What I ATE and WORE (and RAN) Wednesday


In the blogworld there are certain themes that peeps like to stick to, for example… “Wordy Wednesday” or “Meat-lovers Monday” or “Slurpee Saturday”. Back in the day I used to do these all the time, but now I just jump in when I feel the urge. Like today. So here is What I Ate What I Wore What What in the butt Wednesday. I woke up thinking I wanted to run. So, I did. 10 miles … [Read more...]

How to Foam Roll Your IT Band Vlog


First – free shipping on RunEatRepeat gear right now! Check out my Spreadshirt shop. Get FREE shipping on 2+ items until Feb 4th. Coupon code: LOVELY14 Cannot be combined with other coupon codes. Two weeks ago I shared a few Strength Exercises for your IT Band. Today we’re foaming rolling it! There are a lot of different foam rollers out there in the world. The one … [Read more...]