Jamby and Lunch

I love Jamba Juicy, which I lovingly call "Jamby". I walked over there to get a Strawberry Nirvana with Immunity boost. It is from their Enlightened menu and is only 150 calories. I also had some TJ's Organic Morning Lite. Estimate: 250 calories.Lunch was PB&J on sprouted barley bread with some watermelon. I ate twice as much watermelon than is pictured. I love this cherry … [Read more...]

Today I love … red nail polish

Morning! How is everyone today? I am in a pretty good mood even though my throat is still bothering me. But, I will power through it. I did an easy 6 this morning to start. Too bad throat you are not stopping me! Breakfast was 1/3c oat bran with 2/3c almond milk and topped with 2 tsp of brown sugar. I just sprinkle the brown sugar on top and let it get all melty. Mmmmm. … [Read more...]

Habits I want to change

Last night I took some pictures of myself in my bathing suit. Ouch!It showed me where I am now versus where I want to be physically. It's not tragic, it's just not good. I have a history of very negative self talk and destructive behavior when it comes to my body and dieting. This is not going to send me into a crash diet. I don't want to be "dieting" for the rest of my life. I … [Read more...]