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Happy Mother’s Day!

I spent the day with my mom. We went to church and then I made brunch for the fam.

7 minute workout post

It was the usual brunch fare. I rolled up Pillsbury Croissant rolls with ham and cheese and baked them like that.

IMAG3154 (800x450) (800x450)

Then, I made a batch with chocolate in them! To die for. IMAG3157

The 7 Minute Workout

Today the New York Times Magazine wrote about the 7 Minute Workout. It’s a study published American College of Sports Medicine Healthy & Fitness Journal claiming that

“In 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall, it fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort, which essentially combines a long run and a visit to the weight room into about seven minutes of steady discomfort — all of it based on science.”

I know a lot of you are already familiar with Tabata style workouts where you exercise intensely for a short period, rest, then go back to intense for a 5-8 rounds and then do it all again. 7 minute workout how to

Well, I agree with the Tabata style for getting in an effective workout in a short period – doing a straight up 7  minute workout made me skeptical so I decided to drop everything and try it real fast.

The video is tragic, but that’s what happens when you don’t plan it out. But you can do the 7 minute workout yourself by using this

Tabata Timer

and /or doing it along with me –

Warning: It’s very boring since it’s just me doing random exercises for 30 seconds at a time. Plus it was after 9 pm and I’m a tired grease ball.

How to do the 7 minute workout – for each move:

30 seconds of exercise

10 seconds of rest

The exercises:

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Wall sit
  3. Push ups
  4. Crunches
  5. Step ups
  6. Tricep dip
  7. Plank
  8. High Knees
  9. Lunge
  10. Push up with rotation
  11. Side Plank

Question: What is your favorite exercise out of that list?

Least favorite?

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*Always consult with your physician before trying a new exercise program.


  1. Christine says

    Haha I thought the timer thingy was giving you instructions like ‘keep your butt down’ until it/he said ‘jazz hands’! Who was that??? Is that what Ben sounds like?

  2. Isabel says

    Fave exercise: tricep dips
    Least fave: wall sit!
    I had chocolate croissants from the bakery yesterday…so good!!

  3. says

    Love jumping jacks but my workout space at home has very old floorboards so I worry that I’ll crash through them……Push-ups – aaarrrggghhhh! I just can’t do them!

  4. says

    Fav..jumping jacks. Least fav push ups. I like that it is an easy workout with no equipment needed. It would be good while traveling.

  5. says

    Fave is push ups. I’ve been doing a 365-day challenge where you add one for every day of the year (today is day #133 of the year, so I’ll be doing 133 push ups), so 30 sec seems like nothing :-)

    Least fave maybe high knees or crunch. I am going to try this workout today just for fun!

  6. says

    OK, I gotta ask, because I’ve been reading your blog for probably over a year or two now, but… why do you always pose from that angle/with your hand on your hip for photos? It’s almost kind of creepy, Monica!

    P.S. Yellow is a great color on you.

  7. Sarah G. says

    Yum you had way better mother’s day food than I did!

    Love push-ups (for the first 30, then I want to die), hate planks.

  8. says

    I decided to try this for 30 days. I did it for two days and only moderately injured myself once by banging my knee on the kitchen table (note to self: don’t do the high knees in the kitchen). I like the lunges and squats but hate the pushups, mostly because I have always been weak in my upper body. More of a reason to do them, right?

    Also note: did this after a hilly 5 mile run yesterday, which made seven minutes seem like an eternity.

  9. melisa says

    I can’t do jumping jacks without feeling like I’m gonna pee myself. But otherwise I like all those.

  10. Erika says

    Wall sits and tricep dips are my favorites and my least favorite is high knees. Hate them!

    This is something I can do on a day when I can’t get to the gym.

  11. Kerri A says

    Sooooo NOT the most boring video ever! I was laughing my as$ off!!!
    I’m a red head too and this is the first time I’ve felt like you’re as LOUD as I am!! Usually you’re so calm and controlled in your videos – it was making me question whether you’re really a redheaded Mexican. Now I know you are!!! ha ha

  12. says

    Actually found this video to be supremely awesome! While I’m all for tabata, all for body weight, I’m not all for pushups or side planks. Spaghetti arms weakling says what? What. 😉

  13. says

    Looks a very good exercise routine, already started it from today. Push-ups and Crunches very hard for me man but will follow this routine strictly. And the video is NOT boring Monica, I loved it :) Thanks

  14. says

    Though I have yet to try this (gym to-do tomorrow morning!), I think I could really get behind this. Especially feel like it would be good for traveling/”I’m on vacation but want to stay vaguely active.”

    Favorite: crunches (looooove ab work)
    Least favorite: wall-sit (I dance and run and work out and you’d think I’d have stronger legs… but holy hell do I hate wall-sits)

  15. says

    Watching this video is making me want you to run the san fran race with me even more now!!!! I definitely wasn’t working out when I watched it. Sorry haha I like squats!

  16. Amy says

    So I am super weird and go through phases with foods where I am totally hooked on a certain thing (like right now its cereal) but for a while I had a pillsbury roll up where I literally rolled everything into those suckers!

  17. How Do I Workout says

    Man… a lot of people hate the push ups on here!
    You only have to do the best you can today!
    What else can you do other than the best you can?


  18. says

    I just saw the article today and was wondering what the workout would look like – really doesn’t look too bad (and its not THAT boring…). I’ll have to give it a try in the morning before I run!

  19. Bethany says

    Love that you did this barefoot! I do a class called willPower and grace that is all barefoot with squats, lunges, planks, but is so uplifting and NOT boring! There is something about doing cardio/repetitious exercises barefoot that I love. I even do workouts like Insanity at home barefoot. I love tabata intervals, but get bored with them unless I am with another person or in a class. This would be a great workout though for when I am traveling!

  20. says

    Favourite: Push-ups
    Not a Fan: Lunges (I always seem to lose my balance!)

    I like this 7 Minute Workout because it is easy enough to perform and encourages people to form a habit.

    A habit of working out is more important than the actual workout. Too many people give up because they can’t face long, boring workouts.

    Short and high intensity is a great place to start.

    Great video by the way! I’m adding it to my next post. :)


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