Gonzalo Beans

Earlier today I got a knock at the door and the Propel Fairy aka the Fed Ex guy delivered a TON of it!!! So, I’ve been sitting here on the floor drinking it all day. Just another day in RER land.

propel fitness water (800x600)

I also hung out on the patio at some point sipping a bev.

sipping sonic (450x800) I'm outdoorsy

And I’m going this TJ’s cleanse because it’s easier than actually doing a real cleanse where I avoid sugar. But I should do that too.

complete body cleanse (600x800) don't ruin it

Snack I found at Mother’s Market health food store – almond butter rice krispy bars.

almond rice bars (800x600)

Lunch in my new salad bowl. Eat the rainbow (and not just Starburst).

beautiful salad (800x600)

And then I had a stroke of GENIUS for dinner! I am so excited that this came out amazing!! I made a peanut sauce out of my favorite secret ingredient and it came out delicious. Recipe coming soon!

peanut sauce (800x600)

I served up the sauce on brown rice pasta and added garbanzo beans after the picture.

Then, my brother called me to ask what I was making for “Meatless Monday”… so I described this meal. And he thought I said “Gonzalo beans” which I found hysterical and that is what we shall call them from now on. (Gonzalo is a name in case you live in a world where everyone is named Jen and didn’t realize.)

peanut sauce noodles (600x800)

Gonzalo. Ha! I’m sure I’m the only one who thinks this is funny, and that’s fine with me Smile 


Now I’m going to hang out with Vegas.

monica and vegas

Okay. See you later!

Question: What did you have for dinner?


  1. says

    I have classes on Monday nights (after teaching all day, woo hoo!) so I try to pack a dinner along with me. Today was an uninspiring sandwich. I would MUCH rather have had gonzalo beans on that pasta masterpiece you made!

  2. says

    Dinner… where I accidentally poured half the bottle of lemon pepper on everyone’s fish. It was…spicy to say the least!

  3. says

    Holy propel that is awesome!! I can’t wait for your peanut sauce recipe because my boyfriends version was to dump jif in a pot of noodles. Surprisingly not that delicious and I really love jif. I’m sure yours was better haha

  4. Julie says

    Since I’m trying to avoid pasta (but I still love it!) we had spagetti squash with some chicken sausage and marinara sauce. Not meatless, but I feel OK with it because I did avoid the pasta. So many of my meals are meatless, that I sometimes forget to have one on Meatless Monday!

  5. Jen says

    I’m named Jen and I feel like I do live in a world where everyone is named Jen. But at least I do have a friend named Gonzalo. And for the record, I think Gonzalo beans is hilarious.

  6. says

    I had leftover Chinese food for dinner. Actually it was Thai food from a Chinese restaurant…
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love that you put a Castle meme (is it a meme?) thing in your blog. Totally makes my day! :)

  7. says

    I can’t wait to hear how the TJ’s cleanse worksout. I think the Net Contents on the package is funny. 3 bottles in a box…in case you didn’t know how they are packaged! Gonzalo beans also made me crack up. I instantly thought of Gonzo from the Muppets. :)

    Dinner last night was bell pepper nachos-I mixed ground beef, black beans, and hot rotel and put it over roasted bell peppers with some cheese on top. Easy, healthy, and delicious…

  8. says

    OMG! It’s my long-lost Propel sister from another mother! How the heck did you score all of that? Tellmetellmetellmetellmetellme NOW!!! Lol!
    Chow time was a super yummy piece of salmon from the local Italian deli and brown rice. I could eat POUNDS of that stuff. With or without the gonzalo beans…:)

  9. Claudia says

    LOL – I totally get that Gonzalo beans > Garbonzo beans. Growing up they were always (and still are) Bongo beans – I think one of my brothers dubbed them that when he was a kid. And in keeping with the Gonzalo/Bongo bean theme – we had TJ’s Falafels w/tzatziki, pitas, and hummus last night.

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