Free Shipping on RER Gear


Like Running? Like Eating? Well, if you like both you should get some RunEatRepeat Gear! Free Shipping on all Spreadshirt Orders (no minimum) with code XMASINJULY on July 23rd and 24th (today and tomorrow only)! FYI – The RER tank is super soft and comfy but it does show sweat if you’re doing a longer run in it. I like that it is a longer cut though, so I still wear it … [Read more...]

Choco-cado Mousse Recipe


You know what happens when your mom has two huge avocado trees? Every once in a while you come home with about 30 pounds of avocados that must be eaten! So, I gave some to my neighbors. I ate 18 pounds of guacamole. I froze some. I made Avocado Crème Sauce. I am to avocados what Bubba is to shrimp… (Yep, second Forest Gump reference in a week, hey it works) I’ve seen … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Safety Reminder


Yesterday I had to take care of something near my mom’s so I spent the day working from there. Then, I hung out, ate her food and talked to the dogs. It was a nice change for a Monday This morning I made myself go out for a few repeats. I have not been feeling the speed work (okay I never do) but it was on the schedule and I didn’t have a good enough excuse not to do it.  … [Read more...]