National Skinny Margarita Day FAIL FAIL FAIL

I am really upset about something and I had to share it with you to get it off my chest…

Saturday was National Skinny Margarita Day and I didn’t celebrate. I mean, a few people mentioned it to me and I got some press releases about it. But I somehow neglected to put it on my schedule. Major fail Monican.

all i want is a drink

It’s been bugging me ever since but I decided I will not live with this heartache! I will celebrate TODAY. Right now. Immediately!!!

And so the dramatic nature of this post makes sense when you realize I’m buzzed.

i love this drink[3]

To make up for this oversight I decided to make my awesome Watermelon Margarita Recipe. Bought my favorite food specifically for the occasion!

watermelon for me (727x545)

Other options…

Lazy Girl Margarita with a Vitawater

That time I tried Refine Mixers and still really love them but haven’t seen them in my local store.

While I was out I stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour. Now I’m re-using that massive cup for my margarita. Anyone want to volunteer to scrape me off the floor later?


It’s so pretty here I actually stopped to smell take a picture of the roses today.

pretty skies (669x502)

Don’t worry, the killer is sleeping just fine at night (and during the day). He has no remorse for his bird killing ways so I hide in the closet and whisper, “Oooo…Vegas….this is the bird you killed….I had a family….I was working on a nest…I’m going to tell my brother to poop on you…” in hopes that he is scared straight.

cutest cat but hes a killer (669x502)

Check ya later!

Question: Did you enjoy a margarita this weekend?


  1. says

    I saw that it was national margarita day on Saturday but by the time I got off work and I got home I was so tired. I know excuses excuses…I need to make up for this! It is not acceptable seeing as though Margaritas are one of my favorite things EVER!

  2. Cindy says

    Who cares about margaritas? I’m using the rose pic as my wallpaper. Sick to death of this Midwest deep freeze. Please send me some sun! :-)

  3. says

    Haha you make me laugh! I had no idea it was skinny margarita day until I clicked on your post! I am not really drinking at this phase in my training. Although I know it will not make a difference as such, I really want to commit to my goal, and know I did everything I can to smash my 1:15 PR in the half marathon :)

    Have one for me :)

  4. says

    As the redheaded Mexican, it feels like an extra travesty that you didn’t celebrate! I don’t know why I associated margaritas and Mexico. Google told me it possibly originated from there but maybe not.

    Sounds like you’re celebrating in earnest now. Margaritas all over the world forgive you and I totally enjoyed this post and am still kind of picturing you hiding in your closet making scratching noises on the door and whispering ominously to your cat. That is all so full of win.

  5. Shannon in Tustin says

    I need to get on that mailing list–on second thought, shame on me for needing to be reminded to drink margaritas! 😉

    I shall have a make-up day very soon.

  6. Jessica says

    I had a daquari – does that count? Is that how you spell it?!

    If you’re ever in Houston go to the Margarita drive thru – it will change your life!

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