My Favorite Things From Fitbloggin in Savannah and What I Learned

Hello! I’m leaving Savannah today. Boo.

fitbloggin bloggers conference schedule review

I had such a great time, took tons of pictures and learned a lot. I have been dreading doing a recap of the weekend because it’s way too much to cover in one blog post. So, I’m doing the highlights and sharing what I learned and my favorite things…

The Best Things I Learning at Fitbloggin in Savannah:

1. I feel like this is super cheesy, but I really did learn some solid information on my current body health by doing the Walgreens Wellness Screening. It’s so much more than the usual blood pressure la-di-da-di quick stuff.

20140628_080419 (800x600) doing the wellness screen walgreens fitbloggin (600x800) (600x800)

The test only takes about 5 minutes and they take tiny drop of blood, weight & body fat and blood pressure. Then you get your info on:

  • Total Cholesterol (this isn’t broken down into HDL/LDL)
  • Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • Visceral Fat
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Body Age

All my numbers are great except the BMI. I’ve been meaning to get back on the weight loss wagon, but haven’t made it a priority lately. My weight has been slowly creeping up and I want to get it back down. I feel a lot more motivated now that I’ve seen it on paper!

And now I’m learning even more since I’m researching all these ideal fat and muscle numbers.

The good news is resting metabolism is 1533 calories – the pharmacist said this is one of the higher numbers she saw that day. That means I can eat 1500 calories not counting any additional exercise I burn!

(Since I was in Savannah – somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, I enjoyed all the adult beverages and desserts without guilt. But, when I get back home I am going to clean up my diet and get back to some of my old habits that really worked for me to lose weight.)

2. I learned to always keep a bandage in your purse. This lil buddy kept me from getting a blister I felt coming on.

20140627_144423 (800x600)

Then I justified just getting new sandals all together since I was walking around so much and those other ones were wearing thin. I love Sanuks. These are the Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 and they come in different colors. Most importantly, they are super comfy!

20140627_154842 (600x800)

3. I learned two places on River street give out Praline samples. And they are fresh and WARM.

Tip: Try them both so you can compare even though they are exactly the same.

famous pralines in savannah (600x800) (600x800)

If you go at the right time they also give out candied pecans.

20140627_155547 (800x600)

Note to self: get back on wagon.

In my defense I shared this…

20140627_232558 (600x800)

4. I learned the Famous Wet Willie’s has sugar free beverages. #Boom

20140629_143935 (600x800) sippin in savannah travel blog (600x800) (600x800)

I also learned the recipe to Chatham Artillery Punch.

20140628_175755 (600x800)

5. I learned that even when it’s humid, running in a new place is the best way to explore!

20140628_065433 (800x600) 20140627_080900 (800x600)

I got in a 9 mile run on Saturday and on Sunday! It was super sweaty and awesome Smile

20140627_074823 (600x800) 20140628_080216 (600x800)

6. I learned justified that hot and humid runs earn you ice cream for lunch!

I went to Leopold’s a famous ice cream shop in Savannah that’s been around since 1919. This place was highly recommended by a lot of people. They make all the ice cream right there and it’s delicious! I went with a kid’s size Mint N’ Chip (my favorite flavor).

20140629_112740 (800x600) 1404056439808 (600x800)

The staff says “Hello y’all!”

20140629_114855 (800x600)

7.5 I added PB from the swag bags to my oatmeal this morning and it took it up a notch.

20140629_082329 (600x800)

8. I learned people get confused by calling a Catholic Church “Cathedral of St. John the BAPTIST”. There was a funny conversation we had in front of this sign with other tourists over whether this was a Catholic of Baptist church.

20140629_103354 (600x800) 20140629_103437 (800x600)

9. I learned it’s time for a tattoo.

20140629_115436 (600x800)

10. I learned…

You can be wise or in love, but never both.

20140628_191421 (450x800)

11. I learned there is just something about this Fitbloggin community that rocks. I’ve been to a lot of conferences and this one is just super welcoming and friendly and not intimidating. I really appreciate that and highly recommend this one for other bloggers who are a little afraid to go to big blog events.

20140627_105351 (600x800)

Question: What did you learn this week/weekend?


  1. says

    I love this!! I was there with you and it was great to meet you (for a moment) and you captured the Savannah highlights for sure!! It was a great city to explore – so beautiful and so many delicious food and drink options. I also have to confess that I loved those shoes SO much I just ordered them. I’m dead serious. Thank you!!! :-)

  2. says

    I learned that if I go to savannah I need leopolds ice cream 😉

    I also learned that I need to ride about 65-70 miles on a bike to equal my 26.2 running marathon time and I don’t know if my butt can handle that. So far I am up to about 2 hours and change (24 miles). Maybe I need a cushier seat.

  3. says

    Oh, leopold ice cream!!! This weekend, was our inaugural AZ social media run. Pretty cool. Thanks for all the pics and points. Looks like a great place to visit. On the real…how many men (do you think) attended. All the feeds from you and other (peeps) social media reaches, I couldn’t find a single one. Just curious.

  4. says

    I learned that it is possible to eat an entire watermelon all by yourself. I don’t know why I felt the need to prove it, but it was definitely a challenge I was up for and I nailed it!

  5. Kristen says

    If your basal metabolic rate is 1533 that’s not just without exercise–that’s without ANY daily movement at all. So, that’s what you would burn if you were in a coma. Your daily burn without exercise is probably about 300-400 more calories than that. Also, you should forget about the BMI. It’s an outdated measurement and you’re a healthy active lady :)

  6. says

    I learned that being a normal person (aka, a triathlete in off season) is fun! When you’re not training a million hours a week, you can do normal things like go to brunch, and the waterpark, movies with friends… crazy!

  7. april says

    i ;earned that i need to visit savannah asap :) it looks like such a beautiful city! i also live in southern california, but i’ve never visited the south!

  8. Karen says

    How was the rmr measured? I’ve been wanting to get mine measured but looking for the most accurate method.

  9. Taya says

    We have been having a wet spring and summer so far, and this weekend we were at an outdoor event and it kept raining, and rainng, and a wise old man told me that “you can only get SO wet”!!

  10. says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah! What a cool looking place.

    This weekend I learned that a good amount of alcohol will make a 20 year high school reunion (not yours) so much easier to bear. There are only so many “do you remember when…” stories you can hear sober.

  11. says

    I learned that if I actually start cleaning, it doesn’t take that long for my living room to look a thousand times better. And dishes never take as long as I spend thinking about how I don’t want to do the dishes…

    Those shoes are really cute!

  12. says

    I learned that I can not miss this event next year. All the posts were making me feel uber left out! :( I learned that having a night without our daughter is exactly what my husband and I need to feel like we are dating again. I learned that waking up just one hour earlier really helps me cross everything off my to do list. I am also vibin’ those sandals!

  13. says

    I learned that trying to to do a relaxation exercise for 25 minutes is far harder than any other type of exercise for me! I also learned you can get yellow fleshed watermelons. Who knew!?

    Personally, I don’t think BMI is a terribly good indicator of overall health. On the other hand I know what it’s like when you feel like you’ve been eating a lot of treats and want to get back on the wagon…. What I mean to say is, you look fabulous, so don’t sweat the BMI but a bit of clean eating after having some fun makes us all feel good!

  14. Lorin says

    Some professional athletes are considered ‘overwieght’ based on BMI. BMI doesn’t take into account muscle vs. fat.

  15. says

    Cute post! Totally love those sandals and am definitely looking them up as I type…

    Also, I’m with everyone on the BMI thing. BMI’s are a notoriously unreliable measurement. Don’t let that one number lead you to thinking you’re somehow “fallen off the wagon”. You look beautiful and healthy to me personally!

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