Happy Birthday Michael and My Mole

Happy Wednesday! Today is my favorite red-headed brother’s birthday so I want to wish him a big ol’ Happy Birthday!!!


I was trying to kidnap him and take him to Vegas tonight, but got vetoed by Heathie. We’ll always have the memories…

me and michael in vegas

Okay not really memories as much as these two pictures.

hanging out in las vegas

Speaking of Las Vegas, here is a picture of my armpit from another trip to Sin City.

dancing in las vegas

I am going to the doctor today to get a couple of moles removed and 2 little ones are in that region. Isn’t that sad for me? Yes. Yes it is.

So, if I die when I’m under local anesthetic today remember me like this… walking away to Heaven. (Although I’ll probably be running.)

this is me walking away boo

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

This morning I ran a bunch and realized I desperately need new music!


I’m kinda digging this Royals song

But I’m putting together a new playlist for this weekend. It’s going to be mostly Pitbill and Jay with a few of these diddies thrown in.

Question: Can ya wish my bro a Happy Birthday?


  1. says

    Happy birthday Michael! And good to hear you are on top of your skin checking. My hubby died from melanoma at the age of 29. Mole checking is so important. I just got back from a week in Cali. I started in San Francisco and went as far south as San Diego. I can see how awesome it is to live out there. I ran at sunrise in pismo beach and across the Golden Gate Bridge and through Beverly Hills and around the campus of UCLA. So many more places for me to go back and run! And after driving down the pacific coast highway I’m amped to try the big sur marathon. :)
    Speaking of avocados I think I had at least one meal a day that incorporated one. I’m seriously thinking I need to move! Happy Tensday:)

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to your brother! Good luck at the dr…I need new music too, I listen to the same songs over and over and then need a new playlist. I try to listen to Pandora when I can but I find it drains my phone battery too much.

  3. Deb says

    Happy Birthday Michael!
    Monica – I’ve had lots of moles removed. No biggie. Good advice – check those moles regularly!

  4. Johanna B says

    Happy Birthday to Michael!!!!!

    Glad you’re getting your moles checked out. From a survivor of skin cancer with a big scar on her left shoulder.

  5. Kaylie says

    Happy Birthday Monica’s brother, and hooray for proper skin care!

    Also, where did you get that Nuun water bottle you’re holding in the last photo? I’m slowly accepting that I will have to carry one while training for my first marathon and that one looks pretty easy to carry.

  6. Corrinne says

    Happy Birthday Michael! You should add Robin Thicke’s new song Blurred Lines to that playlist, I can’t stop listening to it.

  7. april says

    happy birthday to your brother! =)

    i hope your procedure goes well today! i had a mole checked out a couple months ago, but luckily my derm said it looked okay. i’m ALWAYS in need of new music – would you mind posting your half marathon playlist after you finish making it?

  8. Leah says

    Happy birthday, Michael! Also, one of many reasons why I like you: I read the title and immediately assumed this post was about mole, as in the delicious Oaxacan chocolate/peanut sauce, because you are constantly writing about amazing Mexican food.

  9. says

    Random, I totally had a mole removed this morning too!! Ouch! But props on being proactive..skin cancer is no joke! And Happy Bday to your bro!

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