Get Waisted Challenge

It’s the weekend and I’ve been living eating it up way too much! Here are the highlights:

IMG_20130622_202120 (800x800)

First there was the “Get Waisted” challenge. Smarterita sent me a bottle of their low calorie margarita mix and the SkinnyGirl Margarita. The challenge was just to try both and see which I prefer. Smarterita was the winner Smile

get waisted low calorie margarita challenge

Both of these are great options for low calorie margaritas. I love that I can still enjoy an adult beverage while trying to maintain a healthy weight!

Then, I visited my Grams and took her some fruit from the ‘bionicos place’.

fruit bionics shop

fruit bionics shop

It’s a fruit salad with condensed milk and good stuff…

fruit bionico with condensed milk

Dinner was from a local taco place. That would be Carne Asada fries to share with the group…

carne asada fries

Sunday morning pancakes…

Sunday morning pancakes

Back to a healthy balance tomorrow Winking smile


  1. Leah R. says

    The challenge was just to try both? That’s the weakest challenge involving alcohol I’ve ever heard of! Hope you indulged in more than just a taste. 😉

  2. says

    hail to the weekends! it’s the only time I allow myself to indulge and this past saturday, I had a Jap-Italian (those fusion places) dinner with a girlfriend followed by dessert! pics on my blog! yummylicious!

  3. says

    Skinny Girl is great but it seems really sweet and STRONG! We are always mixing it with something else to kind of cut that strongness. I like that you said it wasn’t as harsh because that is definitely something I am looking for. Is this available in stores now? Or is this a tester product?

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