Great News If You’re A “Faller” Like Me

This post is sponsored in part by my inability to master gravity and Nexcare Brand.

Hello! How’s it going?

This morning Vegas and I had breakfast and discussed current events.

Vegas at breakfast (600x800)

He’s like a real person because he gets mail. I think I’m his secretary because I have to follow up with this…

vegas gets mail (600x800)

Then, I went for a run. He went for a nap.

vegas napping cat (800x600)

Luckily, on today’s run I didn’t fall so I’ll call it a good day Smile 

mizuno running shoes (600x800)

Last week I was contacted about a post on Nexcare Waterproof Bandages. I figured they must have been familiar with my post(s) about falling while I run. It happens a few times a year, so I was excited to collaborate and refill my first aid kit. I’ll put these to good use, trust me.

nexcare bandages

In all seriousness, I used a few boxes of the bandages the last time I fell and scraped my knee because it took so long to heal. It was the worst area to hurt because I kept ripping it open when I would go from standing to sitting or really doing anything that involved bending my knee.

falling while running (600x800)

Now it’s only a matter of time before I fall again, but this time I’m prepared.

You know I have to hit my ‘falling quota’ every year which is about three…

i didnt fall

The selling point of these bandages is that they stay put because they have a 360 degree seal and are waterproof. I read “waterproof” as sweat proof, which is great for keeping them on during sweat sessions.

20140627_144421 (800x600)

To prove this they partnered with “Nexcare Nana” asking her to stand in front of a fire hose (among other intense activities), and she is a beast…!

That is basically how much I sweat = a fire hose worth!

Share your story with #nexcarenana and head over to to learn more.

Question: How many times a year do you fall?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Nexcare Brand. All opinions are my own. These videos are a dramatization and no Nanas were hurt in the making of this blog post.


  1. Amanda S says

    I fell once trail running by tripping over a root (in my defense, it was HUGE), which resulted in enormous bruises on my knees that lasted for weeks. I suffered through many jokes at work…

  2. april says

    i fell almost a week and a half ago and hurt my hip/inner thigh really badly – i was even on crutches for a few days because it hurt to even walk! i keep joking that i’m 28 going on 80. i definitely have my clumsy moments :)

  3. Sarah says

    Anytime I sign up for free samples or something and have to give my address, I use my dog’s name. Then I’ll know if they’ve gone and sold my info to other places because Nilla gets a bunch of junk mail. She’s even gotten a credit card offer!

  4. Elizabeth S says

    I LOVE Nexcare bandages. I know it sounds silly to love bandages but I took a really bad spill last year on asphalt and skinned all four limbs in multiple spots and these were my lifesavers. I got the tegaderm kind, which are clear and will stay on for multiple days through showers. It allowed me to keep the burn cream they gave me at the ER (yes, I am that good of a faller!) on the wounds and keep them from scabbing over. I swear by these and tell everyone about them!

  5. says

    I fall a few times a year, but unfortunately they’re on our stairs. I had one spill while very pregnant that scared me and made me incredibly careful since (putting lotion on bare feet and then going down carpeted stairs is just a bad idea… duh).

  6. says

    Dude, Tegaderm! Have you used it before? It’s perfect for big scrapes and abrasions that you want to cover up but are too big for a regular bandage. When my husband was racing bikes and would have a nasty crash, we would load up on tegaderm so he could patch himself up afterwords. And I am totally a klutz. I’m the only one my family knows that can fall UP the stairs.

  7. Shari says

    This may sound terrible but it is so nice to hear everyone else’s falling stories! I fell on a run a month ago. I injured my knee and am still trying to get it back to normal. I was so angry at myself because I had just increased my run distance and was feeling great about my progress. Now I am having difficulty after just walking 5 miles.

  8. says

    My last fall was at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon – tripped on the “cat eyes” on the road divider and scrapped my right knee and elbows really bad. :(

  9. valene says

    haha..I am normal very clutzy but I am long overdue for a real deal fall….now that that is in writing I will probably fall today.

  10. Suegene says

    Huge klutz here. I broke my ankle at the starting line of a half mary (and did not realize it, so just soldiered on), sprained my ankle on a savage rock that attacked me on a trail, (but did not fall, and stupidly kept on running) tripped and fallen many times on trails, had some close personal encounters with pot-holes in the street. UGH. I need those band-aids.

  11. Dennis says

    I had one bad fall ths year and still have a scar(from March) Falling means poor balance whch means we have to take core work mre seriously right? I also tripped on a trail run this year. If im on the saem fall plan as yu thn i have one ldft to go. This is good reminder to cntinue ab work. Haha thanx. D you do core work or is your core wrk involve fillin it with food?

  12. says

    I’m super clumsy and fall or hurt myself all of the time. I currently am sporting three bruises on my left leg and one on my right. The ground and household objects are attacking me!

  13. Kelly says

    I fell twice on a highly polished tile floor about 4 years ago. Pretty sure I severely bruised my tailbone. Hurt for 6 months. A year and a half ago I fell down the stairs at home. Right on my tail bone. Still hurts. I can run with it but I still cannot do full sit-ups or squats. I still get out of chairs slowly because it gets sore.

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