Saturday Snacks and a Watermelon Ornament

This morning I started my day with an easy 4 mile shake out run. Nothing major because I have a race tomorrow that I should have trained for but I’m using the holidays as an excuse so there’s that. I am however training for a world record in run on sentences… #RunOnEatRepeat ?

booty boot booty rockin everywhere (376x501)

I don’t use my runs as training because I prefer to use them as a time to brainstorm recipes. Hence this snack…

apple muffins (668x501)

eating is my favorite

I dreamed up a super easy apple muffin recipe during my run and came straight back home to make it. Recipe coming next week when I’m on my trip so I can enjoy some time away from the computer and you can enjoy a muffin. Double win.

healthy apple muffins for breakfast or snack (668x501)

I have to share what Skinny Runner got me for Christmas – a watermelon ornament!!! I die because I got her something similar but I can’t show ya yet because she hasn’t seen it. Follow me on Instagram for a side by side soon!

watermelon ornamemt (725x544)

Question: What are you up to this weekend?

I am wrestling bears at the circus!

Not really. But I am watching my shiny new niece!!!

(Make something up if you have nothing exciting to share.)


  1. says

    I love apple muffins, can’t wait for the recipe!

    This weekend I’ll be taking down the Christmas tree, I think it’s time. Hopefully it makes it above freezing tomorrow so I can take my mutt for a run without either of us freezing to death.

  2. says

    Since we didn’t drive north due to weather we decided to go to the Target Center downtown Mpls. and take in 6 hours of high school boys basketball… was actually very fun watching some pretty good teams and a few kids we knew.

    Tomorrow we are heading to the mall a bit and then hunkering down for the extreme below wind chills that are coming…..that have to come since the Govenor already closed ALL SCHOOLS in MINNESOTA on MOnday!! 😉

  3. Jocelyn says

    Hey there from Texas:). Random question, where’s Skinny Runner’s blog? It’s been “down” since the new year…..(crickets….). Gracias!

  4. Gillian says

    I’m catching up on my RW magazine and running. And guess who wrote a little something for RW? YOU did! I just saw your “Ask the Experts” tonight while sipping some hot cocoa. Yeah Monican! Good luck in your race tomorrow :)

    • says

      Gillian, did you get the February issue yet? I’m always so mad because it arrives in my mailbox AFTER it appears ok the news stands! the order should be reversed!

      • Gillian says

        Yes just got Feb issue yesterday. I used to get it late when I lived in CA so I’m not sure where their distribution center is or schedule for distribution but that used to make me crazy too!

  5. says

    Those muffins look great! Anything with apples is good in my book :)
    This weekend I’m trying to get over my cold and prepping for my next grad school class. Gotta love homework BEFORE the class even begins.

  6. Laury says

    Even though the temp was only 5 degrees this morning, I went snowshoeing for 2 hours. Have a great race tomorrow!

  7. says

    I am trying to stay out of the below freezing temps; tomorrow in the a.m. is long run day for me, then cleaning the house and giving the dogs baths (maybe bathing them before cleaning the house would be ideal – and maybe I should rename my blog to the crazy dog runner; it might be more fitting).

  8. Christina says

    I’m wrangling cats to take a bath…kidding I’m covering my boys eyes from the boobies on the Carls jr commercial we see in between watching football, not kidding.
    I’m also stoked I got in a 6 mile run today making my first week of the year to 25 miles! Woo hoo… U would be too if u had three kiddos. Success is relative.

  9. says

    I am going to Nike and spending 2,000$ on all the running shoes and tights I want! Nah, I wish! What Im actually doing is homework and cleaning my room. But thats not nearly as exciting 😉

  10. says

    Weekend was good! We had our running group (Pacemakers Malaysia) annual dinner and I heard that the satay (sorry, I’m vegan!) was superb! So was the rest of the buffet dishes.

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