Live from Colorado

What a difference a day makes!

24 hours ago I was in Florida enjoying the beach breeze (read: humidity).

IMAG4741 (800x450)

Today I’m enjoying mountain views in Colorado!

IMAG4836 (800x450)

I flew out of Fort Myers to LAX yesterday, got home around midnight. I basically threw everything out of my suitcase and repacked random things for my next trip.

5am this morning a car picked me up to take me from the OC airport to Denver. Iced coffee x2 was necessary.

IMAG4800 (800x450)

I’m here for a Silk Blog Ambassador trip. Details to come, I just wanted to stop in and say hello Smile

IMAG4803 (450x800)

IMAG4820 (450x800)

So far we have had an info session and took a gorgeous hike.

IMAG4823 (800x450)

IMAG4827 (800x450)

This is how I hike:

IMG_20130612_155944 (602x800)

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I’m off to cocktail hour… see ya later!


  1. Genevieve says

    Soooo wish I could go out for a hike or run! We have horrible air quality down in Colorado Springs from a devastating fire :(. Please pray for all families, firefighters and first responders that are working hard to keep us safe!

  2. says

    Hey Monika :)
    Great post, I really want to try the silk iced latte, I make every couple of days I make concentrated coffee and have almond milk (unsweetend) with vanilla and and awesome new protein powder, its called America whey usa or someting (not sure) but its the highest protein and lowest calories I’ve found

    Keep up the awesome blogging, you rock :)

  3. says

    Colorado looks gorgeous! I’ve only had a layover there once, but I’m heading to FitSocial this September and can’t wait to visit the area!

  4. says

    Awww, as a homestick Coloradoan who is currently enduring oppressive Texas heat I am super jealous of you right now! Enjoy that thin mountain air!

  5. says

    So much traveling! I would love if my blog blew up and I could quit my day job and go all over to blogging conferences, so sad. I would probably also become a personal trainer or maybe even own a gym, ahh the possibilities!

  6. says

    Ah Silk. I make a Silkshake every morning. Chocolate Silk, frozen blueberries, spinach, and cayenne. Gets me going, keeps me going.

    Enjoy!!! (read: send me free chocolate silk)

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