Running Fashion Don’ts – Brooks Running Gear Makeover

Ah! You made my day with your Brooks Running Gear Makeover pictures. I loved going through all of them. It was extra fun because I feel like I know you too, but I don’t get to see ya as much as you see me Smile

Thanks for all the submissions!!

I had over 70 entries and can’t post them all here your boss / SO / kids getting mad at you for spending an hour looking at funny strangers on the internet.

So I picked a handful of my favorite ‘worst dressed’. But don’t get me wrong – I love sweatpants. I am just working in getting better so I don’t embarrass myself so often.

i love sweatpants

Run Eat Repeat Readers Running Gear pics:

Amy is being chased by Superman! Go Amy go!

amy's epic running outfit (800x535)

Ruth’s sports bra is falling apart…

ruth's sports bra is dying (600x800)

Kathy loves hugs and tie-dye…

tie dye running gear (800x800)

Katie and company as Santa. Someone should tell them St. Nick doesn’t visit the bad girls & boys in Vegas Winking smile

santa suit runners (800x600)

Deb’s fiance likes to match his headband to his shorts.

debbies guy for dodgeball (598x800)

Natasha believes in protective eyewear for her runs. Guess she’s super fast!

natasha running goggles (320x240)

Meg’s lil turkey – this is cheating, too cute!

meg little turkey runner (598x800)

Mary is wearing leggings under her shorts. Her butt gets super cold I guess?

mary leggings under shorts (480x640)

Ashley digs this layered look too.

ashley leggings under shorts (598x800)

Michelle and her flying friends.

michelle at holiday run (800x600)

Melanie is into this look too!

melanie running rudolph (478x640)

This is Lori’s post-run look. Comfy!

lorie post run look (480x640)

The winner is:

Chinwe said she super overdressed for her first 10k – there are leggings under those pants! She was burning up, but couldn’t take off her jacket because of the bib!

ajalla running in cold (229x329)

Now I am soooo ready to start the weekend! I have been waiting all week for Friday at 5 Winking smile

i love marisol

Question: Do you destroy embarrassing pictures or keep them for the memories?


  1. Teresa says

    Oh, I’ve been there. I wore way too warm of clothes on my first 5K races, and I couldn’t take them off mid-run. Being too hot during a race is the worst!

  2. says

    They were kept when I was little, but now it’s so easy to delete them with all the technology that most get deleted as soon as 😀

  3. Rachel Costello says

    Yay! I am running in the Pasadena half too!! Well, I am doing the 10k this time.
    Ventura has a bunch of 1/2 marathons that I have signed up for. I am sure you already know this but they have a Gold Coast Series. There is a half in Sept Oct Dec (Santa to the sea) and the series ends with the Agoura Great Race! I am going to do them all!!!! Fun

  4. says

    I did a Color Me Rad 5K yesterday and I saw a lot of people wearing tutu’s… It’s actually quite upsetting that so many people couldn’t find something more creative than the tutu look.
    – Krys

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