This ‘Recipe’ Will Change Your Life

Hello! How’s your week going?

Over here I spent some quality time with my fam yesterday, but first…

I went for a run this morning sporting my new clips. I use clips every day to pin my bangs back during runs or when they bug me. They never match and I always lose them. 84% of the time I’m wearing the oldest rusty ones too – for some reason I don’t lose the tragic ones! #Fail

But for a whole day I have matching clips and it’s exciting.

my only clip ins (640x640)

RunEatRepeat on Instagram

After my run I made a super quick protein shake to snack on something while I had a conference call. Then, I made ‘real’ breakfast.

protein shake (600x800)

Yesterday I headed to my fam’s house to help my mom give the dogs a bath. It’s a two person job with these beasts!

But I had to raid the fridge first. My mom has the best stuff. Including, but not limited to: trail mix, hummus, tuna, chocolate. <- I eat all those things and wonder why my stomach hurts.

grapefruit (600x800)

Then, it was time to tackle the perros. I asked my brother to take pictures of the craziness – it’s funny to see us desperately hold on to them. And I wanted text a picture to my other brother since that’s our thing.

But little brothers are boogers and he thought it would be funny to take 100 selfies on my phone.

He didn’t realize that big sisters are also boogers and I am posting this ish on the internet to get back at him Smile

if you are my little brother (450x800)

Matt, get your selfie game together.

Then, I was playing with the dogs in the yard and asked him to take a legit pic…

and they ran away.

How sad, not even my dogs like me…

how sad not even your dogs like you (600x800)

Okay sometimes they do.

with my dogs (600x800)

We like animals.

how my brother holds a cat (600x800)

This Is the Best Recipe of My Life

Today’s meals included the best recipe of my life…

To make: Fill a bowl with cereal. Pour milk over it. Top with CHOCOLATE SYRUP. Eat.

best recipe of your life (800x600)

And that’s why this is a quality f-ing food blog. You won’t find that shit on Martha Stewart dot com.


You’re welcome.

Spreadshirt Coupon Code

During the last Spreadshirt Sale I bought a bunch of different things to try them out. (I have to buy the gear too since the company is just a third party I work with to make the stuff because I can’t do it directly right now.)

This is the Women’s Premium Tank in large. The Flowy Tank I was wearing in the other day is a medium.

run eat repeat tank sale (450x800)

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Question: Do you consider yourself an ‘animal person’ or specifically a dog or cat person?

Are you going to try my recipe?


  1. says

    I thought the recipe for mashed potatoes was grabbing a container of mashed potatoes from the deli fridge and microwaving it. 😉 I’m more of a dog person…cats tend to be more aloof and I prefer a little more interaction and I like that my hand won’t get bitten off if I rub their bellies. And I will be trying your recipe as soon as I get some chocolate syurp. :)

  2. says

    I love all animals but having had cats thru childhood and then getting my dog as an adult I am now more of a dog lover. But I die when I see cute Vegas pix. And I grew quite close to Gus, my friends cat (when I was her guest in San Francisco last week)

    I think Kashi autumn wheat would be great with your non-Martha-Stewart recipe. Mmmm. But I always want whole milk with cereal which makes it not the healthiest. I guess adding chocolate syrup doesn’t help the matter. Lol.

  3. says

    Definitely a dog person! I love those pictures with your dogs!

    Also, that cereal with chocolate syrup is going to be my go-to night time snack!

  4. says

    Ohhh!!! WHAT A PAIR OF CUTE PUPPIES!! Hahah!

    I am definitely a dog person although I am a strong advocate of animal love..but for me dogs it is!

    Too bad I don’t like chocolate (yep…i said it..) perhaps with peanut butter? :)

  5. Laura says

    Cat person. We have two kitties. I grew up with dogs and was never a fan. After my hubby and I bought our house he wanted a cat in the worst way so we rescued a two year old male. He is my snug bug!! A couple of years later we adopted a female kitten. She is a female in every sense of the word. I think she has permanent pms!!

  6. says

    I am an animal person, but I am allergic to cats, so I have 2 dogs. :)
    Mine are small enough that I can give them a bath in the sink–

    I am not a cereal person, but I think I would go for the health version and just have ice cream with the choc. sauce…

    I think the food always tastes better when you raid it from your parents’ fridge…

  7. says

    I am, most definitely, 100% a dog person. I just love every single dog I see, sometimes to a socially inappropriate degree. I’ve had cats before, I just can’t get that into ’em.

    I will really try hard NOT to try your recipe because I’m pretty sure it would then render me incapable of eating cereal without chocolate syrup for the rest of my life. Much like I tried my dad’s cereal recipe when I was little and now can’t eat Raisin Bran without a full topping of white sugar. As if Raisin Bran didn’t have enough sugar already, but I swear it’s soooo good!

  8. says

    I’ve been an animal person all my life. I grew up having cats, dogs, rabbits…we even had a pony at one time! We have 3 dogs currently and we also foster dogs from time to time. I like dogs more than people some times….just sayin.

  9. Christopher says

    Nice pic Matt! I am a animal person. My first pets were two awesome cats from the same litter. Rip Miles and Storm:(
    I want to get another but my lady is against it. I’m hoping that a stray would show up and stay. Fat chance though no strays in my hood. Now my zoo is down to two a Dachshund and a Pug. Seamus and Piggy Smalls ( baby baby)

  10. says

    I am an every kind of mammal person. I oopy booped a mother brown bear with her cub in the woods and a moose. All in the same trip. My travel friend has threatened to get me a harness and leash if I don’t develop any common sense about animals soon. It just takes my brain a while to figure out that they could be dangerous.
    Not trying your cereal and I’m upset ’cause I was really in the market for some miracle food. Boo, Hiss!!

  11. Rob Runs says

    Dog person, fo sho! I have a Great Dane and a shepherd/mastiff mutt.

    I don’t like milk, but I might modify your recipe to remove it. Cereal swimming in a bath of chocolate syrup sounds pretty rad right now.

  12. Claudia says

    Re: little brothers being boogers.

    I’m afraid to inform you, they do not out grow that – mine is *ahem* 44 and still has booger-ish tendencies ;o)

  13. Kathy says

    Definitely an animal person with a strong love for all cats and weird obsession with corgis…the tiny little legs just kill me!

  14. says

    Is that breakfast or dessert??? Ha

    I am defffffinitely a dog person rather than a cat person. Although I do have a barn cat that is roughly 100 years old and she is my little buddy. She doesn’t like to be touched or cuddled but I think we have a mutual respect for one another…

  15. Beth says

    Did not see that coming with the recipe. Still laughing. :)
    LOVE animals – more than people
    I own a dog running company

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