Workout Wednesday – IT Band Exercises for Runners


It is Workout Wednesday! And yes, I just decided ‘Workout Wed’ is going to be a thing, and I’m pretty excited about it. A few years ago I hurt my IT Band following the Disney World Marathon. My band was too tight and weak and caused major pain in my knee. I was benched for weeks and had to go to physical therapy and everything. You can read about my IT Band diagnosis and … [Read more...]

China Pandas and the Olympic Stadium


Since we landed in China around 6am and couldn’t check in to the hotel for a few hours our tour guide took us directly from the airport to the Beijing Zoo. Luckily, it was so early it was completely empty except for our group! This is the entrance to the Panda exhibit. The pandas are the cutest animals in the entire world. One of them was just sitting and eatin’ the … [Read more...]