Onion Fajitas for One (because you’ll smell so much after no one will be your friend)

Hello from my fam’s! I stopped by this afternoon because I had a doctor’s appointment in the area.

chilling with my dogs (408x544)

It was just another one of my hypochondriac attacks. I think I’ll survive. (If I don’t someone take care of my cat…)

bleed my own blood (376x501)

But they made me bleed my own blood. Not cool.

bleed my own blood

Lunch was the usual randomness:

salad beast (668x501)

Plus a Quest Bar of course.

I bought chicken fajitas on super sale today and thought I scored. I love fajitas but prefer someone else do the chopping sometimes, ya know?

Anyway. Joke’s on me because it ended up being Onion Fajitas. It was seriously 86% onion, one bell pepper and a few scraps of chicken.

onion fajitas with one piece of chicken (668x501)

Better combat that bad breathe with some mint, as in Peppermint Bark!

peppermint bark (376x501)


  1. says

    And here I thought you had a recipe for Visalia onion wraps! Or maybe I like onions like a freak!? Ha.

    Peppermint bark? Chocolate and mint, perfection!

  2. says

    Haha agh I hate when those packages of pre-chopped fajitas are super unbalanced! They always have like no chicken compared to other stuff!

    And you’re really brave for being able to take that blood drawing picture…I couldn’t stomach doing that to myself!

    Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

  3. says

    I agree, I can’t watch them take blood from myself, let alone take a picture. I love fajitas, I make them stove top all the time. It doesn’t take long to chop it all up. I throw it into a pan and sprinkle it with seasonings.

  4. says

    I am suuuuuper scared of people drawing blood but I HAVE to watch. It’s weird. I don’t think onion fajitas sound bad. I <3 onions. :)

  5. says

    Yummm Peppermint Bark! I think that is the best way to end any day :) I don’t really like watching when my blood is being taken either but I also like to know when they are going to do it so I always end up watching! haha

  6. Rob Runs says

    My dinner last night was also onion. One giant onion, a few leftover baby portabellas and some tofu (covered in Sriracha). But like 99% onion and I am A-OK with that.

  7. says

    Everyday I see your salads and think to myself “I should eat those more often”. Then I don’t, them I’m reminded again the next day, it’s a vicious cycle! Ha! Thanks for the constant reminder, one of these day’s I’ll take up salad eating@

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