SportHooks Giveaway–Race Medal Hanger

Happy Monday! I had my first low key weekend in years. It was nice, but I got bored by 2pm on Sunday. Luckily there was a fun RunDisney twitter chat to keep me busy for a bit in the evening (see below).

This morning I did an easy 6 miles and enjoyed an avocado breakfast quesadilla. We have SO SO SO many avocados it’s sick. And by sick I mean awesome.

avocado breakfast quesadilla

And because I really need to get on a budget AND get Back to Basics – I am declaring today

Meal Planning Monday

meal planning monday

For breakfast I usually eat the same things – eggs with a tortilla or toast, Laughing cow & a fruit

Snacks: Trail mix. Yogurt. Protein bar or shake. Toast with PB&J.

Lunch: Sandwich or a salad.


  • Monday: Salmon, salad and rice.
  • Tuesday: Chicken stir-fry.
  • Wednesday: Leftovers.
  • Thursday: Burgers and green bean fries.
  • Friday: Flame broiler OR pizza night.
  • Saturday & Sunday: usually out.

Disney Races

There was a fun RunDisney twitter chat yesterday! I am a big fan of Disney races and have done the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2010 and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in 2012.

 ariel costume for run Disney race

Unfortunately, I have never done the Disneyland Half Marathon in the summer because I am always out of town that weekend. So, I never sign up.

Buuut, this year I think I will be in town and I missed the sign up. Boo Sad smile

I’m considering signing up for the new 10k, but I’d rather save my money for a half ya know? (Yes. These aren’t actual problems, I realize that. #ThisChampagneIsFlat)

Anyway, another reason I want to hang out and run the Disneyland Half is my friend Marcey from SportHooks will have a booth at the expo.


SportHooks makes a huge variety of race medal hangers – everything from

Half Marathon & and marathon hangers

half marathon crazy medal hanger

to mother runner specific

moms run race medal hanger

to a full line of Disney inspired designs…

magical miles race hangerdisney run medal hanger for runners

Marcey made me a special “Run Eat Repeat” medal hanger too! You can order it from if you’re into running and eating too. This is the medal hanger I was holding in my ‘lose 10 pounds’ vlog and it’s the one I have up in my house now…

sporthooks medal hanger giveaway (800x450)

SportHooks Giveaway

Marcy is sending one lucky RER reader a medal hanger of their choice!!!

You can enter by doing one, two or three things:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to residents of the US. Closes 7/11/2013 at 12am PST.


Disclaimer: SportHooks provided me with this medal hanger and one to giveaway as part of our partnership. All opinions are my own. The Laughing Cow® provided me with product for this review. However, thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the brand.


  1. Rachael P says

    My next race is in Vancouver, Canada… the Seawheeze. Great Race. Really want a medal hanger!

  2. Maggie says

    My next race is on August 10th. It is called the Charles St 12 and takes place in Baltimore, MD. This will be my longest rate to date so I am getting pretty nervous. Luckily the entire race is down hill so if my legs give out I can at least roll myself to the finish line!

  3. says

    My next race is the Walk and Run for Wishes 2013 with my friend Hannah who will be running her first race that day! After that it’s all about the Fall 50 (team race).

  4. Rebecca says

    My next race is the Moonlight Run 5K in Madison, WI. A fun run at night that only allows 500 participants and it always sells out.

  5. Ivy says

    My first official race was the HNL Marathon. Now that I think about it, it’s strange I didn’t decide to sign up for a 5 or 10k or even a 1/2 for my first race, go big or go home I guess.. :)

  6. Carolyn B. says

    I’m doing a Road Race Series, so my next race is their 5k. After a three month hiatus, I hope I don’t die!!!

  7. says

    My next race is Fueled by Fine Wine, finishes with lots of tasty wine but first you gotta trek through the vineyards on some crazy hills!! The Sporthook booth is where I meant that fellow RNR reader at Rock n Roll Portland! :)

  8. Kylie says

    I have a 10 mile trail run in McCall Idaho on Saturday, my first trail run! Super excited and nervous.

  9. says

    My next race is a half marathon this Saturday! It’s my first night race (glow in the dark theme!) and I’m a little nervous about how to fuel that day.

  10. Hannah says

    October! Iron Horse half marathon! Of course I will undoubtedly sign up for something else before then :)

  11. says

    My next race is the Gallup Gallop 5K, a small local race that’s part of a day-long celebration of the Huron River. After that, I’m running the BTN Big10K in Chicago! Go Blue!

  12. Alycia Wilson says

    Next race is a 5K color run but training for the Indianapolis Monumental full marathon has already begun.

  13. glenna says

    I’m hoping to run a 5K in August for our local rodeo (kind of funny!) and then another charity one in September. Would love to win one of these!

  14. Megan K. says

    I’m registering for the Tinkerbell Half tomorrow! It will be my first Disney race. I’m excited. I love the run eat repeat medal hanger!

  15. Liana says

    I’m on the Yale Varsity Women’s Cross Country team and my first cross country race of the season will be on September 14th! It’s our annual Harvard-Yale dual rivalry meet. I know that’s a long way away, and it’s only a 6K, but it means our summer training is a crucial time to build a base and get ready to push when it comes time! Once the fall hits, it’s a race a weekend, and that’s no joke! I love the leisurely training in the summer though without a race to stress out about. It is a goal and something to remind me why I get up every morning and lace up those shoes, but it is in no way a stressor — just something to look forward to! Can’t wait to kick some Harvard butt!

  16. Kristen says

    I ran a half in May, but I haven’t registered for anything after that. I am hoping to do a race in the fall. It is too hot in Boston lately to do anything sooner.

    • Andrea says

      My next race is the annual Plymouth Rock N Run on Thanksgiving morning. I’m sure something will pop up before that though.

  17. says

    I’m probably doing Zooma Chicago in August and I think I’m doing a 5K when I go home to Washington State in two weeks, but the only thing I’m officially registered for right now is my first marathon, the Chicago Marathon!!

  18. courtney s. says

    I’ve done two half’s this year (NWM Inaugural in DC and a trail race in SF), my next one is in September at the Ventura Inaugural and my last one (so far) this year will be the NWM in SF. Yaaaaay for running!

  19. Kate Lewis says

    My next race is a trot for the troops 5K Saturday. My next Half is Sept. 8 and my FIRST full marathon is Oct. 6!

  20. Ashley E says

    My next race is going to be as soon as possible…..once I deliver this baby in my tummy and get back to pounding the pavement. My goal is sometime in the late spring/summer of 2014.

  21. Sarah N. says

    Turkey Trot in Oklahoma this November then Berry Half Marathon in Georgia early next year! I’ll need a medal hanger…instead of hanging them on my jewelry holder. 😉

  22. Jacquelynn says

    My next race is the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon. My second trip to 26.2 glory!!! I’m so excited!

  23. Molly says

    My next race is 10 k in Dewey Beach. I have run 2 10 ks before, but I’ve never run for the entire race, so that’s the goal!

  24. says

    My next race is the Charles Street 12 miler in August. I’m a little worried about the heat, but it’s all downhill and partly shady-so that should help!

  25. says

    My next race is technically the Plaza 10k in September, but I’m training for my first full marathon — the Kansas City Marathon (October 19th.) Not that the Plaza 10k doesn’t count (and it has a verrrrry nice medal that would look great on one of those hooks) but my first marathon medal needs a better hanger than the corner of a picture or on my coat hanger (where all of my other race medals reside obscured from proper adoration.)

  26. jess says

    my next official race is a half marathon on sept 29th but i think i might squeeze a 5k or two in before then.

  27. says

    My next race is the big Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco…! My first marathon, woohoo!

    Also, girl, that omelette looks DELISH. Being a Texan who lives in Washington state, I’m missing my Texas avocados and guacamole HARD. I really want one of those chip-guacamole hats that they wore in Despicable Me 2… so convenient.

  28. Amy P says

    On the official schedule – Richmond Marathon. I might do a few 5ks in between now and then (November). I’ve also been eye-balling the Vermont Green Mountain Marathon in October…

  29. Steph says

    I’m hoping I can find a half marathon in late August/early September that will work out with my training schedule for the NYC Marathon. Otherwise, the next one will be the NYRR Autism Speaks 4-miler in early September.

  30. Jackie says

    I just did my first 1/2 in April and don’t have another on the books… yet. I’m still working up the nerve. I don’t know if the first one can ever be topped. :)

  31. Runningwithscissors says

    My next race is a half in MI the last weekend of August. Its!( thru multiple vineyards) can’t wait!!

  32. Erin says

    My next race will be the Erie Half Marathon……hoping a survive the humidity! I love the sports hooks-been eyeing one up for a while!

  33. JT says

    I’m training for my 1st marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon in October… so that’s really my next race :) I might line up for some fun stuff, but it all leads to the marathon.

  34. Marissa says

    My next race was going to be the Seawheeze in Vancouver, but I won’t be able to go :( So my next-next race will be the Nashville half marathon in November! I’d love to have a place to hang all my bling, rather than hang it off my desk drawer handles.

  35. says

    OMG these are so cute! I love the 1/2 crazy hanger! My first half marathon is in October (6th). I will be running in the San Jose RNR Half!

  36. Kaylie says

    technically, my next race is september 1… but i’m getting antsy. i need one before then! i’m addicted to race hardware :)

  37. Melissa says

    Next race is up in the air as I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. I have to see how this delivery goes and then I start planning my comeback!

  38. Greta Coan says

    I love those medal hangers. It seems like the proper way to display medals, as opposed to the thumb tack system I have going on right now.

  39. Kelly Jo says

    My next race is a 5K this weekend in KY!!! I need a hanger desperately to hang my medals on. Right now they are laying in a basket in my excercise room!! :(

  40. Allison says

    My next race (so far) is not until October at Mallow Run Winery in Indiana–it’s just a 5 miler but it’s called “Wine at the Line.” My kind of race. My whole family is doing it!

  41. Caroline says

    My next race is in August – the Wahine Triathlon, then the 4 Their Lives Half Marathon a month later

  42. says

    I’m running my 10th marathon this fall (Twin Cities), and the medals are piling up with nowhere to go. I would love a hanger!

  43. Sara W says

    My next race (that I know of) is the RiverRun Half Marathon in Rocky River, OH! I’m planning on busting the 2 hour mark (and my first andly half marathon time of 2:10) and hitting 1:45!

  44. Christi says

    My next race isn’t until October- the Tufts 10k in Boston.. but I would love to find another to sign up for before that one!

  45. Jen says

    I love Disney races – the Princess Half was my first half ever! (And I totally posted this comment on another post by accident. User error.) :)

  46. Alicia Wynn says

    My next race is the Running Mad Virtual Half I am doing on 7/27 with my local Moms RUN This Town group!

  47. april says

    i don’t have an upcoming race on my agenda (yet), but my LAST race was the pasadena rock ‘n roll half!

  48. says

    I wish I had your avocado problem–that sounds like an awesome problem to have! I’m totally with you on how to spend race registration $$. I totally save my money for half and full marathons and I haven’t run a 5K race in a year and a half. My next race is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago half in just under 2 weeks.

  49. MartinaNYC says

    Next race: NYRR Queens 10K on July 14th. I already know is going to be a tough one since it’s going to be extremely hot and humid :(

  50. Katrina says

    I would Love, Love, Love this as I’m finally ready to get a medal hanger! Just had to get enough medals to make it worthwhile!

  51. Erica D says

    I’m doing a small local 5k in 2 weeks. My company sponsors the event. It’s usually super hot and humid that day. There’s an added blueberry pie challenge where you run 2 miles wolf down blueberry pie and run another mile. Only in Maine.

  52. Sherrie says

    Don’t have many medals, yet. But I have 3 more races planned for this year and I like being prepared! Would love to have space to fill to justify more races…

  53. Sherrie says

    My next one isn’t until September, running the virtual Prairie Dog Half! Need a cute spot to hang that little guy.

  54. Barbara says

    My next race is the St. Augustine Half-Marathon on Nov. 17. The course goes through the charming historic downtown, over the Bridge of Lions, and along the coast. I can’t wait!

  55. Teresa M. says

    My next race I’m actually signed up for is the Prairie State Marathon in October, but I hope to do a half in September, and maybe a 5k or 2 before t hen.

  56. says

    My next race is the 2013 Westchester Medical Center Running Festival Half Marathon in Oct! A smaller race but seems like its a good one!

  57. says

    My next race is the 2Cities Marathon in Fresno, November 3rd. My second 26.2 and I’m determined to come in under five! After that its time for a fun tinker bell half with my friends in January!

  58. Jen M says

    My next race is a 5k in August to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters!! I love to run for a great cause!!

  59. Colleen says

    My next race is a 5k, Runners On Parade, with my 10 year old daughter. This was her first official race last year, and so it has become a Mother Daughter tradition! :-)

  60. says

    My next race is the half marathon in Ventura. O wait! I forgot that I am running the Disneyland 10k. My friend’s sister couldn’t, so I stepped in. Yay!

  61. Lori Sjolund says

    My next race is The Color Run Minneapolis this weekend! But my next (and first!) “bigger” race is the Des Moines Half Marathon in October. :)

  62. Steph Hospodar says

    My next race is a local 5k with a running store in town, followed by the runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler!

  63. says

    My next “fun” race is the Color Mob 5K in August. My next “fun but actually for time” race is the Zooma 10K on Cape Cod in September. My first 10K!

  64. Lisa says

    Next race – Falmouth Road Race!! Waited two years for this one :-)
    But, my race AFTER this one is my very first marathon (gulp!).

  65. Amy says

    Have you tried making chocolate pudding with your avocados? I put 2 ripe avocados, about 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder, about 1 tablespoon of agave and a splash or so or milk into my vitamix and blend it all up. It is amazing, my husband does not like avocados and he loves it. I also froze the mixture in Popsicle molds last week which made amazing fudgsicles!

  66. Amy Sison says

    My next race is probably going to be a 5k on July 30th, but I am currently training for my first half in October! Smuttynose Rockfest Half

  67. says

    I am running The Emerald City Quarter Marathon in August – something a little different. Also I am so jealous of your avocados! In Ohio they cost $1.50 a piece and sometimes aren’t all that good (probably because they have to travel so far to get here!)

  68. Tina says

    Rock and Roll Philly Half in September! but before that is a 70 mile Bike Ride for Livestrong in Philly :)

  69. Jasmine says

    I am a running “newbie” and these hangers are really cool to show your
    accomplishments! Would be awesome to win one!

  70. Amy says

    I’m not sure when my next race is…my first was the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC in April, I’m hoping to run another race this fall!

  71. Taylor says

    My first race was Feb 2012 and i did the Princess 1/2 Marathon in Orlando. What a fun first event!!

  72. Anne says

    My next race wont be until next Spring…I am 5 1/2 months preggers but still doing 20-25 miles a week running and walking another 20 a week!

  73. says

    My next race is the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland! I’m coming off a broken ankle so I am a little worried, but I am SUPER excited. My first Disneyland race and Coast-to-Coast :)

  74. Lindsay says

    My next race is the Perfect 10 miler in Cleveland, kicking off my double digit miles for my fall marathon!

  75. Kim says

    My next races are a 10 miler and a 10K, which are mostly speed work training for my second marathon – Marine Corps on October 27.

  76. Laura says

    The next race I’m registered for isnt till October – the RnR half San Jose. But I’m eyeing another half in August that ends at a winery!

  77. Jamie says

    I currently have all of my medals hanging in the classroom where I teach. It would be nice to have a place to display them instead of on large push pins. :)

  78. Lindsay says

    Unfortunately I’ve been injured for several months now (what I thought were shin splints turned out to be stress fractures, oof) so I’m not sure when my next race will be – hopefully I’ll be healed enough for at least a short race by the fall!

  79. Caroline says

    I have a half in the town next to mine in early August…just hoping it won’t be a scorcher!

  80. Emily says

    My next race is a half marathon in mid August! It’ll be my second and I’m ready to smash that PR!!! 😀

  81. Samantha says

    My next race isn’t until October…but I’m already on my training schedule so I can have a big PR!

  82. Netta says

    My next race is this Saturday. Crazy 8s-the world’s fastest 8k. This race holds the world record for the 8k. It is in Kingsport, TN.

  83. says

    Shin splints used to be awful for me!! I love my cricket ball that I use for shin therapy! Rolling that ball up and down my shins every day helped me big time!

  84. Debbie B. says

    Right now my next race is Las Vegas Rock N Roll to run the strip at night. I really need a hanger for my medals though. I love the “Always Earned Never Given”.

  85. Amanda W says

    The next race I’m registered for is Disney’s Wine and Dine half in November. I’m hoping to hop in on a small local race or two between now and then.

  86. Kristen says

    My next race is the North Country Run half marathon. It’s really hilly, but worth it because the finisher medals are HUGE!

  87. Emily says

    My next race is one of my annual favorites….it is a local 8 miler next weekend that is lots of fun (and has beer at the end!)

  88. Danielle Johnson says

    NYC marathon! (well, the only one i’m registered for, i’m sure there will be some halfs before then lol)

  89. says

    The next race I know I’m doing for sure is a the Clarendon 10k in the DC area in Sept. With hot, humid weather here in central texas I don’t plan on racing too much over the next couple months…..sniff, sniff.

  90. Audra says

    My next half is August 18. The small town I live in is actually having one – first one I don’t have to travel to!

  91. Holly S says

    My first race was the Austin Marathon, and I am planning on doing the San Antonio Marathon in November as long as my IT band plays nice. Run Texas!

  92. Brie says

    My next race is the Rock N Roll Chicago half!! I was actually waiting to buy a medal hanger at the expo as it will be my third half but this seems like a better opportunity!!

  93. melissa says

    my next race that i know of will be the traditional thanksgiving race i run with my husband every year… then a 1/2..

  94. says

    I have not completed an actual race , yet, but I LOVE to run and plan on entering as many as possible in the future! I will have my first 5K July 13. Wish me luck!

  95. Ashley W. says

    My next race is my second half, the Amercia’s Finest City Half in San Diego. My goal is to do 3-4 more halfs and then a full next June. I would love a medal hanger! It would help keep me motivated to run more races and earn more medals!

  96. Erin says

    Right now my next race is the Des Moines marathon but who knows, I may add one or two before then.

  97. says

    My next race is a Splash n Dash 5k fun run. There’s supposed to be water guns and slip n slides. Should be fun!

    (Side note: I liked the facebook page from my running page, Once Upon a Run, not from my personal page which you have to use to log into rafflecopter)

  98. Marin says

    Not sure…might not be until the turkey trot! (It’s too hot for races right now in Texas, and the heat’s not going anywhere for a while!)

  99. Lee says

    I have not signed up for my next race yet, but I am considering an Olympic distance tri. My “A” race for the season was the Raleigh IM 70.3 in early June.

  100. says

    My next race is in a couple weeks – a 10k for the American Red Cross, then a 1/2 marathon in August and my first marathon (Twin Cities!!) in October! Probably a couple more in there somewhere, hopefully.

  101. Gillian says

    First marathon was Boston 2011 for charity. Next race…not sure maybe Shoreline half next weekend?

  102. Rachel says

    My next race is the Neptune Festival 8K in Virginia Beach in September! (It’s too hot and humid for a summer race here!)

  103. Ally Turner says

    My next race is in Sandpoint ID – it’s my second half and I’m hoping to shave 10 minutes off my time and do a sub 2:30. I’m slow I know :) but I love racing anyway!!!

  104. says

    Monica, you should sign up for the 10km…the atmosphere of the entire event, be it 10, 21 or 42 will be electrifying.
    No races this month since it’s the start of the fasting month/Ramadhan over here. Maybe I’ll look around for events in the region eg Thailand, Singapore.

  105. Melissa says

    My next race is the Color Run this weekend!! No medal, but it is definitely the most fun you can have while running!!

  106. Wendy says

    Still throwing around ideas for my next race. I am signed up for the Rock and Roll Raleigh next year and a Color Me Rad in Sept. but I know I will do something before then.

  107. Laura B. says

    My next race is this sunday: it’s my first 5K ever!! So far this summer I’ve done a 4 mile run and a 5 mile run…I guess I’m going backwards!! lol …but slowly working my way to a 10k!!

  108. Karen says

    Next race I’m officially registered for is Marine Corps Marathon in october (and first marathon!) but I’m hoping to do a couple smaller races this summer before then.

  109. says

    My next races are all in Texas, October 26 in Dallas and then the half and full marathons in Waco next January and March. I’m really excited to run two races in my town where I won’t have to get up and drive to the race or drive a long way home! I can just walk from my campus to the starting line – what a time, energy, and money saver!

  110. says

    My next race is the River Valley Run on August 18. It’s my first trail race. A friend was going to run it with me but now she’s going on vacation instead.

  111. says

    Next race…. Hmm… Not sure yet. I’m thinking about doing a half marathon with my 16 year old sister as her first one in September!

  112. Katie M says

    My next race is a 10-miler, Run for The Water in Austin,TX. I may sign up for a 5K in between now and then. Love those wall hooks! I would love a way to display my race medals.

  113. says

    My medals always seem to get wrapped in their ribbon and thrown on a shelf, which is terrible because I’m a sentimental person. I would love to be able to display them.

  114. Ashley says

    My next race is not until October for the Chicago marathon. I’m battling IT band/Hip issues right now so I’ve been off for almost 2 months with no real “hit the road” time in sight yet. A little nervous but I’m pool running and spinning like a champ!:)

  115. says

    My First race was this past March and was a St. Patrick’s day 5k. My next race will be my 2nd 10k…Trying to get my miles up every day, since my first one was a bit of a bust…but I’m excited to try again! :)

  116. Lane says

    My next race is my third marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon in October, which I’m running to raise money for Fisher House.

  117. Erika says

    My next race is the Frozen Hot Chocolate 10k in LA.

    Also, registration for the Disney half opened today at 9am. I did that race last year but I don’t think I’ll be running this year.

  118. says

    …and my next race is in Bird-in-Hand, PA in September– I’m doing the “fire company challenge” by running the 5k friday night and the half marathon saturday morning!

  119. Bobbi says

    This is my first year of having medals from races and by the end of it I’ll have 5. Since I’m not allowed to wear them all, everyday, in public, I really want a medal hanger! 😛

  120. Paige Callahan says

    I’m looking for Maryland races in late July/early August otherwise my first race will be the last weekend in August for cross country season

  121. Jackie W says

    My next race is my second half, the Scenic Sandpoint Half Marathon in Sandpoint, Idaho. I just hit my goal time for September in my first half, so I have no idea what my goals are- but I’m so excited :)

  122. Denise P. says

    I currently have 0 races on calendar. I’ve actually only run 1 (RnR Dallas) in 2013. I just really burnt myself out last year (and spent way too much money.)

    Now my priorities have shifted – I’m planning a wedding and am expecting our first mijo/mija early next year so I don’t know when I’ll race again. Walking is where it’s at for me right now.

  123. says

    My next race is the Pioneer Day 10K on July 24 in Salt Lake City! It starts super early so we can beat the heat, and it’s mostly downhill. Hooray!

  124. Beth says

    My next race is a little up in the air but hopefully I can find a half sometime in the spring to train for after my little one comes in October

  125. meghan n says

    My first race was a charity 5k…I ran the whole thing and I think I was 8 years old at the time? I guess you could say I was hooked young.

  126. says

    My next race is the Sunday before Thanksgiving and it will be my 2nd half marathon! I’m so excited and eager to break 2 hours on this one!

  127. Darci says

    My next race is my first half marathon in September!! I would love to hang my medal on one of these cute racks!!

  128. Deena says

    My next race will be my second half marathon (the Des Moines half marathon) this October. I’m excited but a little nervous- it will be my first race since I had my baby. I’ve been following your blog for years. I love your sense of humor and it is a great motivator for me to get out and run.

  129. Angela says

    Definitely running the Malibu Marathon (my first full) in November! Hopefully I get some other races on the books before then

  130. Lori says

    Nice giveaway! My next race is a local 5k in a couple of weeks. I am planning on running a half in October. I would love to run one of the Disney races.

  131. Lora says

    My next race is going to be in Vancouver…so pretty up there. I will be running with my 2 year old (OK she isn’t running, she is riding), my hubby, my brother-in-law and my baby bump…yeah for running families :)

  132. Holly says


    I have an entry in to the half at Disneyland on Sept. 2nd. I tore my meniscus in two places and will be having surgery soon. I would be happy to give you my entry if that kind of stuff is allowed. Let me know. You should have my email. xo

  133. Erin says

    I got burnt out on races doing the 9+1 last year to get guaranteed entry to 2013 NYC marathon so that is my next race!

  134. says

    My next race isn’t until August 17th. Too much time has passed between my last half marathon (June 1st) and this next one.


  135. catie shaffer says

    my next race that i’ve actually signed up for is the see jane run half in wichita in september, but i’m notorious for signing up for races the night before! :)

  136. Jenn says

    I am running the RnR Half in Chicago next weekend as volunteer on course first aid. Next full isn’t until October, but lots of shorter races in between. I so need this medal hanger. My medals are hanging from hooks in my closet right now.

  137. says

    When you first posted about the sport hook she made you, I scoured their website wishing and hoping for one!!! They are so cute and I am in desperate need of one!!!
    Fingers crossed!!!! :)
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!!!

  138. Amanda says

    My next race is a 15K trail race on June 20 in Charlotte, NC. I am very excited about it because it is at the US National Whitewater Center, running the mountain bike trails around the facility! I will be hot and most definitely humid, but definitely worth it!

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