What You Don’t Know Wednesday

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I’m running a little late to RERland today because I was busy running and eating and conference calling all morning.

its too late

So, let’s get to it…

This weekend I bought new sheets because my mom gave me money to since I buy so much food at Costco she gets a rebate at the end of the year.

What you don’t know is I somehow managed to ruin them last night when my knee scab decided to rip open and get blood on them. Fan-freaking-tastic.

new sheets are ruined (669x502)

If you do know how to get blood off stuff please let me know!

so gross

Pre-Run Eats: A few Clem n’ Tina ‘s

clem and tinas (409x545)

What you might not know: How Citrus Can Help Your Health


 10 mile run because i'm addicted (376x502)

What you don’t know is I am obsessed with my pink Mizuno shoes. I wouldn’t suggest anyone buy a running shoe just for the color but if you can get your correct running shoe in pink then it’s true love.

pink running shoes are the best running shoes (669x502)

What you might not know: I have three ProCompression visors. I love it.

who is this sweaty runner (282x502)


egg sandwich (669x502)

What you don’t know is I also had an avocado with it. I meant to only eat half of it but it’s too good. Don’t blame me, blame nature for making such delicious food.

eating all the avocado (376x502)

I was going to stretch after my run but bending my knee all the way just irritates the scab again. Trying to work with it!

What you don’t know: Vegas is a killing machine.

my cat is ignoring me (376x502)

He was outside for a bit yesterday and then walks back in with a big bird in his mouth, all proud. I yelled at him to take it outside, but he decided he would prefer to play with the poor dead thing right in front of me. I stopped him and cleaned it up. And that’s when I realized I am an adult.

(I haven’t been letting him out that much. But he begs and begs and I haven’t seen other cats around for a few days so I caved and let him. I stay near the door in case I hear a cat fight about to start.)

What I don’t know: How much he probably actually kills. If you haven’t read the Oatmeal’s Cats Are Killing Machines infographic, you need to now.


Question: Does your pet keep a similar schedule?

What color are your shoes right now?


  1. says

    Hydrogen Peroxide takes blood out of anything. Just spray it on, let it foam up and then rinse with cold water. If you still see blood, repeat. WalMart even sells hydrogen peroxide in a little spray bottle which i keep in my laundry room at all times.

  2. Nikki says

    Run it under cold water. The blood comes right out. My toddler gets crazy nose bleeds ALL THE TIME. Works like a charm.

  3. christi says

    Shout – Give it a couple good sprays, leave it alone for an hour – wash in cold water. I have also had success with a little oxy clean for blood on light colored clothing. My son is a defensive lineman – there is always blood on something in our laundry!

    • says

      Well…I see you have 42 replies and I am betting 30 of them say Hydrogen Peroxide which is totally the answer but I can’t be bothered cause it’s a bit more work than Oxyclean. It’s my friend. I’d use that. For future reference…it’s also awesome for freaking every stain in the world. I speak the truth.

  4. Emily says

    I know it sounds weird but Murphy’s Oil Soap for hardwood floors is my go-to stain remover for everything… I’m a nurse and believe me I get more than my fair share of stains of my scrubs… and its cheap! :)

  5. Anel says

    Hahahhaha I love that squirrel thing! Too funny!!! When I had a cat, he never brought me back anything. He was still young tough. Now, my dog has really high prey instinct and I hope he never comes home with anything. I once ate a whole avocado in one sitting- I feel ya.

  6. says

    My 2 dogs Simon and Alvin have the same boring schedule every day:
    Eat kibs for breakfast
    Bark maniacally at SOMETHING outdoors (dogs, postperson, people)
    Play for 10 minutes with Gonuts chew toy (tug of war)
    Run around the house and irritate owners
    Eat kibs for Dinner
    Beg for treats while we eat dinner
    These recurring events are broken up occasionally when they poop or pee (outdoors), insist on licking and being petted, and conduct other human training sessions.

  7. says

    Our cat hardly ever gets to go out. We live in a big apartment building so really she only goes on our roof deck. One day last Fall a birdy got a little too brave I guess and she got him from the room deck. Managed to bring the bird down into our living room. . . but unfortunately are animals are too fast (my husband was on a conference call). She left it by our dogs crate and all that was left were feathers by the time Zach got to it. Gross.

  8. ChristineB says

    LOL. I just bought new running shoes, and I didn’t choose them because they were white and purple, but it sure didn’t hurt!

    And our cat, sadly, has murder on his schedule daily. Unfortunately it’s me he’s trying to kill. :( If he didn’t love my boys so much he’d already be gone, but one more major attack is all I’ll stand from him.

  9. The Silent Assassin says

    My Asics Tri Noosa 9’s are very colorful! Hey Monica, going off the grid here after this post. I’m crossing my fingers I get a glimpse of the Monican toe’ing the start line and maybe get a pose down going =). It’s my first full. I’m hopeful my pahtnah in crime is going to catch up with you and give you some “Aloha for Days”. If I don’t see you, pretty plaheeze, send me some good karma my way. I just wanna finish (injury free) in style. They say its going to drizzle… Safe be da journey and I hope you have a blast in AZ!!!

      • TheSilentAssassin says

        I’m not sure. I guess I’ll figure it out on pickup. The Hawaiian word for kismet is hopena. We will see if The Silent Assassin will ever cross paths with The Monican. :) stay blessed!

  10. Charlotte says

    At least your cat brought in a dead kill. My last pet brought in a live mouse, dropped it at my feet all bloody and twitching.

  11. says


  12. Sarah says

    I realize you have a trillion comments on the blood-stain removal thing, but I’m going to throw my weight behind shampoo! It hasn’t failed me yet! And do NOT stick the sheet in the dryer until the stain is completely out or else it will never come out! I found that out the hard way…:/

  13. says

    Hahahha.. cats are cold blooded killers. I will never be a cat person! That, and I happen to be allergic. Oh darn.. 😛

    Those pink Mizunos are super cute! Also I’ve been thinking about investing in a visor- Pro Compression is in the visor business? To pair with the theme of this post, I didn’t know that! 😛

  14. says

    We’ve been letting a stray cat come in and stay with us (I guess he’s our cat now…) and last Saturday, he showed up in the window with a dead bird in his mouth!! He wanted to come in, but I didn’t let him. He later brought in a feather, which I assume came from the dead bird. Such mean cats!

  15. Lea says

    Using saliva can be an effective way to remove blood stains, because the enzymes in saliva that help digest food also break down the proteins in blood, and it’s those proteins that make blood so difficult to clean. Note that this method is best used on small stains.

  16. april says

    avocados are really the best things ever. i can’t stop eating them! not a bad addiction to have, right?

    the last pair of running shoes i bought were hot pink brooks pureflow 2s. love them :)

  17. Sarah G. says

    That infographic just made my entire day. My husband jokingly nicknamed one of our cats “Murderface”… well, his real name is actually Bateman after Patrick Bateman from American Psycho… but anyways, I’m feeling a lot of these cat murderer references hitting very close to home.

    Right now I’m rocking the Hibiscus/Blue/White PureFlow 2’s.

  18. Jenny says

    I will back up the saliva technique! I use it all the time in the costume shop. It’s great for when you don’t realize you’ve stabbed your finger while stitching.

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