Black-Eye Peas for New Years

Happy New Year!!!

I got home late last night and spent some QT at my mom’s eating her comida. I missed tamales on Christmas so you know that was the first thing I grabbed when I got there.

tamales and ham (668x501)

Run. I started my day with a 12 mile run. Last year I did 13 for 2013 and I wanted to do 14 in my head, but I had a high mileage week and my body was not digging it. So, I ran my other new goal for the year – switching Tensday to Twelvesday once a week.

12 miles in 2014 (408x544)

Eat. I ate breakfast while going through the biggest pile of mail. A lot of Christmas cards, made me Smile

eggs and oatmeal (668x501)

The rest of the day was very un-fancy – unpacking and washing clothes. I found this necklace as I was unpacking and realized I never wore it in Florida, so I put it on with my fab sweatshirt.

im fancy (282x501)

Now I’m cooking up a feast featuring black-eye peas for dinner. I read that they are good luck for the New Year. Plus, I really like beans and they’d make a great side dish with salmon.

But, I was trying to be lazy and wanted the easiest version so I got a bag of frozen peas. Well, you still have to boil these for 40 minutes so there goes plan A aka microwave.

black eye peas (328x437)

It would have been even easier to just play some Black Eyed Peas. Next time.

all that junk in your trunk 

Question: Black-Eyed Peas the food or the group? Vote!


  1. says

    I have to vote for Fergie on this one….maybe one day ill venture out of my comfort zone and try some different foods. Then again I kinda like my comfort zone. Its…comfortable.

  2. says

    Never tried black eye peas though they look similar to one of the beans my mom makes sometimes – gotta ask her about it. Ok, so my pick will hafta be the group.

  3. says

    I just had a huge AHA moment when reading this post. I saw you wore your garmin over top of your long sleeve shirt. For some reason this never occured to me and I find myself fighting with my sleeves to check it during my run. As always, you provide inspiration for me!

  4. says

    Can’t say I’ve ever intentionally eaten black-eyed peas nor listened to the band. So I have to choose ice cream :-)

    I was gone for over a week and then got home quite late the next few nights. Yesterday I tried to get everything done in an evening (after a long bike ride and even longer “lunch” with friends) that I normally get done in a weekend. Back to work again today, and I’m hoping to find time this weekend to finish everything from the last two weekends and this weekend!

  5. says

    My mom’s from the south, and I’ve had black eyed peas and collard greens for New Year’s ever since I was little! Black eyed peas are for luck, and collard greens are for $$ :)

    But I must say, Christmas tamales are a lot tastier…

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