Whole Foods Cheese and Wine Tasting Event

When we last spoke I was in San Francisco doing yoga in the airport. Yes. the SFO airport has a yoga room. I can’t make this ish up. PicsArt_1368589409416 (800x800)

From there I boarded a red eye to New York City. I don’t know why I keep signing up for red eyes and hating myself in the morning but I do.

I got a little sleep, but not enough. I know you can sleep when you’re dead, but that might come sooner than later if I don’t slow my roll.

When I got to the hotel I did what anyone who’s been traveled from OC to SF to NYC in 24 hours would do…

I went for a run!

 running in central park

I asked Tina to take this picture of me running in Central Park. Yes, I look very man-ish when I run, but it’s not your place to judge. central park running

Tina writes a little blog called Crossfit and Cake, I mean Carrots n’ Cake

tina carrots n cake

Run – done.

Eat – at Whole Foods.

IMAG3348 (800x450)

The breakfast bar is ‘only’ $6.90 a pound! I’ll take it!IMAG3350 (800x450)

whole foods breakfast

Then we hit the showers and went out to explore… I’m a suburbs girl all the way so NYC is a bit overwhelming to me!

IMAG3357 (800x450)

IMAG3361 (800x450)

T and me in Times Square.

IMAG3364 (450x800)

Then, we went to Gente for lunch

IMAG3368 (800x450)

IMAG3370 (800x450)

IMAG3375 (800x450)

Chocolate Bomba. Yes.

Chocolate Bomba

We had lunch with Laura, PR Coordinator and David Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Runner’s World. It was super cool to meet them!

But, no amount of begging would make them agree to put me in the magazine. Oh well, some dreams die hard…

IMAG3381 (800x450)

Finally it was time for the main event! The reason I came out to New York was for the Rinds and Vines media event at Whole Foods.

IMAG3386 (450x800)

IMAG3391 (450x800)

Oh my gosh! It was a cheese lover’s dream. I tried a million cheeses, told a million cheesy jokes and took notes to remember my favorites.

IMAG3394 (800x450)

IMAG3399 (800x450)

IMAG3402 (450x800)

IMAG3405 (800x450)

IMG_20130515_151339 (800x800)

IMAG3411 (800x450)

IMAG3413 (800x450)

IMAG3416 (800x450)

IMAG3419 (800x450)

IMAG3421 (450x800)

IMAG3422 (800x450)

IMAG3429 (800x450)

IMAG3431 (450x800)

IMAG3442 (800x450)

IMAG3453 (800x450)

IMG_20130515_155332 (800x800)

IMAG3454 (450x800)

IMAG3455 (450x800)

IMAG3461 (800x450)

IMAG3464 (450x800)

The winner of the bunch was… the Cranberry and Orange Goat Cheese log. Love.

IMAG3398 (800x450)

IMAG3474 (450x800)

And now I’m blogging from the hotel room talking to you nice people…

IMAG3481 (450x800)

I desperately need a nap, but I’m not sure we have time before dinner. Send help. Or a Red Bull.

Question: Cheese or Cheesy Jokes?


  1. says

    CHEEESE! OMG, I’m so jealous.
    Looks like such a perfect day, going for a run, breakfast at Whole Foods, healthy lunch and cheese and wine in the evening :)

  2. Phebe says

    Oh man… I’m drooling just looking at all that wine and cheese. The cheese that looks like a little wedding cake is so cute!

    Also Monica – I think today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie day! I hope you’re celebrating? 😉

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, a trip to New York + meeting with Runner’s World folks + wine and cheese party from Whole Foods? I think I would die right there because my life could not get any better. One of my favorite special treats is getting little cheese bits from the bit basket at Whole Foods and having those with wine and fruit for dinner with my fiance. Heaven. Enjoy the rest of your time in NYC! Hope you can get some sleep!

  4. says

    I love cheesey jokes, anything for a good laugh!! Oh and cheese, it makes everything taste better!! I’m so jealous, I want to run in Central Park one day!! Have fun!

  5. Cortney says

    I AM SO JEALOUS! You died and went to cheese heaven! It looks like you had a pretty great day! :)

    I just realized you haven’t had Ben in any of your recent posts… Where’s he been? (no pun intended!)

  6. Shannon in Tustin says

    No. Words.
    (but I will be dreaming about the cheese & wine pics for weeks to come…)

  7. MartinaNYC says

    No way Monica!!! I was in Central Park running as well yesterday!!! And then I went to Whole Foods at Coumbus Circle!!! Is that the Whole Foods you went to?? I’d have loved to see you… bummer!!!

  8. says

    CHEESE, please!

    I’ve never been to NYC but will be going next month in celebration of my 18th wedding anniversary. It was a surprise trip from my honey. I can’t wait to be overwhelmed by the city! :)

  9. says

    the cheese spread!! oh my. It’d be cheese heaven for me. bahaha.

    i honestly have never been on a red eye before. i can’t imagine how tiring it is. yet you seem to have a lot of energy :)

  10. says

    Holy happiness that tasting looks amazing! They have free vino and cheese tastings at the Whole Foods locations here and my girls and I like to go every once in a while. I am actually going to another free tasting tomorrow nite at this local wine shop with some friends and really looking fwd to it!!

  11. says

    I just commented on Tina’s post but I just can’t get over the fact that you guys had lunch with beachy. Looks like NYC was great!

  12. says

    Cheese!!! Seeing a wheel of brie just made my heart melt. I LOATH bleu cheese, ugh barf barf barf, it tastes like you just accidentally (but on purpose) ate the stankiest fart in the planet. No thank you ma’am.

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