Tips and Resources for Strength Training Vlog

New to strength training?

Not sure where to start?

gym rule number one

Well, stay tuned because I have resources coming soon. But here are some tips for someone new to strength training.

Ask a Monican

Do you have any tips or resources for someone that is NEW to strength training?

Strength Training Resources:


Women’s Health Magazine Fitness

Oxygen Magazine


Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises

New Rules of Lifting for Women

How much protein and calories you should eat depends on YOU. YOUR goals, fitness, body, social security number, eyelashes… So, do your thing on that. I’ve read suggestions that really vary. The CDC says about 46 grams per day for women, 56 grams for men.



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Question: How often do you strength train?


  1. Becca says

    This is so great! Thank you so much! I just ordered the New Rules of Lifting book on Amazon now! I work with 2 girls at work who lift and have been getting some good tips from them as well. And I have my first session with a trainer on Friday- I’m excited to get set up doing squats and other stuff. I’m definitely going to be doing more reading on blogs about nutrition! I’m not necessarily trying to “body build” but I’m somewhat fascinated by how people are so able to sculpt their bodies and I’m sort of hoping to achieve a somewhat sculpted look as I loose weight.

    Thanks again for all the helpful info!

  2. says

    love the women’s health book of exercises and I’ve always wanted to read the new rules of lifting for women book. Love strength training, it’s great for health and vanity 😉

  3. julie says

    lol i NEVER look anyone in the eye at the gym while using that machine. I feel so dirty like people are thinkng ‘wow she sure can open her legs wide’ lol

  4. says

    I don’t strength train enough. Frankly I don’t have a routine at all.
    I have medicine balls, free weights, kettle bells and resistance bands in my living room collecting dust. I tried for a while to do just 10 minutes each morning of basic stuff. Bi/tri curls, shoulder press etc but I hate it. So it stopped. :( these days I carry two hand held baskets at the supermarket and work my arms out as I shop. I am desperate to find that aha moment to get me into strength training. Especially since I just turned 40!!!

  5. says

    Right now really only 1/week but I am too tired from my half marathon training to do much more! After my race I’m going to switch it up!

  6. Kaelin says

    Great information! I strength train 3 times a week and run the other 3 days.

    I do not belong to a gym, so I rely on online bootcamps or DVD’s for my training, like Kelley Coffey-Meyer’s split sessions and 30 min to fitness series. I’d love to get into heavier lifting, but its not practical for me to buy all the equipment required.

  7. says

    I have read these books and they are great! I am trying to get back into more strength training and try to focus on it. I always struggle with it but ever since I have started it I have noticed a big difference in my runnning!

  8. says

    I find strength training very confusing, perhaps because the articles I read fall into one of two camps: the fitness magazine flat abs fast camp and the feminist this is all bullshit you can’t get flat abs fast unless you just stop eating so much and we should be lifting really heavy weights it’s our duty as women camp.
    so instead I just watch Wheel of Fortune and forget about strength training.

  9. says

    I try to strength train 3x a week. 30-40 minutes on my heavy days (high weight & sets, low reps) and 20 minutes or so on my stabilization days (high reps, low weight, low sets, everything on 1 leg).

    I’m not the best at sticking to anything but running though.

  10. Michele Williams says

    Thanks for all the great info Monica! I love your vlogs, feel like I’m really learning a lot from them.

  11. says

    I try to get in at least 2 days of strength training. I notice that it’s a lot easier to keep the fluff off when I add any type of strength training (including body weight… like the dreaded pushups). Great post and thank you for the resources!

  12. says

    LOVE THE WOMEN’S HEALTH BIG BOOK OF EXERCISES!! Seriously the best book a gal can have if you want to get (more) serious about strength training. With all the exercise mixing and matching you could use the book forever. Literally. That book was my launching pad into really lifting weights.

  13. says

    3-4 times a week; i’ve a trainer and i’m so glad i’ve someone to push me. it’s coming close to 5 years since i worked with michael (and more than 10 since i started weight training).

  14. says

    Thanks for all the resources you posted for strength training. It’s the one thing that’s been lacking in my gym routine. LOVE tip #1! Priceless. That machine is facing the pool at my gym…not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

  15. says

    You have a lot of great resources on your blog. I’ve been looking for a protein chart so I can make one for my website for my readers. I love your blog.

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