Friday Favorites–Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This non-hugger is actually showing some love today…

love dunkin (311x553)

I’m headed on a road trip with my Valentine tonight so follow me on twitter and instagram in case I fall off the face of the blog earth.

I am big proponent of making yourself happy. So whether or not you have a Valentine you should do what makes you happy and treat yourself!

treat yourself

Not sure how to treat yourself? Choose between some great Valentine options with this poll:

Bacon Roses OR Strawberry Roses:

via How to Make Bacon Roses

how to make bacon roses

via How to Make Strawberry Roses

how to make strawberry roses

Devils Food OR Red Velvet Cake:

cupcake with oreo in it (450x800)

Red velvet ice cream is cheating, but this is all I got.

red velvet cake ice cream (376x502)

Lace OR Leather:

lace back in las vegas (800x800)

Leather. Ha! I don’t know…

pink running shoes (376x502)

Conversation Hearts OR Red Hots:

love to run valentine

red hots candy

Okay tell me your picks on those…


  1. Eugenia Byrne says

    Strawberry roses, both cakes-can’t choose, leather I guess, and I don’t like red hots or conversation hearts.
    Have a fun trip and hope you get a good run in :)

  2. says

    -strawberry hearts, i’d rather just have a plate of bacon.
    -Not too picky about my cake as long as I get to eat cake.
    -lace maybe or leather…. can I have both
    -neither of those candies sounds even remotely appealing

  3. says

    Kerry made me bacon roses last year. Ran 19 hilly miles today getting ready for Catalina but I’m not racing for speed at Catalina, just for fun.

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