Jamba Juice Green Smoothie Giveaway

Hello! Today is my ‘Friday’ since it was the last day of the Wellness Retreat. I’ve been leading a run/walk fitness class for the event this week. The group had a big party last night so we planned an easy power walk around the marina. The last day is always the easiest in case people had a little too much fun the night before.

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The earlier than usual mornings definitely caught up with me because I am TIRED today! I need something magical to help me bounce back and get to work.

So, on the way home I decided to stop at Jamba Juice and put that gift card a company rep sent me to good use.

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I added a shot of wheatgrass to my order in hopes that it will give me magical healthy powers to be awake and 110% today!! I love that they serve it with an orange slice as a ‘chaser’. Seriously, love it.

jamba juice wheat grass shots (800x600)

I used to be somewhat of a Jamba Juice expert in high school and college. It was part of my post-long run ritual to stop at Jamby on the way home from a run in Long Beach Smile I even had a “Powered By Jamba Juice” license plate holder my boyfriend at the time got me. I was super into it.

I got the new-ish Apples n’ Greens smoothie from the Fruit & Veggie section of the menu.

jamba juice fruit and veggie apples and greens (600x800)

Want a sip?

sipping on jamba juice veggie smoothie (450x800)

Jamba Juice Gift Card Giveaway

One RER reader will win a $25.00 gift card to Jamba Juice!

Open to all residents of Earth – but you should check to see if there is a Jamba Juice close to you so it’s something you can use. Check Jamba Juice locations.

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post with your favorite smoothie ingredient.

Closes 4/13/14 at 8am PST. Open to all.

Disclaimer: Jamba Juice provided me with a gift card and one to giveaway. All opinions are my own.


  1. The Silent Assassin says

    Just like Sally, I also like banana. Not only for its healthy benefits, but if it doesn’t get grinded up enough, you have to get your cheek muscles to work overtime. Extra work! #winning. Plus, i know i’m not the only one that gives up half way through the banana coming up the straw…only to blow it back out and have another go at it. And you know you’ve accomplished something when it clears the tube and you get nothing but a smooth stream of jamba…well, until you get another banana piece stuck in there =)

  2. says

    I LOVE post-run smoothies! I tend to like the ingredients that get stuck in your teeth; raspberries, chia seeds, blueberries… all of that goodness. My favorite Jamba smoothie is Mango Mantra with a boost of protein. :) Happy “Weekend” Monica!

  3. Sarah C. says

    Favorite this week is mango! I found frozen mango chunks at Trader Joe’s that were actually ripened before freezing, so they taste amazing. (Usually I find that frozen mango = unripe tasting and yucky).

  4. Amanda S. says

    I know this isn’t the healthiest ingredient to put in smoothies, but orange sherbet is my favorite! Probably because I’m addicted to the Cold Buster smoothie….

  5. Jennifer says

    I love lemon or lime in my smoothies, just a little citrus kick. My fav Jamba Juice is Berry Lime Sublime!

  6. Angelica says

    I LOVE bananas in my smoothies because it sweetens it up but my sister once made me a grape, orange, celery, and plum smoothie and I absolutely LOVED it.

  7. Alicia says

    HANDS down… pumpkin… pumpkin flavored anything is appropriate 12 months of the year, it also is great for thickening. Thick smoothies>>>

  8. says

    I love adding cinnamon and chia seeds to my smoothies! They don’t really alter the flavor that much, but the added health benefits are always a plus

  9. Elizabeth says

    Spinach! I’m always trying to get more greens and if you throw in a cup of spinach with fruit and other yummy stuff, you can’t even taste it!

  10. says

    I’ve never actually tried a smoothie before. I always want to, but they’re kind of expensive so I’m afraid that I’m going to hate it and waste money.

  11. Sarah says

    Currently I’m obsessed with kale in smoothies, but in general the most used ingredient would be banana!
    And I love, love, love that Apple kale jamba smoothie! Yum!

  12. says

    It’s banana of course!!! It makes all smoothies sweet and creamy! But I LOVE the new green smoothies and that Jamba has KALE now! That’s some serious hooraz. Fingers crossed and PS A smoothie and a wheat grass shot have some serious healing powers. XOX

  13. Josie says

    I love adding avocado to smoothies. I’m not a big fan of bananas but avocado gives kind of the same consistency of bananas. :)

  14. Kara says

    I drink a smoothie every single morning for breakfast. I switch up the recipe, but it ALWAYS has ground flax seed in it. It balances out the sweets I’m bound to eat later on in the day.

  15. Andrea says

    Cherries & chocolate! OH, or the cookies and cream spiru-lein or whatever protein powder? I saw you post about Cherries Jubilee forever ago and now I’m in love with their protein powders.

  16. Angelee says

    I haven’t been to Jamba in ages… I think the last time I went I was 10 years old and got some sort of chocolate smoothie. Do they even make those anymore and is it even really considered a “smoothie?!”

  17. Candice says

    I love banana in my smoothies and some spinach since you can’t taste it. I recently had one with wheat grass and loved it! It’s a new favorite!

  18. Jackie B says

    My favorite smoothie ingredient is spinach or kale, it is a great way to get some veggies into my diet and I don’t even taste them!

  19. Ashley says

    Ahhh Jamba Juice is the best, I love it! I even named my college a cappella group’s CD after it back in the day (“Jamba Jews”…don’t worry, it was a Jewish a cappella group).
    Favorite smoothie ingredient is definitely a frozen banana. Every great smoothie starts right there.

  20. Jennifer P says

    I love the tropical smoothies! I’ll drink anything with pineapple!! (Probably because it tastes like a pina colada…)

  21. Laura says

    I couldn’t pick one fave! Definitely frozen banana and spinach! Otherwise, I guess I’m a little flexible ; )

  22. Zana says

    Banana’s are a necessity. I will run to the store mid-week just for banana’s if I’m out or running low.

  23. Allyson L. says

    I am OBSESSED with smoothies!!! I love putting spinach, frozen berries, vanilla protein powder, xanath gum, and vanilla almond milk in mine!!!! I LOVE JAMBA JUICE!!!

  24. cel says

    GINGER!!! (no im not calling you that;) From one spice lover to the next…ginger will revolutionize your smoothie

  25. Jessica says

    Mmm I haven’t had a smoothie in forever!! I always tend to gravitate towards Peach/Mango or Raspberry. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Amy says

    I love strawberries, but I wish there were no seeds! I also like mango, even though I don’t like to eat actual mango-go figure!

  27. natalie says

    I’ve switched from coconut milk to kefir recently and it adds a little “tang” along with a bang of probiotics.

  28. says

    Definitely spinach! The greener the better. I know it can’t stand alone (if given a 2nd choice, I vote banana) but I never make a smoothie without my greens :)

  29. callie b. says

    i love all sorts of frozen fruits in my smoothies…love the mixed fruit combo you can get at costco! delish!

  30. Kaitlin G says

    My favorite ingredient is some kind of nut butter… definitely gives it a less of an “icy” consistency. Oh and icecream, oh wait… that’s a milkshake 😉

  31. says

    I would LOVE to win this **GIVEAWAY!** I don’t get to Jamba Juice too often, simply b/c I make my own smoothies most of the time. But I certainly WOULD go if I win this Gift Card! I’d get the “Aloha Pineapple,” then the “Mango-A-Go-Go” on another visit, then finally, the “Caribbean Passion.” I like all the “tropical-y” kind of drinks…especially since it’s getting close to Summer-y weather!

  32. Katherine says

    My all-time fave smoothie ingredient is banana… preferably frozen. (A handful of spinach is a close runner-up though!)

  33. Tristen says

    Bananas are my favorite smoothie ingredient! Especially when you freeze them…it thickens the smoothies into a milkshake consistency while also making it taste delicious! (:

  34. Gila says

    Spinach! You can’t even taste it and it adds so many nutrients and it’s always fun drinking something green.

  35. says

    Apples n greens is my favorite Jamba Juice flavor! Love love love it! I always add extra protein to my smoothies so I guess that would be my fave ingredient :)

  36. Gabriella says

    Mmmm I love Jamba Juice! And my favourite smoothie ingredient is frozen berries- creamy deliciousness!

  37. Michelle says

    Raspberries! Plus, you make me laugh several times a week, just so you know :) Thank you for all that you do for your readers Monica~~~

  38. Stacie says

    Frozen bananas and pb. I like some of the suggestions/comments such as coconut water and lime juice. Yum!! Hadn’t thought of that, but will definitely try now.

    Thanks to you and Jamb a Juice for the giveaway!

  39. Caroline says

    Crunchy peanut butter! That texture with the peanut butter flavor provides a good contrast to all those veggies/fruits

  40. Saniel says

    I like to add frozen acai berry unsweetened packets tomy smoothie. I know it’s healthy and great for the body. Thanks

  41. says

    Love my garden of life Raw greens powder that is flavored with cocoa powder to cut the harsh taste. Makes drinking bunches of greens super easy and delicious.

  42. Valerie says

    My favorite smoothie ingredient is actually spinach! It’s healthy, and I can’t taste it, which is a win-win in my book!

  43. Melanie says

    Sweeeeeet! I live within walking distance of a Jamba, and I’d definitely put this gift card to good use. When I make smoothies at home, my favorite ingredient is probably frozen bananas… makes for great creamy texture!

  44. Laura says

    Strawberries….I love strawberries….Pineapple too! :) I hope I win! I totally have a Jamba Juice a few stores down from where I work!

  45. Katie says

    Raspberries! Also enjoy adding kale, yes I just tried this.. A but delayed. A great way to add nutrients without really tasting it!

  46. says

    I love Jamba Juice! There’s one on my walk home from the gym so sometimes I take my sweaty stinky self in for a smoothie.
    My favorite ingredient at Jamba Juice is peaches! I also love Jamba Juice pretzels – so good!

  47. Marin says

    Spinach for me–I love getting the extra veggies, and I always get a kick out of the funny looks people give me for the color of my smoothies!

  48. Cortney says

    ICE! For sure! I like whatever smoothie I am having to be super cold!

    If ice does not count, then I would have to say coffee! I make a mean coffee/banana/almond milk/cocoa powder smoothie!

  49. Kayla says

    My favorite ingredient in smoothies is frozen bananas! I swear any smoothie I make without a frozen banana just isn’t the same!

  50. Steph says

    Favorite ingredient is mango!! Just love it in all my smoothies.
    Love your purple top, I have that one too :)

  51. Hayley Hansen says

    Dates are probably the BEST ingredient! They add amazing texture and sweetness that you won’t get from any other fruit.

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