What I ATE and WORE (and RAN) Wednesday

In the blogworld there are certain themes that peeps like to stick to, for example… “Wordy Wednesday” or “Meat-lovers Monday” or “Slurpee Saturday”. Back in the day I used to do these all the time, but now I just jump in when I feel the urge. Like today.

So here is What I Ate What I Wore What What in the butt Wednesday.

I woke up thinking I wanted to run. So, I did. 10 miles same as yesterday because I’m trying to up my weekly mileage for a very important reason (that reason being I don’t know what but I wanted to make it seem cool).

10 mile run wednesday (376x502)

Pre-run I had a banana slathered in nutella. I have a race this weekend and race week means I eat a lot of naners to help avoid cramps. Thank you potassium.

i love you banana (376x502)

You know what else has potassium?

The coconut water in my fridge that tasted like it went bad. I learned this after I chugged it straight from the carton. Great.

What I ate after my run: EGGS.

eggs with a side of eggs (669x502)

What I did: slapped on some make-up and headed to LA for a meeting.

monica in the car because shes bored and a weirdo (282x502)

What I Wore Wed: I’m wearing a green top from Target. You can get one too if you shop there.

sunset blvd los angeles

Then, I stopped by Subway to pick up lunch. Subway’s chopped salads have significantly improved the quality of my life.

subway salads have increased the quality of my life (376x502)

Thank you Jared.

I ate with my Grams.

subway salad (376x502)

Now I’m at my mom’s. First things first, raid her kitchen. Done. I also ate all my brother’s gummy vitamins. Sorry ‘bout that.

snacks at my moms house (376x502)

But it’s too gorgeous of a day to stay inside so my little brother and I are hanging outside.


I’m kinda thinking pizza for dinner. I have to stop at Costco anyway, so it’s all birds and stones in a bush. pizza night

Question: What did you EAT and WEAR this fine Wednesday?


  1. Courtney says

    I wore a black cardigan sweater, white cami, black and white pin strips slacks cause I work in an office and I am supposedly to look professional. I ate so many things today orange, granola bar, soup, but I am looking forward to getting home and making my boys and I some yummy stir fry and momma’s speciality basmati rice. Yummy come five o’clock get here now!!!

  2. Emily says

    SNOW DAY! I saw that my classes were cancelled, showered, put on clean jammies and my robe. Then sat around all day and did school work. My fav winter breakfast: toast dipped in soy milk hot chocolate. Lunch: giant salad. Dinner: burrito with an egg on it.

  3. says

    I ate a sandwich for lunch, an apple for snack, and left over pizza for dinner. I had 3 cups of coffee. I wore gray pants, a purplish shirt and a gray scarf, until I got home and put on sweatpants and a hoodie.

  4. says

    wore a sweater i’ve owned since 2004! I just can’t bear the thought to let go of it.
    I ate a hard boiled egg for breakfast, and lunch was a quinoa, cabbage and ground turkey bowl with thai spices. It’s from a chain restaurant in NYC called Fresh Co. I love it but I always eat too much.
    Dinner was a can of Cambells soup.

  5. says

    I love how you imply that people might not shop at Target. As if!

    Today I wore what is now new my self-imposed uniform to work- maternity slacks + maternity t-shirt + normal cardigan. It’s getting old fast.

    Making homemade pizza right now! Dough is almost done rising.

  6. says

    I ate horrible today, bacon and egg taco for breakfast, pizza for lunch and Doritos Tacos Locos for dinner. I start turning in my food log to my coach tomorrow so I cheated all day :).

    Today I wore some Can’t stop pants in inkwell, Clear Mint CRB and Surge pullover all from Lululemon.

  7. Megan says

    I’m currently on Flinstones gummy vitamin probation until I learn to eat them less than 12 at a time. Supposed to be eating paleo but had cereal for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking… Wooooops

  8. says

    There is so much light in your pictures what is causing that, oh yeah the SUN. We don’t see that thing here in Ohio until say April. All snow and gray here. Kids are starting to get cabin fever.

  9. Katie D. says

    What I wore YESTERDAY – black maternity pants (wearing the same ones today), blue non-maternity shirt, gray maternity cardigan and a scarf.

    I ate a bunch of stuff, but the best was beet soup and a monkey bread pre-bed snack! So yummy!

  10. Shannon in Tustin says

    A roast beef and avocado sandwich from Togo’s (my favorite) for a work lunch. Mint green cardigan and black capris. Worked all day, whipped up dinner for my fam, dropped my son at water polo practice and ran 8 miles over on the Peters Trail (the paved stuff). That’s a mid-week high for me as I generally don’t get enough time in the day. Just made time!


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