Friday Favorites–The BEST Running Shorts and Running Skirt to prevent chafing and thigh rub (again)

Happy Friday!! How was your week?

I’m working on the RER redesign so it’s been busy over here! Is it dumb that I didn’t think it was going to be that much work on my end?


how dumb are you

But I’m super excited about the updates and stuff!! Coming soon.

Now I have a whole post dedicated to the one question I get most about running clothes …

“What shorts/shirt is that?!”


“HELP me Monican!!! What shorts don’t chafe?!”

running in the heat

Every time I share an Instagram picture after a race at least one of the comments inevitably is one of those above. Well peeps, I know I’ve said it 99 times but I will say it again – Moving Comfort.

I wear Moving Comfort Running Shorts or the Sprint Skort 83% of the time.

best running shorts collage

The shorts are long enough that they don’t ride up. They are the 7.5” Endurance Short (they have a 4” version that is awesome too, but too short for me – if you have thick thighs it’s probably not going to work to avoid rub).

SALE! You can get them on Zappos for $10 off right now which is a super sale!! They’re good quality too. I wear mine all the time.

UPDATE: They are on the Moving Comfort site for only $24!!! <- go to the SALE tab on the top.

The skirt is the Sprint Tech Skort.

best running skirt (600x800)

I’ve worn the Sprint Skort for years – it’s the only one I’ve found with the non-stick liner and comes in cute colors. A company rep sent me this new colorful one in Cosmic Blue that I am loving! How cute is the matching bra?!

moving comfort skort

(The sportsbra is the Rebound Racer.)

The awesome thing about the shorts inside the skirt is the grip liner. It prevents the shorts from riding up. If you don’t know why that’s a big deal, you just don’t get me at all. running short inner liner (800x600)

If you have to ask you wouldn’t understand.

i dont get it

Moving Comfort is actually best known for their awesome line of supportive and cute sportsbras. They have a huge selection for all different sizes and preferences. They come in specific cup sizes too!

Check out Moving Comfort Sportsbra page to peruse your boobs’ favorites.


So. Now go in peace and let me know what you think if you try the skirt or shorts too.

Don’t forget to use the discount code RER for 40% off and free shipping on ProCompression socks and sleeves!

Question: Do you buy colorful sportsbras?

I love them even though I don’t run in ‘just a bra’!

Disclaimer: Moving Comfort sent me this gear, but I’d buy it even if they didn’t as chafing is the worst. All opinions are my own.


  1. Julia says

    Sorry if this is an awkward personal question… but from the looks of things we’re about the same size and I want to order those moving comfort shorts as I also deal with chafing but I don’t know whether to do M or L. So… M or L?

  2. says

    I’ve started to buy/wear MC sports bras and am loving them. And the more colourful the better…I like loud colours. Yup, I run in sports bra on hot/humid days.

  3. says

    I also have a brand of shorts and short tights that I absolutely love, and can’t stop wearing. Every other brand of shorts I’ve bought is sitting in my closet, total waste.
    I don’t run in bras, although I have a couple of colorful ones. My favorite color is black though, it goes with everything (the straps sometimes show so it has to match).

  4. says

    I’ve actually never tried out MC… all their clothes looks comfortable though!! I can’t even remember the last time I bought new workout clothes…. oh yes i do!! It was September or October of last year and only because I had a gift card!! ha!
    Can’t wait to see the new redesign!! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend… watching tv! 😉

  5. Kasey says

    Moving comfort sports bras are THE BEST. I have 4- one Juno and 3 urban crossovers (which are my favorite ever). And I only ever buy colorful ones. They always seem to peek out of tank tops, so they might as well look like they are meant to show.
    Btw, Brooks has shorts with the grippers, too. I have a skort and a pair of fitted shorts from them that both have that gripper band, which is close to the best invention ever for those of us with sturdy peasant legs.

  6. says

    I always buy colorful sports bras and I have only run with just a sports bra once so I’m not sure why I bother except it makes me feel good inside.

    That moving comfort skort and bra is adorbs and I just might have to buy it!

  7. says

    Moving Comfort has quickly become my favorite brand for sports bras. They are AMAZING!

    I still don’t understand the running skirt. I think maybe I’m missing something? I’m a volleyball player, which means I’m a member of the Thunder Thighs/Quadzilla Collective, and I’m used to wearing spandex shorts as such. Most ride up, though some brands have mastered this. What does the running skirt, like, do? I’m so confused! Help!

  8. says

    I always have colorful sports bras. They’re like my happy little secret.

    I absolutely can’t do shorts because the ride up is such an issue, but maybe with the grip liner they’ll actually work for me.

  9. says

    I love Moving Comfort! For Christmas I got a tank and a few sports bras and I honestly say that they compare to, if not better than, Lulu. And yes, I buy everything in bright obnoxious colors because it makes life more fun :)

  10. says

    I’m a boring black, white or grey sports bra girl. Well I have one that is turquoise. I wish I had the body (and the confidence) to wear a sports bra only on top when it’s super hot in the summer!

  11. says

    I have never heard of those shorts but definitely going to check them out. I do t do sports bras. They’re so 90s. I love the long tanks with the sports bras built-in. Nike has good ones but they’re hard to find in other brands.

  12. Nicole says

    I love the Moving Comfort Bras. I am a DD, so it is really hard to find any sportsbras in the first place. But I love to run and don’t want my boobs to get in the way. (no really, if I don’t wear a good sports bra, they actually get in my way…) Buying my first MC bra was the best piece of equipment I ever bought.

  13. Steph F. says

    I second Moving Comfort’s 7.5 inch shorts! After losing half the skin on my thighs during a hot, sweaty training run in an ill-fitting running skort, I will wear nothing else during the summer months. I have muscular legs and ahem, generous thighs, but the Moving Comfort shorts never ride up. l love the lower waist on them, too! If I get brave enough to venture back into the world of running skorts, I’ll definitely try that Moving Comfort skort out – so darn cute :) Oh, and their bras rock, too!

  14. Sherilyn says

    I bought the Moving Comfort sports bra after learning about the company on this blog. I have a lot of trouble finding regular bras that support me, nevermind sports bras, so I was thrilled to find that it worked for me! They are a great company and I love their products!

  15. says

    Living in Cali and enjoying almost eternal sunshine and warmth, do you ever run in running tights/carpis/leggings?

    I moved to Texas almost 2 years ago and despite the heat I don’t run in shorts (I do wear Champion running skirts) because I could never find shorts that didn’t chaff! I’ve always been curious about your shorts! Thanks for sharing!

    Also I love colorful bras, I wear white tops just to show off my colorful sports bras!!

  16. says

    Yes, the brighter the color the better. Even though no one see’s my colorful sports bra, it makes me feel fabulous – whether I’m running or working out in the gym. Gotta spice it up, even if I’m the only one who see’s them 😉

  17. says

    I love brightly colored running bras. My favorite is my neon green one from Lululemon. I would never run in just my running bra, but I love that I have something so bright underneath and if a strap hangs out it just looks cute. I think that running skirt looks great – may have to try one. I’m liking the “gotta love it tunic” too.

  18. Rob Runs says

    I only wear Moving Comfort bras and I have, like, one white one. I actually just had to go buy it because I got some white shirts from races I couldn’t wear (and I’m not a fan of seeing the bra underneath). I’ve been running for a few years in stupid hot, humid MD and just bought my first pair of shorts ever three weeks ago – Moving Comfort compression shorts from Running Warehouse – so I could rock a tutu over them (I usually wear a Skirts Sport skirts). The shorts are AMAZE. Wore them the first time ever during a half-marathon and they did NOT move an inch. Love.

  19. says

    I love wearing colorful bras even though I don’t run in them either. I saw some skirts like that at REI last night and thought of you because they look so cute. Glad you made this post, I’ll check out Moving Comfort.

  20. says

    I just spotted a bunch of Moving Comfort gear at REI! REI’s hosting a 20% off one item deal right now, so that’s pretty super fantastic. :) LOVE the bright colors!

    I only have black and white sports bras (so far), but I wear super colorful running tanks and tops so I figure black goes with all of them, right?

  21. Erika says

    Yesss! I am totally going to get one of those Sprint Tech Skorts! I hate wearing shorts (at any time) because I’m constantly pulling them down.

    I buy colorful sports bras all the time. I have a ton of the Nike ones and I pair them with a colorful Under Armour tank. Cute stuff.

  22. says

    I buy all kinds of ridiculous colored sports bras, and it would take a poorly chosen outfit on a really hot day to get me to run in just a sportsbra.

    I need to check out the skirt. I love the pace setters from Lululemon for the same grippy reason. And they come in crazy colors and patterns.

  23. Jules says

    Hi Monica. Quick question about the pro compression SOCKS…How is the sizing. I am a 8.5-9 womens shoe so looks like I would do a s/m. My calfs measure abour 14-14.5 inches. Any thoughts on how these would fit my legs?? Thanks so much. You were my motivation to keep going on running after I did my first half. I read your blog & just kept signing up for runs

  24. Vanessa says

    These are definitely some great options. Have you tried using Bandelettes? These are definitely my favorite thing to wear when exercising or running. Bandelettes ( ) have completely stopped my thighs from becoming chafed when running or during my exercise.

  25. em says

    I’m a long-term reader but hardly ever comment – so hi! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Moving Comfort shorts recommendation. I have always been pear-shaped with big thighs & saddlebags and have never felt comfortable working out in shorts. I finally found some 2-in-1 shorts from Athleta that didn’t ride up, but the longer shorts were thick cotton and didn’t breathe at all. I bought the Moving Comfort shorts and wore them for a long run and I am so pleased! The waist is a little loose so hopefully the elastic waistband holds up after wear. I plan to wear them in my first half marathon next month. Thanks again!

  26. Lyndi says

    I cannot find a Moving Comfort running skirt/skort that has 7.5″ shorts, I am only finding the 4″ shorts. They would be too short for my large thighs too. Do you know where I can find one? Thanks.

  27. Kimberly says

    I just came across your site when doing a search for running shorts and skirts. It doesn’t look like they sell shorts or skirts any more. Do you have any other recommendations?


    • Tina says

      Bummer, I too just found this site via a web search for running shorts that don’t cause chafing. I loved the idea of that skort, going to have to keep searching!

  28. Leah says

    Your blog is so fun and also so helpful in inspiration and advice! Love it! But yes, I went looking for these items on Moving Comfort website and was disappointed to find that they no longer sell anything but underthings. Big bummer. Do you have any other recommendations?

  29. Jeanie says

    Do you know if moving comfort still makes running skirts? I can’t seem to find them on the website, or the Brooks website. Thank you!

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