Chi Running To Prevent Injuries and the BEST FISH TACOS in California

Hello! Today was jam packed with fun so I wanted to share some of it before I forgot.

long beach sole runner (800x600)

I started the day with a Chi Running lesson with the Sole Runners. They just started their Summer/Fall season in the LBC. 

The group is just starting to train for the Long Beach Marathon in October. So, if you are running a Fall race you should come and sign up to run with them! Coach Steve is all right super cool and the group is really welcoming.


coach steve err day (600x800)

Really, I just come for the watermelon thanks to Leann.

sole runners with leann (600x800) sole runners have watermelon (600x800)

After that I hydrated with some Nuun in my new WATERMELON glass the company sent me! Love.

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Then, I packed it up and headed to Ventura for the night. I really love it and every time I’m here I seriously considering moving up. Mom, will you come visit me?

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I feel like most of the time restaurants around the pier of any beach are over-priced and have mediocre food. But, I was pleasantly surprised at dinner at the Beach House on the Ventura pier! I’d recommend this place and did actually – I texted my brother and told him he had to try it since he’s a clam chowder connoisseur.

WP_20140524_19_31_56_Pro (800x450)

There are two options at the the Beach House – the top level is a fancy restaurant. The first level is a more casual set up, but still has great views and food.

First level – You order at the counter from paper menus or a chalk board of specials. They have tons of fish options and a few non-fish items that you can have in tacos, sandwich or salad style. Then, you go pick it up at the counter (see California casual).

WP_20140524_18_46_09_Pro (800x450) WP_20140524_18_45_03_Pro (800x450)

Oh, they also have drinks… and suddenly it feels like vacation Winking smile

WP_20140524_18_49_59_Pro (450x800)

First, any place that has Sriracha and Cholula is awesome in my world.

WP_20140524_18_48_34_Pro (800x450)

I shared the clam chowder and it was delicious. Plenty of clam plus a flavor I couldn’t put my finger on, but good.

WP_20140524_18_59_27_Pro (800x450)

Fish tacos. These were epic. Great sauce, great fish, great batter, not too greasy, messy but not too messy…

WP_20140524_18_57_37_Pro (800x450)

Now I have to track down some dessert…

WP_20140524_18_43_54_Pro (800x450) WP_20140524_18_30_02_Pro (800x450)

Hope you are having a great weekend!!


  1. says

    Those fish tacos look amazing! I used to go to Wahoo tacos (I think that’s the name) when I was working in Torrance a few years ago. The tacos were my weekly favorite. I need to whip up my own. I seriously need to make a trip out especially now that it’s hotter than you know what in AZ.

  2. says

    Great photos, the sunny beach looks super-appealing on a dreary Seattle Sunday.

    I took a Chi Running lesson once, I LOVED it. I’m working on getting my cadence up; I love their emphasis on body sensing and running as a lifelong practice! My favorite trick when I feel wretched during a long run is to do the “reach-for-the-moon” move to de-tense my shoulders and find my form again.

  3. says

    I’ve been wanting to try fish tacos but in order to do that, I need to try the best fish tacos in town. Not from some sketchy place. So I’ll be on the hunt for the best fish tacos in Austin. The one’s you got look really yummy.

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