Thursday at IDEA Fit Conference

I am sooooo inspired. Seriously. Spending the day at IDEAFIT has me super pumped to spread the word about running and fitness and health. I feel like a big ol’ happy organic cheese ball Smile

I spent the day at the IDEA conference in Los Angeles. It is the biggest conference for fitness professionals ever in the history of Earth. (Mars has us beat by some odd twist of events.)

idea fit conference expo (800x450)

I set the alarm early to hit up a workout class by 7am. Reebok sponsored my attendance for this event through Fitfluential so I am outfitted in their gear too. Even in this creeper light it’s super cute!

reebok idea fit conference (450x800)

The morning class was a combo step/dance class. It was hard to keep up!

step class at idea fit (800x450)

Luckily, I have my friends Julie from PB Fingers and Gina the Fitnessista with me so the emphasis in that class was “Fun!” and not “don’t make a fool of yourself by falling off the step!”.  Mission Accomplished.

runeatrepeat pb fingers and fitnessista bloggers at idea fit (800x800)

The sessions at IDEAFIT are for fitness professionals. They are work-outs, work-shops and information sessions to help our clients and readers. I signed up for running and nutrition related classes and am super pumped to share with you guys! But today is just a quick recap since I’m exhausted and probably incoherent at this point.

My next session was a Yoga Fit Basics class. I thought it was going to be about learning to teach stretching and yoga basics, but it was a straight up yoga class. It was probably for the best because I want to go to yoga once a week!

The keynote speaker was the best I’ve ever heard. Bo Eason. Look him up. When he was nine years old he made a plan to become the best safety in the world and he made it happen. Boom.

bo eason at idea fit (800x450)

Lunch time!

lunch at idea fit conference (800x450)

The lunch ladies. But not like the ones from your high school…

pbfingers and fitnessista idea fit (800x450)

After lunch we explored the explored the IDEA Fit expo. The best fitness apparel, equipment, music and fuel companies are here to show off their goods!

I tried these egg whites chips that were surprisingly good!

egg white chips (450x800)

A certain famous blogger – Blogilates has a booth here too! She has the cutest gear and bags. blogilates tshirts at idea fit conference (800x450)

I met her at the Venus Williams / Jamba Juice event and she’s as cute as ever!

blogilates runeatrepeat pbfingers fitnessista (800x800)

I did a short lil dance workout at the Reebok booth with Gina too. Mexican rhythm represent!

dancing at idea fit (800x800)

Dinner! Plus food. wine for idea (450x800)

UPDATED: I will be running the RW Half Marathon in Bethlehem, PA Oct 20th! 

And you should come too because I have a 10% off discount code for the half and the ‘hat trick’ (5k, 10k and half in the same weekend):

10% off Half: runeatrepeatRWHalf
10% off Hat Trick: runeatrepeatRWHa

Question: What are you doing this weekend?

I am sleeping. I am so tired right now that sounds amazing.

Disclaimer: Through my partnership with Fitfluential I am sponsored by Reebok to attend the IDEA Fit conference. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    Sounds awesome!
    A couple years back I signed up to a step class with a friend. There was only an intermediate session available. We both worked out a lot so figured we’d be able to handle it. Big mistake! I ended up making up my own routine cos I couldn’t keep up and she desperately tried to fit in with the class and keep up before launching herself backwards off the step and screaming as she hit the floor! The rest of the class carried on. We didn’t return to that gym! Haha!

  2. says

    Looks like you are having a great time! I am having a ladies night out tonight and then Saturday laying low with the boy. Hoping to catch up on sleep this week too!

  3. says

    Looks so fun! I can’t even begin to imagine what those egg white chips taste like… I’m hoping/planing on doing nothing substantial this weekend. I want to just watch a Breaking Bad marathon all weekend in my pajamas….after I knock off a long run of course.

  4. says

    You are always going to exciting conferences :) Love the Reebok outfit!

    I am starting my new job on Saturday, then going shopping with my mom. On Sunday, I’m going on a trail run with the running club, and to DC for dinner!

  5. says

    I can truly appreciate how much you put into your life.
    Always on the go and experiencing so much.
    You deserve to sleep too:)
    That actually reminds me I wanted to ask this question for your ask a monican (which by the way autocorrects to minivan lol): I tend to get soooo tired after running. Whether it be 3 mile speed, 6 mile tempo or 20 long run. I end up useless for the rest of the day. Last night I went to bed at 8:45 because I couldn’t stay awake. Just curious what other runners do to not be so wiped after a workout. My logical guess is take time off and sleep. Lol.

    I’m running with my group tomorrow in NYC somewhere bet 14-20 miles and Sunday unfortunately attending a wake. My friends dad was killed:( so very awful.

    Looking forward to hearing more posts about the IDEA.

  6. Jen A. says

    I am running the RW 10k that weekend. I did it last year too and the event is seriously awesome! I contemplated doing the half this year, but the course is super hilly…and I hate hills. Such a fun event!

  7. says

    Seriously jealous of all the fun you’re having! That looks awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about it!

    I just finished my long run for the weekend! 20 miles. I plan on taking it easy the rest of today and tomorrow.

  8. says

    Looks like fun!! I love seeing pics of my favourite bloggers together, its like seeing a teacher out of the classroom…You, PB fingers, and Fitnessisita :)

    This weekend I’m going to a cottage! Lots of relaxing, and lake fun planned.

  9. Sarah says

    I feel like I just hit the ultimate blog creeper status when I got overly excited that you’re coming to Bethlehem! Want to have a wawa coffee meet and greet? Anyway, so excited for you to visit PA!! Hopefully it will be a beautiful fall day.

  10. valene says

    The RW 1/2 marathon is in my neck of the woods. I contemplated the 1/2 but am going to do the 10k with a friend of mine that is trying to get into running. I will be her personal cheerleader that day. If I see ya Ill say hi….btw the course has its share of hills from what I hear.

  11. april says

    i’m glad you’re having a blast at the IDEA conference! it’s fun “seeing” all my favorite bloggers in one place =)

  12. says

    On Sunday, I am doing the Double Road Race in indianapolis. You do a 10K first, take a little break (although my break will be shorter than most because I’m a slower runner) and then you run a 5K. I’ve never done anything like this so I’m pretty excited about it!

  13. Sarah G. says

    That expo looks so awesome! I would LOVE to attend something like that.

    This weekend, the hubs and I are doing our godparently duties and driving up to NY for the baptism of our godson. Aaaaaand now I feel old.

  14. says

    I am going to Maine this weekend! My brother gets married Sunday. I’ll spend the weekend running, relaxing, and preparing for the wedding!

  15. says

    Egg white chips sound very interesting. This weekend starts hockey playoffs. I would also like to get a short(ish) run in on Saturday morning. Have fun at the expo it looks like great fun.

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