Transformation Tuesday starts with your Thoughts

Hello! Last night was fun. I never have people over because I am weird, but it was nice to feel like I had peeps for a little bit.

Then, there were Light Mudslides because I’m doing this new thing called “Mudslide Monday” instead of Margarita Monday. Sometimes. I used two Yasso Salted Carmel ice cream bars, some NuNaturals chocolate syrup, Kahlua and ice. Doooo it.

healthy mudslide (600x800)


transformation tuesday (640x640)

I read a quote yesterday that really spoke to me,

“Change doesn’t start in your actions. It starts in your thoughts.”


Whether you want to lose weight or run a marathon or end a relationship or start a new career or order sweet potato fries instead of regular…

it all starts with your thoughts.

Are you telling yourself positive things to get there?

Are you making a plan or are you discouraging yourself before you even get started?

Last week when I was getting a pedicure the lady said, “You workout a lot?” I was kind of surprised, but said “Yes, I run.”

She said she could tell by my calves because they were very muscular. It was a good reminder that I need to think about the positive things about my body. It’s not that I don’t appreciate my blessings, but I am not as quick to remember the positive as I am the things I’d like to change.

It’s hard to stop thinking negative thoughts – so instead flood your mind with positive ones. Don’t leave room for bad thoughts!

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So, just like when you go on a diet and try to eat clean. I encourage you (and myself) to think clean this week.

Be quick to think positive thoughts when you look in the mirror.

Be grateful for all your progress.

Thank yourself for working out – whether it a good sweat session or not.

When you have a negative thought, gently push it out with a positive one.

Okay, maybe Natalie Dee went a little overboard with that one Smile

And to end with my favorite Transformation Tuesday for this week…


you know how i do (640x640)


i ate a whole watermelon (600x800)

Impressive, no?

And this is from reader Susan, because she knew I would love it.

its funny because it's true (320x239)

Question: Yes or No – have you thought something POSITIVE about yourself today?

Do it right now!


  1. Pam says

    great post mi amiga!! you’re right on with all you stated. how we think of ourselves & how we treat others impact our dispositions & outlook(s) on life. “attitude is truly everything!” :) have a great day!!!

  2. Trace says

    No one else seems excited about my latest drink recipe but I thought you would be. You ready? Almond milk, frozen banana, baby spinach, ice, and AMARETTO. I’m so pleased with myself. Tasty and healthy(ish). I need a kicky name for it though :)

  3. Kelly M says

    Hahaaa!! Thanks for this post, I needed a laugh today. I’ve been really negative today and this was a nice redirection!!

  4. Charlotte says

    I loved this post. I tend to be a negative thinker, with regards to myself. I am very positive toward others. I just started applying that same positivity to myself. If am about to say, oh my thighs are so flabby or whatever, I’ll quickly change that train to the positive track by replacing it with a nice thought about myself, like wow, my legs are looking toned. It’s hard to do, but it is worth it!

  5. says

    I need to be way better to myself about my fitness. I feel so out of shape, but I’m nearly 6 mo pregnant and haven’t been always feeling well enough to work out as much as (I think) I should. I just need to grow my little human, be patient, and give myself a break!

  6. says

    I literally have sticky notes on my mirror for whenever I feel ugly or fat or somewhere in between. Don’t judge. It works.
    I remind myself of how when I look at other people I know, I generally see their personality in my mind. Not their body. It sounds odd, but I feel it is true!

  7. karleen says

    Love this blog post! I also appreciate my muscles from running and working hard and try to remember that when I feel ‘big.’ We work hard and should appreciate how we are!

  8. says

    I actually was admiring my calves today when I was in physical therapy. The PT was massaging my foot and working on breaking up scar tissue etc and i happened to notice my nice calves. It’s one of the lovely gifts running has given me =)

    I highly advise a drink of spiced rum, and frozen mango and pineapple (thawed a little). A spiked fruit smoothie basically.

  9. Jenica says

    Yes! I have also found I feel more positive when I give compliments or say positive things to others. Sounds silly, but bringing joy to others’ lives helps bring a little to my life as well! :)

  10. says

    I’ve started logging a positive thought about myself each day or saying it aloud. It’s made such a big change in my attitude and helped me address problems differently. Whether that’s running hills or difficult people, I’ve learned to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

  11. says

    Timely post! I was just thinking today every time I put positive vibes out into the universe, help someone or visualize success , good things come back my way. All of those things happened to me today!

  12. says

    I do my best to think positive everyday. Lately my positive thoughts have been “You can finish this run!” :) Glad to see more people encouraging positive thinking! I tell my clients all the time that you choose how things will turn out by the way you think about them. If you think something will be fun you’ll find a way to have fun; if you go into something thinking it will be miserable it won’t matter if you see Mickey Mouse doing River Dance you will be miserable!

  13. Lea J. says

    I love this post. Positive thinking have definitely been on my mind a lot lately. I started doing hypnotherapy sessions for weightloss and it is definitely centered around the idea that your thoughts create your actions!

  14. Ashlee says

    Thank you for this post! I’ve commented before on this but I used to have pretty bad image issues and always had negative thoughts and picked out every single flaw. Especially after having my son last year. It took a some months but I finally got into a good mind set and I still have my moments, but they are far and few in between! And I no longer compare myself to other women which used to be a bad habit! Having these little reminders to make sure we look at the positive things and look at our strengths instead of flaws is definitely needed.

  15. Annie says

    Great post! My boyfriend and I talk/quarrel DAILY because he’s trying to encourage me to make some positive changes at work, and every day I say “I just caaaaaaaan’t” because I’m always thinking about problems, not solutions. Today I’m trying to be more forward-thinking. Thanks!

  16. cory says

    Thanks for the reminder to stay positive! I am always so quick to put myself down, but it doesn’t get me anywhere. Trying to be proud of what I’ve accomplished already!

  17. Katie M says

    You’re hot. You’re a good host. You’re inspiring (see comments above… you inspired positivity from all those peeps ). You have a great ass in white jeans. You win hugs for life.

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