Meatless Monday Party Because…. announcement

Hey, have you noticed organic apples have been super hard to find?


I have.

I don’t buy all organic because I’m not fancy (or rich) but I do try to buy a few specific things that I eat a lot AND eat the outside of (skin) organic. My list includes apples and grapes. Beyond that I buy organic if it’s close in price to conventional. And/or if I’m feeling particularly smug that week.



I haven’t been able to find organic apples and was informed by a little note at Whole Foods that organic has been hard to come by for farming reasons and the organics we can get are from farther than usual. So, now ya know.

hard to find organic apples (800x600)

Today I have a fun announcement about Meatless Monday!

But first, here is my girl’s night Meatless Monday Costco haul. I’m having the girls over and am in charge of dinner (we take turns). I don’t have the time to cook something legit today so I am throwing together a vegetarian spread.

costco vegetarian finds (800x600)

I mixed up the salad. Cut up the watermelon. Added beans to the quinoa and kale. Put out carrots and chips. Done and done.

meatless monday spread dinner (800x600)

Related: I am going on a fun trip with Sabra salsa this week! Stay tuned for me winning a salsa eating while salsa dancing contest*.

sabra salsa party (600x800)

*That’s not on the itinerary yet, but I’m hoping I can convince them…

dancing with slavo (640x640)

And in fun Meatless Monday Mexican Monican news…

My Chili Relleno Casserole recipe is going to be in the next Meatless Monday cookbook! I’m pretty excited about that Smile 

chile relleno casserole

Question: What are you eating for dinner?


  1. says

    You made a good point about organics–often you have to buy sourced from really far away. I generally try to buy local when I can, even if it’s not organic. I keep asking myself what’s for dinner because I have no idea! I am very excited to try out your chile relleno casserole–chiles rellenos are one of my very favorite dishes! Do you think it would work to use fresh poblano peppers?

    • says

      I think you might have to chop ’em super small and/or cook them a little on the stove first to get the flavor out :) The ones in the can are soft and in juice and the baking just makes it firm, doesn’t really cook them.

  2. says

    Congrats on your recipe-celebrity, and have a blast at salsa-tropolis. I’m picturing Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory, with a chunky river of salsa flowing down a moutain of hummus among jalapeño trees. The Oompa Loompas are all spicy salsa dancers. I want to move there.

    Dinner tonight will probably be a salad as big as my face, some leftover gazpacho, and a turkey burger. I always buy organic, because my hippy-dippy upbringing runs deep.

  3. says

    I’m not as fussy about organic as I probably should be but I try to buy organic if it’s food that has a lot of water and grows near the ground – like strawberries – cos they’ll absorb more from the soil. Buuuuut sometimes it’s just too expensive or difficult… oh well. Dinner tonight will be veggie burgers – although I fail at Meatless Monday anyway cos I’ve got a chicken wrap for lunch…. oops :/

  4. says

    I’m addicted to avocados and I saw the same sign at Whole Foods this past weekend. I’m with you – I will buy organic if the price is right and if I eat a lot of them. Enjoy your trip with Sabra – sounds like fun, even if there isn’t the dancing on the itinerary (yet). :)

  5. says

    ahhhh Late July chips do not stand a chanceeee with me. i need to never buy them again, i love them so much and have zero portion control!

  6. says

    Yum! Can’t wait to see that recipe, it looks delicious. I keep trying to institute meatless Mondays but the man in the house isn’t a huge fan. Maybe I just need better recipes! We did actually have accidental meatless Sunday since he cooked some mushroom ravioli I had picked up and we didn’t go to the grocery store to get any meat to go with it (secret win!).

    Also, never tried Sabra salsa! I didn’t even know it existed. But I’m a huge fan of their hummus so maybe I’ll branch out!

  7. Sarah says

    I live it Washington state (<– most apples in the country are grown here) and it's just not apple season yet! Duh. Give it a month or so, otherwise you're likely getting them from China and that's just gross and unsustainable.

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