Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita chips today…pretty much the entire bag–which is 8 servings (sadly, not one). Guess I will not be purchasing those on a whim anymore!

  31. says

    woman…you just had to tempt me with the Lays, didn’t you?!?! Anyway, I’m “Lay”-ing off Lays for the moment – cutting out as much junk food, crisps, salt and sugar as I can until my stress fracture heals.

  32. Mia says

    I’m having a good hair day, thin day, don’t look tired, perfect outfit, etc till i see a picture of myself. And then i’m all aww man mirror why did you lie to me and why didn’t anyone tell me that outfit didn’t work, and when was the last time you slept??? Someone is lying. My mirror, or my camera.

  33. Jenn says

    You look the same in pictures as you do in person! My first thought when spotting you in Vegas with SR was “omg it’s Monica! This is awesome!” not “omg a muppet”!” Just FYI. :)

    Sooo my confession… too many office snacks. We have a huge free snack stash in our kitchen ( think goldfish, m&ms in every variety, cheezits, oreos, nutter butters, chex mix, etc) and well, some weeks are better than others. :(

  34. says

    I love the Cauliflower buffalo wings <3 I am vegetarian so, the more of that the more I likey lol.

    I have to confess, Since Sunday (I ran a Half Marathon) I have polished off an entire bag of potato chips to myself almost every day! I can't stop. It's addicting and they're so delicious!

    And looking like a Muppet isn't bad at all! It's fun! :)

  35. says

    I really want to try those new Lay’s flavors too! But I just cannot have chips in my apartment- they wouldn’t last more than a couple of days. Hmmm confessions for this week; 1) I never keep bad food in my apartment because I’d binge, but my roommate does and sometimes I sneak a handful of something here and there, 2) I purposely took a Benadryl last night to knock myself out so I could get to sleep and rest before this weekend, 3) I gave up beer for lent but accidentally had one at the Kenny Chesney concert last Saturday :( fail.

  36. says

    Potato chips are my biggest weakness – so I will not try the new flavors – as it is I’m trying to cut down on them!!! (or maybe I just won’t try them all at once)
    Those shoes are awesome and certainly should have gone home with you!! You should wear them often!!

  37. says

    I haven’t looked into Feedly yet either, whoops. I keep telling myself I have a few months until July when Reader disappears but I know I’m going to forget and then one day all of the blogs I read will be gone from my memory. Womp womp.

  38. says

    Man, I thought those sriracha chips were super spicy. They made me sweat! But I don’t usually anything even remotely spicy, so maybe that’s why. I liked the garlic bread, haven’t had chicken and waffles.

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