Shape Magazine and Sugar Free Candy Giveaway

1. Vegas Half or Full Marathon with Run for Something Better – You can sign up until the end of June. The virtual training would begin the beginning of July for 16 to 18 week half marathon training program. Just sign up and you’re automatically on the team.

Let me know if you have questions.

2.  I was quoted in Shape Magazine about 30 Things We Appreciate About Running!


3. On a scale of 1 to ‘high maintenance’ I think I’m a 3, but I need a spray tan ASAP! That’s on the To Do List for today or I will die. DIE.


Spray tan for life

4. We’re bringing See’s Candy for Ben’s fam but his Gramps is diabetic and we were advised not to bring him anything with sugar or salt. So, we’re bringing him some sugar free Werthers. The company sent me a big stash of all their flavors recently and I loved ‘em! Is that weird? Like I’m a grandpa? Don’t judge.

sugar free werthers

Anyway, they are also sending one RER reader a bag of each of their sugar free flavors and little candy jar. The OG flavor is the best, but you can be the judge.

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post. Any comment. Keep it clean.

Open to residents of the US. Closes 6/8/13 6pm PST.


  1. Kristen B. says

    I definitely need a spran tan, too, or a tan of any kind will do! And definitely not weird that you enjoy Werther’s because they are delish!

  2. Adina says

    Werthers candies always remind me of my grandmother because she always had them in her purse just for me!

  3. Jenny says

    I’ve been trying out the tanning lotions, lately. I usually embrace my paleness, but this is my first spring/summer as a runner, and my sock lines are really noticeable.

  4. Kim says

    Super awesome to be in Shape magazine! Werther’s don’t remind me of any of my grandparents but I love them just the same.

  5. Tara says

    Um, Love Werthers, I guess I am a granny.
    first time I had one was when I was 10yr, and my Aunt/Uncle brought us to the horse races : )

  6. Gila says

    Love werthers! They’ve had them at work recently and I keep stopping in the break room to get another. I need my own stash!

  7. Emily M says

    werthers were a fav candy of mine when I was like 8. So by your “i’m like a grandpa” logic, I should probably be dead by now. Ha.

  8. says

    Ahhh Werthers! Those remind me so much of my grandpa because he used to hand them out during church to keep me in line :)


  9. Meredith says

    I secretly love Werthers! My grandmother has a “candy duck” (instead of candy jar) and she’d always stock it with Werthers when I was little… now when I visit her, the duck is always empty!

  10. says

    Ive never tried a spray tan!!!! Ive tanned before in a bed(SHOCK!) but I would honestly would rather run the tanless lotion all over my body!!! And then I pray I dont get orange hands :)

  11. Amy says

    I should probably get a spray tan because I have some serious tan lines-but then I would have to pay for my tan instead of laying out…first world problems..

  12. Stephanie says

    Love your quote! Sometimes I get wrapped up in the numbers on the scale and have to remind myself that I run multiple marathons a year. Don’t judge myself by my weight.

  13. tara says

    I want to run Vegas…. but I am so a morning runner. Was it hard to adjust to a night run? Also….love werthers!

  14. Laura E says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve been really into everything caramel lately so these sugar free candies might be a smarter option!

  15. tiffany says

    haha i’ve never tried spray tanner. although running has given me some weird skin color gradients!

  16. AnnaGrace Strange says

    Werther’s caramels reminds me of my grandmother – she would live off of caramel if she could!

  17. Carolyn B. says

    Haha! My gramma always had a bowl full of that candy….still delicious even waaaay past their freshness date!

  18. Lindsay says

    Congrats on being quoted in Shape- that’s awesome!! Love that beach hat- where’s it from? I want it! And I would love to try Werthers :)

  19. Coresa Barentt says

    I love Werthers. I didn’t know that they made them sugar-free. My uncle and mom are diabetic and this would be a great treat for them.. Thanks.

  20. Jamie says

    mmm werthers. vegas looks awesome! I am doing an oct marathon and don’t know if I am baller enough to do them in back to back months without injuring myself. what’s the secret!?!

  21. E says

    I love Werthers! I also love that carrying hard candy around in my purse makes me feel like my grandma!

  22. Elizabeth says

    Werther’s original are my favorite. I have a memory of being a young child going across the alley to a sweet older lady to help weed her garden and she always paid us in werther’s,

  23. Cara says

    OMG I always say I’m gonna be that old lady with a dish of hard candies because I usually grab about 15 mints on the way put of a restaurant. Just got way too excited about this give away.

    Also I love that suit!! Enjoy your vacay

  24. Jessica says

    I love your hat! I wish I could pull off hats… I always think other girls look so cute in them. :)

  25. says

    People at my internship used to refer to me as Nana because of my love for prunes, The Golden Girls and 9 p.m. bedtimes. Pretty sure that means I need some Werther’s in my life.

  26. says

    Have you ever tried the chewy Werthers? Those are amazing but I can’t find them anymore :( I use Fake Bake sunless tanning lotion, its awesome and super easy to apply yourself.

  27. Kristina m says

    Ohh Werthers is an all time favorite in my family my grandma always has a bowl of hard or chewy candy in her kitchen. I love them & now it’s like a childhood candy.

  28. Katie M says

    I love Werthers Originals, and I usually eat them daily :) My co-workers know of my Werthers’ addiction, and they tease me about liking “old-people” candy, but I don’t get the reference! Werthers are tasty!

  29. Ivy says

    Could this giveaway be any better for me? I’m a type1 diabetic, I’m a marathon runner & I love Werther’s! I think not.

  30. Lindsey says

    Those caramels remind me of my grandmas candy dish that i always snuck a hand into…i would love me some SF ones tho, I’m trying to cut back on the sugar train!

  31. Andi M says

    Big fan of Werthers, will try the sugar free next time. Have you noticed if your calves get bigger or slim down the more you run. My sister needs a way to slim down her calves, seriously, everthing is tight, forget buying boots.

  32. Jordan says

    Werther’s Original were my favorite candy as a kid. My grandparents always had them out in a candy dish and I’d sneak one or two too many when I’d visit their house lol.

  33. Cassie says

    That candy reminds me of my grandparent’s too 😉 I’ve officially stopped using the tanning beds! Woo hoo!! (My grandmother and dad have both had skin cancer removed…) But I am still running outside…and laying out by the pool (with sunscreen of course) 😉 Gotta get SOME color!

  34. Trish says

    I actually buy mostly sugar free candy anyway since my husband is a dentist… in my purse right now- sugar free lemon drops, cough drops and butterscotch discs. These would be right up my alley!

  35. Alicia says

    THESE ARE MY FAVORITE CANDIES. I am going to be a really good old person. Bring on the alzheimers.

  36. ani says

    OH me gosh! I love werther’s sugar free candy after lunch BUT can only find a couple of the flavors (coffee and mint)! I would love to finally try them all!

  37. Denise P. says

    Awe Werther’s reminds me of my late grandma, she always had a dish of them in her house. She also used to have hard candy in her purse at all times. Anything went wrong – she offered you a hard candy to suck on.

  38. Pam says

    Werther’s are classic along with those butterscotch discs and those hard candies that are wrapped to look like a strawberry

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