Friday Favorites–Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This non-hugger is actually showing some love today…

love dunkin (311x553)

I’m headed on a road trip with my Valentine tonight so follow me on twitter and instagram in case I fall off the face of the blog earth.

I am big proponent of making yourself happy. So whether or not you have a Valentine you should do what makes you happy and treat yourself!

treat yourself

Not sure how to treat yourself? Choose between some great Valentine options with this poll:

Bacon Roses OR Strawberry Roses:

via How to Make Bacon Roses

how to make bacon roses

via How to Make Strawberry Roses

how to make strawberry roses

Devils Food OR Red Velvet Cake:

cupcake with oreo in it (450x800)

Red velvet ice cream is cheating, but this is all I got.

red velvet cake ice cream (376x502)

Lace OR Leather:

lace back in las vegas (800x800)

Leather. Ha! I don’t know…

pink running shoes (376x502)

Conversation Hearts OR Red Hots:

love to run valentine

red hots candy

Okay tell me your picks on those…


  1. Eugenia Byrne says

    Strawberry roses, both cakes-can’t choose, leather I guess, and I don’t like red hots or conversation hearts.
    Have a fun trip and hope you get a good run in :)

  2. says

    -strawberry hearts, i’d rather just have a plate of bacon.
    -Not too picky about my cake as long as I get to eat cake.
    -lace maybe or leather…. can I have both
    -neither of those candies sounds even remotely appealing

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