Run Eat Repeat Report for the Weekend

Hello! I had an epic fail this morning – when I went to rush out the door for the Ojai Half marathon at 5am I realized Ben accidently took my keys when he went out last night and he was sleeping over there! BAH!

I was about to  freak out, but realized there was no fixing it so I went back to bed until the sun came up and ran a half marathon by my lonesome (seriously I was so bored of running for 13 miles alone again).

Yesterday’s Run and Eat:IMG_20130427_113614 (800x800)

13 miles. Whole foods juice bar – carrot, beet, broccoli and kale. I got a shot of wheat grass on the side. I’ve been eating so much crap I was hoping to turn over a new leaf.

Then, Ben brought home Chik-fil-A fries & a shake and all bets were off. Fantastic.

Today’s Run and Eat:image

13 mile run. Carrot cake muffins and a breakfast quesadilla. So good.

That means I ran 13 miles + 13 miles = 26 miles this weekend.

cant run away from your problems

I planned to do 13 miles back to back as part of an experiment.

Next weekend I am running the OC Marathon = 26 miles on Sunday.

I’ll report back with what’s more enjoyable– running 13 miles on 2 consecutive days OR 26 miles in 1 day.

Question: What do you think is better – 2 x 13 mile days or 1 x 26 mile day??


  1. says

    I’m guessing most likely the 2x13s? Then again, I’m one of those who might just rather have it over with and run the 26 and then it’s done. But I’ve never run anywhere near 13 miles, let alone 26, so I probably can’t vote, lol! :)

  2. april says

    your WF green juice looks so good! i love beets in my juice =)

    my PDR is 13.1 miles, so i’d have to go with running 2 x 13 mile days.

      • Mia says

        So i know you didn’t ask me, but i’m going to comment anyway, cause, well, sometimes i do that. I’m one of those who loves beets in all forms! A great juice add in obviously as they add sweetness without as much sugar as fruits. As for eating them, have you tried them roasted? It’s a bit easier to roast beets then steam them, and it TOTALLY changes the taste of them. Makes them more caramelizy, and a bit less earthy in my opinion.

        • april says

          i agree with mia – i love beets! i think they taste great, plus i like the texture of them. i like buying them precooked from tj’s because i’m lazy, although i just bought raw beets that i plan on roasting this week (hopefully it goes well :)).

  3. says

    Knowing how sore I am after one 13 mile run, I might vote for 1 26 mile run. But I have never run over 13, so who am I to say! Your post-run meals sound yummy!

  4. Ida says

    i think it’s hard to compare a race environment to running solo, but my ideal would be a 2×13.1 races in a weekend. running with others is always so much more fun and the water stops mean i don’t have to carry any fuel.

  5. Gillian says

    2×13 probably easier than one long effort but it depends on if you are just out running long or racing. I always push harder racing (everyone does I think) and after racing a half I feel great but after a full marathon I am beat. Working on my 13-13.1-2013 I am doing OC half. Doing 1-2 halfs a month is definitely keeping me in shape but I’d like to do another marathon or two this year. What’s your best advice or resource for staying in marathon shape? Longest run? Hope to see you next weekend!

    • says

      Hello!!! I’ll see you at OC then :)

      I think taking a full easy week with low mileage after a full is important for me. Then, I try to ease back into it. I think I’ve been traveling so much it’s a good thing – keeps me from running too much and then I just have to dig during a race. I haven’t really put a lot of good thought into it. I definitely haven’t been doing good long runs but I do think they are the most important part of full training. Does that even make sense? Hope it helps!

      Maybe we can chat it out soon.

  6. says

    That is a tough one! I like the idea of 2-13milers. You have time to refuel and rest. But you might have a bad one on saturday and then not want to do one on sunday. If you do 1-26miler you get it done and over with and do not have to think about it! I think mixing it up is good!

  7. says

    2 x 13 is probably much easier for the mental part of running so much, but I would guess that running 26 miles at once is easier for the legs, and after that, you can just rest. I don’t know for real, I haven’t run a marathon yet (but I will in September!). Looking forward to read what you think about it.

  8. says

    I’ve never ran 26 miles before, so I’m not sure. I’d probably rather get the 26 miles over with in one day than over two days. But then again I am saying this sitting on my bum, and not at mile 20…

  9. says

    I would personally do 2 13 mile days just because I have yet to make it to 26.

    I feel ya on the food thing. I’ve been eating like a champ (and by champ I mean, eating l am eating like a garbage disposal). I feel that I desperately need to make some better decisions before it ultimately catches up with me!

    We can do it!!

  10. says

    probably 26 in one day so I can rest the second day and eat crappy food using the previous 26 mile day as an excuse to lay on the couch and stuff my face without doing any chores around the house! 😉

  11. Denise says

    Carrot, beet, broccoli, and kale? Did it taste like salad? I like green smoothies but not sure if I could go broccoli???? No fruit? All of that makes a juice? I just don’t know. ha!

  12. says

    I’ve only completed two full marathons and I’ve never done back to back half marathons (although it is a goal in 2014), I would definitely vote for 13.1 X 2.

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